Posted: 2019-09-12

Snag These 37 Parenting Products Reviewers Call "Must-Haves" Before They Run Out Of Stock

From a banana-shaped baby toothbrush to a leakproof cup, these products deserve a People's Choice Award.

Reviewer's before photo showing eczema on their baby's face and after photo showing the eczema cleared upReviewer's before photo showing cradle cap on their baby's head and after photo showing the cradle cap cleared up

1. This organic baby healing balm is made with chamomile, cocoa butter, coconut oil, calendula, and avocado oil and it is amazing for helping with eczema, acne, cradle cap, rashes, and more. It is a multipurpose miracle worker!

Promising review: "Love this stuff Love this stuff, my son had sever eczema and it cleared his skin up in three days!! I have sent his before and after photos. I use it daily to keep him from getting back to that aweful state. I also used it on his cradle cap and it fixed that as well." — Ashley B

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A whale shaped bath tubA model giving baby a bath in the whale tub

2. This Fisher-Price bath tub is wallet-friendly and boasts a contoured seat perfect for safely cradling a newborn so they can have a ~whale of a (bath) time~. Plus, it grows with baby (simply remove the insert when they transition to toddlerhood!).

Promising review: "Game Changer! The Bathtub for Baby! First, I don’t write a lot of reviews but I want to help out the next Mom who is trying to figure out with all these options, What to choose. This is Great bathtub. I use in a regular tub but could work in a shower as well; as long as you have an area to place it. Not sure it will fit in sink. I really wish I had known about this tub when my son was 2, 3,4, 5, 6 months old; when not able to hold himself up but he was able to keep his head up. The support is great. The way the tub allows for baby to be comfortable and safe, it’s perfect. It’s really a great design. I am not certain for maybe infants as young as 1 month but I really don’t see how it could negative, Mom may just have to be a more hands on which is the case for any newborn in a tub. Again, the tub is just like described and shown. If you have a little one and want a tub that will allow them to lay back and you can rinse and wash them down without having to deal with those mesh net things that are a nightmare! The net, swing attachment would just feel so unsafe and have to be holding him up even at 8 months. Son would be holding onto the side for dear life. It was never easy with that. Then bough this tub and it was like “Magic!” Suddenly my son could lay back and I could relax a bit while bathing him. I never knew there were other options from the net and once I did, I started doing a lot of research and was really unsure as to what to choose. And finances are limited so couldn’t just buy and try whichever. Also, this is during the pandemic so I knew whatever we used wasn’t going back. I took a lot of time comparing tubs. I cannot emphasize how much this tub far exceeded my expectations. It is simple but so efficient. It supports them and when they’re big enough to sit up, you can remove the insert. Initially didn’t think the insert would stay and then realized how to correctly put in place and it doesn’t move while baby is in bath. For newborns, as any bath, Mom is going to need to be more Hands on. Once they can hold their head up, this is the ULTIMATE way to go and I just want to past that along to any Mom (or Dad) trying to decide “which tub?” This is it! It is fine for when they are not able to hold head up but when they are able, it’s AMAZING because they can lay back and you can bath them and not be so stressed about them sliding. And of course you have to be 100% attention with any baby in a bath. This just really was a GAME CHANGER for us. My son is 10 months and it’s still plenty of space." — Amanda C.

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The diaper pad in chevronA baby lying on the diaper pad opened up

3. A Skip Hop portable changing station because it'll save space in a diaper bag or stroller. The little pouch features a wipe-clean, zip-off changing pad, a translucent wipes case, and pockets for essentials to make diaper changes a breeze on the go.

Promising review: "Cute and convenient, for dad's too😍 So my boyfriend and I saw this product in Target for $5.00 more (Hawaii prices) Lol, we know Amazon has much better deals so we ordered this one.He wanted something he can take with him when he has our son.The product is lightweight and has a clip attachment and hand loop for easy attachment to strollers, bag's, etc.It also comes with a red plastic mini wipe container in the second pouch, no wipes included. But it's a cute addition to this item.The product can be separated via a zipper just above the changing pad for easy clean up, and hang drying.***Huggies Wipes are used to give you idea on size." — AloHawaii

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Available in 5 colors.

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A parent holding a baby and using the bottle warmerThe bottle warmer heating up a bottle

4. A Philips Avent fast bottle warmer can heat milk gently and evenly in as little as three minutes, sparing new parents the agony of keeping a screaming, hangry baby waiting for a bottle in the middle of the night.

Promising review: "Top notch warmer with handy features NOTE: This is for the Fast Warmer.Surprised I haven't seen many reviews for this model; most are for the Standard Warmer. As a dad I went through multiple warmers trying to find one that fit our bottles (BOON) because of its chunky size. This one has a large opening and looks very nice and premium. The dial is used to select how much milk/formula you are heating and also has a defrost/keep warm feature. My favorite feature is to auto keep warm feature. During my testing, I found the 2oz formula to be at ~100F after 60mins, which is great.As for speed with Silicone pouches it does take longer than a standard plastic bottle. For a 2oz the warmer turned off after 3mins and I kept it for another minute and it was up to temperature (90F or so using my cooking thermometer). This was using room temp water. I can understand the frustrations of a crying baby while waiting for food but anticipating the crying session is the best tip I can offer.Overall I'm very happy with this warmer, does exactly what it says and is easy to use." — David Baillargeon

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the white wall mounted toothbrush holderReviewer's photo showing the toothpaste dispensed on the toothbrush

5. A TikTok toothbrush holder and dispenser that'll save you counter space and keep your bathroom tidy.

Promising review: "Very useful! It dispense’s just the right amount of toothpaste! My kids are loving it!! They were so excited and literally waited for the courier after checking out our (me & my husband’s) dispenser. It has all the things I need. My kids use the bathroom and their grandparents sometimes come and visit them so they also have their own toothpaste set up on the dispenser. So dual dispenser is just perfect for them! I like that it has cups on it. My kids uses cups but they have to run down the kitchen to get one all the time. I also like the small pocket at the back. As shown on picture #2- We were able to put the kid’s pack of floss inside the pocket to keep it organized. On Picture #3...The amount of toothpaste dispensed is just right! You can squeeze it out the 2nd time if you like to use more toothpaste." — LORI K. SALUPEN

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The blue watch with a dinosaur print wrist band and green timerReviewer's child wearing the watch with the time flashing on the screen

6. A waterproof potty-training watch that exists for the sole purpose of reminding toddlers to use the toilet on the reg. Before you know it, they'll be excitedly yelling “potty time when the alarm goes off. *How amazing is that!*

Promising review: "Game changer!! My previously potty trained 3.5yo had a major regression when the coronavirus stay-at-home orders started. Peeing his pants multiple times per day, every day. Nothing we tried seemed to stop the accidents, so I started just setting a timer on my phone. What I think he hated was being told he had to go potty. Using the watch, he gets the reminder that it's time to go without an adult telling him to go. He has only had one or two accidents in a week or more! Down from multiple accidents per day every day. Definitely worth it if you're struggling. We started with the timer set at 30min intervals then stretched to the next interval if 2 or more timer intervals went off and he resisted going. He's up to 2 hour timer intervals and still doing great staying dry!He has normal size little wrists and it fits great-- there are a few size holes in both directions. Not too bulky. He wears it all day without complaint. I have normal adult female sized wrists (standard sized bracelets and watches always fit fine) and I can even comfortably wear it on the furthest hole!I followed all the other recommendations to just watch the video instructions and it was super easy to program. He can play with the button and not accidentally reset the timer which is also a huge bonus!" — Nicole

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The flash cards with numbers, colors, letters, and animalsreviewer holding the pack of flash cards

7. Toddlers love bright laminated flash cards because they can easily soak up their alphabet and numbers. By starting them early, they can develop a strong foundation for their future learning.

Promising review: "Bad font for learning letters and numbers Pros:- Has letters, numbers, shapes and colors- small, but compact to carry around- I like the words they chose to associate with the lettersCons:- packaging - I had to completely tear apart the box they came in to get the cards out, so I’ll have to find a plastic bag for them now*** biggest reason for the low rating is the FONT. I’m trying to teach my toddler the difference between letters and how to recognize them. The font is a cutesy kid font, but not good for when you are first trying to learn your letters and numbers . Pictures for example" — Whitney Doyle

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Three knives in different sizes purple, pink, and teal colorsReviewer's child slicing a squash with the knife

8. Kid-safe plastic knives that are perfect for parents who want to enlist their mini sous chef's help with dinner prep! These knives are sharp enough to chop, but not slice, so they are perfect for little fingers.

Promising review: "A must get for kids! Loving these!!! I have already recommended them to multiple people who then went and bought them! Our 3 year old loves being able to help us more and more in the kitchen and they cut really well!Also it helps us to teach knife safety without the fear of her actually getting cut! I think getting kids in the kitchen is so important and this has allowed her to do more than just stir and pour." — Elizgangsta

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The diaper pail in greyA baby sitting next to the diaper pail

10. The Ubbi steel diaper pail is both aesthetically pleasing and economical, as it doesn't require special trash bags. It will keep your nursery smelling fresh by locking in odors.

Promising review: "Ubbi vs. Diaper Genie I have 6 children so I've gone through a lot of diaper changes. I previously used the Diaper Genie Elite and was pretty satisfied with it because it held in the smell well, and was easy to use with the foot pedal for opening and closing. However, the Diaper Genies only last about 2 years, which is fine if you only have one child since they potty train at about 2. At about 2 years, one part or another would break on it, requiring replacement of the unit. So when my last one broke I contacted Playtex (the makers of Diaper Genie) and they gave me coupons good for $16 off of a new unit which was great, and I almost bought one except I was really sick of buying those expensive bags for it. So I looked into the Ubbi and, finding a good deal on Amazon, I went for it. I was a little bummed out that I had to open the diaper pail with my hands as opposed to having a foot pedal, but that wasn't such a big deal for me. I really wanted to like the Ubbi because it's an American company and it's not made of plastic. And it was great for about the first month but then it really started to stink. I tried adding baking soda to the bag. I tried using two bags each with baking soda in them. I tried spraying the can with Lysol when I threw out the trash. I tried using plastic shopping bags and changing the bags every other day. I even washed it thoroughly with dish soap and baking soda and let it completely dry out in our very dry climate. All to no avail. It just stinks! Pun intended. Even after I had just washed it, it still stunk. I finally tried using the left over bags I had from my Diaper Genie by simply tying a knot at the bottom and cutting off the appropriate length. And voila! It worked. So all along it was the pricey Diaper Genie bags that hold the smell in. Over all, the Ubbi is great because it's steel, it comes in great colors, and there's no flimsy plastic mechanism to break. However, their claim that you can use any ordinary trash bag is not true and it's expensive. I used the Member's Mark tall kitchen bags from Sam's club and they definitely don't work. Maybe a name brand trash bag like Hefty, or Glad would work better? This Ubbi pail will probably last longer than the plastic Diaper Genie, but you still have to use the Diaper Genie bags for odor control." — Kindle Customer

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Reviewer's photo showing a stained swimsuitReviewer's after photo showing a clean swimsuit without stains

11. This stain remover is great for removing stubborn stains like grass, oil, or blood. It is a concentrated spot treatment that will make messes disappear.

Promising review: "Causes Cancer & Reproductive Harm If you are using this product, STOP! If you are considering buying this product, STOP!!I purchased based off of a recommendation but after seeing the warning on the back that the product could cause Cancer or Reproductive Harm I demanded a refund.I’ll take STAINS over CANCER. How is this even legal to sell?! AND it is no where in the description. Buyer beware." — Amber

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Reviewer's before photo showing their child's curly hair before using the spray and after photo showing glossy curls with the spray

12. There's also a leave-in conditioning spray for curly hair that parents swear by to restore their little one's curls to their former glory. It's free from any toxic stuff, including parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Promising review: "Beat product for curly girls. This stuff is fantastic for curly girls! I spray it in my daughter's dry hair in the morning, run my fingers through her ringlets (never ever comb or brush curly hair dry), then clip the top back. It smells amazing, and the price on Amazon is better than other national retailers I've found it at. The price is worth it. Minimizes frizz and keeps curls soft and natural looking. My daughter has soft/fine thick hair." — Carolyn Smith

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Reviewer's before photo showing tangled hairReviewer's after photo showing smooth hair after using the detangler spray

13. A coconut and shea butter kids conditioning detangler that reviewers rave about, calling it the best stuff on the planet. Just a few spritzes will combat hair woes - from making knots vanish after a swim, to taming frizz when humidity is through the roof.

Promising review: "Misleading inaccurate Ingredients list on amazon description The amazon description is so intentionally misleading!!!!!It says "Canola Oil, Isopropyl Palmitate, Cetearyl Ethyhexanoate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Persea Gratissima."Unfortunately, the above list is total lie. It is NOT a complete list and they just happened to forget to include twenty other ingredients that are all known toxins.There are many other ingredients listed on the bottle. This false advertisement shows total lack of regard for customers health. They obviously know that these ingredients are bad or they would not be hiding them. For example, they did not include "polyester" ! Beware of the ingredients if you are someone concerned with toxic and harmful ingredients. There are many more listed on the actual bottle than it says in the desciption. They only listed the safe ones on the site." — Lamby bam

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The paci attached to a stuffed elephantA child with the soothie in their mouth

14. A Philips Avent Soothie Snuggle that comes with an adorable elephant plush buddy that is guaranteed to keep the little one's pacifier off the floor, and soothe them when they're fussy. The best part is that the pacifier and stuffed animal detach for easy cleaning.

Promising review: "Must have Since my son’s pediatrician recommended soothies, this was the perfect product. As a first time mom, I had no idea why you would want a wubbanub. Then, I realized his pacifier would always come out... what an annoyance! Huge problem with the wubbanub and other brands was that the paci could not be detached! I was not fond about spot cleaning the stuffed animal and wiping the paci (especially when my son had Thrush!) I love that the soothie snuggle can detach so I can throw the giraffe in the wash and sterilize the paci! Now if his paci comes out, I’m not wasting time looking for it and can easily pop it back in his mouth. Thank you!!" — Daryenne

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Available in 2 styles, 2 pattern names, 6 colors.

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reviewer's photo of the pink and yellow paint pensreviewer's children painting dots with the markers

15. A set of washable dab and dot markers is perfect for encouraging little Picassos to dabble in painting without making a huge mess. (Say goodbye to paint splatters and drippy brushes!)

Promising review: "Best Crayon Alternative! I first came across Doodle Hog a few weeks ago when I purchased their 36 Count NOYO Gel Crayons. I was drawn first glance because of how pretty it was and loved their hedgehog logo and design. I was impressed by the vibrant colors and ease of use. The crayon just glides flawlessly across the page (but more on that in another post).These markers were provided by Doodle Hog for review and I must say I am a fan! I have tried a different brand in the past and though their colors were fine, they leaked and were so heavy it often bled through pages. The ink on the other brand of dab markers I had would time to time sit in on place, making for uneven looking dots with half of the dot created looking dark and wet , while the other half of the same dot would be faint and lighter. I also liked that the mariners were able to stand on its own with the cap on the back of the market just in case the children weren’t ready to close it yet because they love alternating in between colors.I highly recommend!" — Hopscotchmom

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Two snack containers in blue and greenReviewer's video demonstrating how the container prevent snacks from falling out

16. A pack of spill-proof Munchkin snack catchers featuring flexible flaps that'll allow easy access for little hands and prevent Cheerios from flying everywhere. Not having to clean your toddler's trail of snacks? These deserve a gold medal, if you ask me.

Promising review: "These things rock, slap a cheapo carabiner on them and its perfect. These things are a lifesaver for a toddler on the go. I throw a cheapo dollar store carabiner on them and its perfect. I use these every day at the store as a easy way to keep my kiddo happy. The carabiner makes sure that when he gets bored or tries to get my attention that it doesn't get tossed overboard when I'm not looking (secured to seatbelt in shopping cart). Great size for most dry treats, keeps them off the floor and is a nice little diversion. The material is soft on the top so it won't hurt little hands but provides plenty of positive containment for the goods inside. Cleaning is a snap, just a quick wipe down usually, but I've thrown them in the dishwasher too when more heavily soiled. Great buy, and huge mess saver." — Ian Holt

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reviewer's photo of the safety straps installed on their fridge

17. A set of multi-purpose safety straps to childproof your fridge, toilet, washer and dryer...basically anything your tiny troublemaker enjoys tampering with. These won't budge, despite their Hulk-like efforts. The best part? No drilling required, just peel and stick.

Promising review: "They were easy to install and are easy to open We are way past the baby proofing stage but we purchased a deeply discounted refrigerator from one of the box hardware stores. It was deeply discounted because someone bought it, requested to have the door open the opposite way which required the store to remove the hinges and install them on the other side of the fridge. We bought it as a second fridge for our large 5 person (3 teens) family to keep in garage. Long story short the door to the freezer and fridge would fall open all the time. Someone would walk by it and it would pop open. So I bought these straps to add a 'latch' to each of the doors. They were easy to install and are easy to open. No more problems with finding the doors open and fridge in defrost mode. I'm a little concerned how long the adhesive will work but so far they are rock solid. ON a humorous note, I had to show 2 of the teens how to open the latches (I'm thinking it's more due to laziness on their part because the latches pop open easily when done right). So if two teens can't open them I'm guessing it should keep a toddler from getting into trouble for a little while." — Daniel Hickey

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reviewer's photo of a clear guard placed on a glass table cornerThe same guard being pulled off, stretching until it releases

18. Corner guards are an effective way to protect your baby's head from bumps and bruises when they are learning to walk. By placing them on sharp corners of coffee tables and other furniture, you can help create a safe environment for your child.

Promising review: "No more headaches Very pliable, soft and ideal for hood protection. Will follow up after 6 months to see about discoloring and adhesiveness." — PGP

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Reviewer's photo of the charts hanging in their kids' roomReviewer's photo of their child homeschooling with the charts hanging on the wall

19. This pack of laminated math posters is perfect for elementary and middle school students. The visuals are engaging and make homework a lot less painful.

Promising review: "Super helpful with homeschooling Now that the kids are home because of Covid-19 as a parent that will be doing homeschooling this is such a great tool. Both my 5th grader and 2nd grader liked them. I didn't know where to place them. All I knew is I need some visuals to help them and myself learn. So I ordered theses and have posted them up in the hallway. They actually liked them." — Adartse

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The magnetic daily calendarReviewer's child using the magnetic calendar

20. And a Melissa & Doug magnetic calendar because it'll teach your preschooler the days of the week, months and the weather in a hands-on, interactive way. They'll jump out of bed eagerly to update it every morning.

Promising review: "Neat concept, odd execution. Too many holidays (and months) and not enough activities or feelings! This is a good concept, but it doesn't seem like it was designed for little kids. The activities are so sparse it is bizarre. There is a spot for 3 activities every day, but only 5 activity magnets! There's no magnet for "School" or "class" or "nap" or "cleaning" or "reading" or "building" or "music" or "art" or anything like that. There is only one blank one. The 4 emotions are wonderful! My toddler loves grabbing one, and I wish there were more for more nuanced feelings. I would recommend getting rid of the month magnets (we could easily write the month and they take up a lot of space), and all the holidays. Get rid of the holiday spot (there are very few holidays and this is about every day, not looking forward to Christmas and what kid really cares about Groundhog day or Canada day? Then add lots more feelings and lots more activities. Finally, I would put the boards side-by-side. Putting the storage underneath and the magnets up higher makes is hard for both toddler and mama to use it." — Miss Otis

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Word board with chips, cards, and packaging

21. A clever sight word Bingo game ; if you've ever asked yourself, "How do I take the frustration out of learning sight words and make it FUN?" then this game is for you.

Promising review: "Fun Way to Practice Sight Words The kids that I tutor in the Reading Partners program at the local elementary school really love this game, perhaps because I bring mini-M&M’s to play with :). So I bought 2 copies of the game to allow me to play with my 5 year old granddaughter remotely since she is out of school during the pandemic. She pulls the words and reads or shows them to me on FaceTime and then, after marking our boards with the red dots or candies, we try to use each word in a short sentence. So far, she has won more games than me, and is really improving her sight word recognition." —

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reviewer's photo of a mesh organizer containing bath toys and stuck to the wall

22. A bath toy organizer that will make your bathroom look like it was professionally de-cluttered. Reviewers swear that it will actually stick to your wall, tidy your tub, and keep toys dry and within arm's reach.

Promising review: "Best bath toy organizer ever! Not only is there plenty of room for 6 rubber animals, complete foam alphabet and 10-digit numbers, and other random toys, this organizer actually sticks to the wall! I used windex on the wall just like the instructions explained, turned the hook, and voila! They stuck to a wall that's not exactly a flat surface. Also, I love this toy bag because it leaves corner tub space available for shampoo,mconditioner, and soap bottles. In my house, that extra space is priceless! Don't look any further than this product. It is AWESOME," — Sara

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Available in 4 styles.

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Reviewer's photo showing the seat cover on a toilet

23. A pack of toilet seat covers will come in handy when you're out and about with your potty-trained toddler, who may insist on getting their hands all over gross public restroom seats.

Promising review: "Good product Perfect for travel. I bought for my 5yo for travel, but I’ve used them myself and I like. They can slip a bit if not careful hence the 4 stars for adhesion, but the large size compensates for that, even if they slip when the little one is getting on the seat the hole is tiny and the edges wide so that it still covers the seat. They have room to hang over the sides and front so the important parts don’t ever touch the seat. The only con I can think of right now is that they are not individually wrapped." — Shortboss

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a baby chewing on a banana-shaped teether

24. An infant toothbrush shaped like a banana to start teaching baby good brushing habits while the soft silicone bristles gently massage sore teething gums. Win-win!

Promising review: "All babies need a Baby Banana Teether!! Was hesitant to purchase yet another teether for my 5 month old son. He’s has rejected every teether so far. But upon reading all the amazing reviews on Amazon about this Baby Banana Teether I decided to give it a shot. Well let me just tell you it was a instant hit! This teether is lhe perfect size and weight for babies to grasp and a bring to their mouth. The yellow color attracts their attention and many times my sons likes to gaze at his banana. The entire teether is made out of one material so babies can chew anywhere and receive the same benefits. The banana peels placement allows for a paci clip to be attached to the teether. No more dropping teethers and constantly cleaning them. Speaking of which this teether is dishwasher safe!!! 😮 The only negative that I can find is that lint, fuzz, and hair likes to cling to the banana. With that being said I would still repurchase and recommend this teether to all moms out there! If this review was helpful please click the helpful review box." — Brittany J

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A child washing hands in the sink using a sink extender on the faucetGif of water flowing through a faucet extender attached to a faucet

25. A pack of sink extenders that can be installed on any faucet to enable your little one to reach the water by themselves, and to save your back from the strain of hoisting them over the sink.

Promising review: "Perfect Faucet Extenders. Not Just For Kids. Easy to Install, User, Clean. Highly Recommend! Everyone that has come to my house has asked about these. Even my guests without children have asked. How do they stay in place? Where did you get them?They don't ask if they work well or are good quality, because they can see that they do work very well and are of excellent quality.I just tell them that there's soft silicone (grey part) that grips the faucet so that they stay put but are also easily adjustable any time. And to buy them on Amazon. I have even purchased these as gifts, if you can imagine!The silicone grip is the key and allow these to fit on most faucets. I have one on a cylindrical neck faucet and one on a rectangular neck faucet...very different shapes and sizes and both work perfectly.They extend the water flow so my three little ones can wash their hands unassisted. Without these, my 6 year old has a hard time reaching the water, and my 4 and 2 cannot even reach without me lifting them.Water drips right off. They stay dry and clean. No mineral build up. Easy to remove and clean and put back on. Pleasant looking and not wildly colored orl oddly/silly shaped.Such a small item that most would not give a second thought to, but phew! What a life saver! If you need to extend your faucet for any reason, kids...pets... convenience... whatever your needs, I cannot recommend these enough!" —

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Four dinosaur ice popsreviewer's photo of a dinosaur popsicle they made

26. A pack of silicone dino ice pop molds that'll take homemade popsicles to a ~dino-mite~ level, y'all. Just fill them with juice, yogurt, or smoothies to make healthier versions of store-bought ones.

Promising review: "Great Activity for My 5 Yr Old! We had so much fun with this set! We whipped up a variety of flavors using strawberries, blueberries, bananas and yogurt. After blending, we poured our batch into the molds and let them freeze a couple of hours. The molds came out perfectly as was described in the details of the listing and further, I didn't have to fight to get the molds skins off! My kid was so pleased and bragged to her grandparents and cousins about it. I give this one a kid-approved thumbs up!" — Hallmosley

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The ergonomic shaped brush in turquoiseReviewer's after photo of smooth hair from using the brush

27. A detangling brush that smoothly goes through knots to make your kiddo's daily hair-brushing experience more pleasant, with no *ouchies or tears* (for either of you). Just trust the over 30,000 people who gave it a 5-star review.

Promising review: "This brush does work even for a person who can't do hair like me So I have a testimony.. Royalty is the most tender headed kid in the world. She would cry before u even touch her head.. professionals gave up on doing her hair. I got frustrated because I can't do hair to save my life.. but I found a detangling brush on amazon. I thought it wouldn't work for black people kinky / thicke hair but I tried so many other things so why not try this one. And boy I tell you I was able to comb through royalty's whole head without her shedding one tear. Right!! Even Royalty couldn't believe she didn't cry.. I recommend everyone who have a child or even for your hair to buy Crave naturals detangling brush.. it works it works it works wonders. Thank you Lord for leading me to this life saving brush." — TaReese Womack

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A kid in a backseat of a car with their feet kicking the front seat but the cover is protecting the back of the car seat

28. A pair of kick mats that are perfect for any parent who is fed up with constantly cleaning car seats that are wrecked by muddy shoe prints, courtesy of your kiddo, who is also known as the future Tae Kwon Do champ.

Promising review: "Simplicity makes this product great. Pros: It has a very simple design. It's just a simple black mat behind your front seats. Very little in the way of fancy designs, and very little in the way of pockets, which can become really cluttery. And if you have dogs or children, those pockets become points of interest for them to grasp on. We've had products with the pockets before, and it never works out the way you would like as a storage space. It will become cluttery.Cons: For some people, not having pockets is a con. But for neat freaks, and people with kids, no pockets is a blessing. Another con is that, it is a universal fit, therefore, if you have a larger seat, it may not cover the edges. So be sure to measure it out first. Our seats are a bit large for it, however, we like the low profile look." — AmazonBro

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The forehead thermometer in whiteReviewer taking temperature of their child

29. A sleek touchless forehead thermometer with a built-in sensor to help you measure your little one's temperate in seconds, *without* disturbing them while they're sleeping.

Promising review: "Use it properly and it's awesome! I mainly purchased this for the middle of the night. My littles tend to spike their fevers at night and they always feel like they are 500 degrees. I wanted a way to take their temp without disturbing them. This is PERFECT for that. No beeping, no bright lights, easy to hold and use. That being said, the people complaining about inaccuracy aren't using it in the proper spot. I tested this by measuring different areas of the forehead and they are not all the same temp with or without a fever. You need to aim it at the center of the forehead about a fingers width away and you'll be all set!" — Jenni B

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reviewer's photo of the tray with divided sectionsreviewer's photo of the tray with food divided into compartments with chocolate in the last compartment

30. An ingenious plate that is divided into eight sections with a hidden dessert compartment. This will turn mealtime into a fun game that will entice fussy eaters to gobble their way to the surprise treat at the end!

Promising review: "WORTH. EVERY. PENNY! Okay... judge all you want... I'm clearly not above bribery, or making "dinner fun"... but I got my boy to eat all his onions and green peppers!! A whole deconstructed fajita. He's eaten fish, Brussel sprouts, asparagus, salad and anything I fill on the plate. He eats it in order of the game path too. 😂Ever since I got this plate, I have gotten him to eat everything!! Even the "no! I hate deez things" get eaten.Whoever invented this "game plate", the "hidden prize box" at the end was BRILLIANT! Having the prize within reach, but not knowing what it is, changes out of the "no dessert if you don't eat" rhythm.I accidentally ordered this, thinking it was a two pack, and probably wouldn't have paid what I did for one without knowing the awesomeness and dinnertime ease it would create.WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.The first time, he asked for another filled plate ONLY if he got another prize 😂, finished that, and asked for a third! He calls everyone in to see the "reveal". It really is "the little things". Haha#PickyEaterDefeater#JoysOfBoysI just posted this same *review* with pics to my FB, and had to add the link because all of my friends needed it!" — BeckyBookah

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A parent smiling at their child who is holding the punch cardA puncher making a hole in the card that has a name and reward written on it

31. A pack of reward punch cards to provide positive reinforcement each time they clean the room or finish their homework, and to motivate them to keep up the good work to earn a prize. A little bribery never hurt anyone...right?

Promising review: "Nice incentive Bought the punch cards to help my kids keep track of their chores. We also homeschool so now they have a small prize box or can earn extra electronics time or other things when they read more books or do other things." — Angelina Flores

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reviewer holding the cup in nautical blue printreviewer demonstrating that the cup is leak proof

32. Reviewers of the Contigo spill-proof tumbler call it the holy grail because it's one of the few cups that *actually* doesn't leak. If you're looking for a container that won't let 👏 a 👏 drop 👏 of 👏 water 👏 escape when it's flung across the room by your kiddo, this is it.

Promising review: "Great cup until mold in the lid I bought this because of the stainless design, my child prefers using a straw, and the 12 oz. capacity versus other toddler cups that hold less and you constantly have to refill. It was a great cup when we first used it. It keeps the liquids cold longer than others we've tried, and has little to no leakage. It is somewhat difficult to get the drink "started" each time you refill and replace the lid, but that is easily dealt with by giving it a quick sip before giving it to your child. You can easily keep the straw pieces clean with the two-parts to the straw and regular use of a pipe/straw cleaner. I was excited that this cup seemed to be the answer to the many attempts at finding something that doesn't leak, is easy for a toddler (20 month old) to use, holds more than a couple ounces, and is something that can be kept clean and free of mold in all it's parts.After only a few weeks of use, the lid's vent section had mold on it, and it is impossible to get anything into that area to clean it. Because of the difficulty in finding and keeping a cup that won't mold, I've been meticulous about cleaning and allowing the parts to dry to hopefully avoid mold growth. However, the vent is ruined, the lid unusable, and we have yet another cup that either takes up space or gets thrown in the trash." — Aaron R

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A BuzzFeed editor's arm with a bite on it, the editor holding the suction tool and an after photo of the swelling reduced on the editor's arm.

33. A bug bite suction tool Mom invented this amazing device that sucks out all kinds of bug bites, instantly relieving itching and swelling, so your kids aren't left scratching all day.

Promising review: "You need this! I am a magnet for bites of all kinds and carry topical and medicines with me at all times - so I figured this would be a good product to see if it really works. It arrived Monday and Tuesday morning I woke up with a bug bite on my arm... I used this little tool (3 x per the instructions) and documented with photos.- immediately after using, it stopped itching! And less than 24 hours later the bump / bite gone! There is a very faint red mark from using the thing but a small price to pay IMO. Bottom line: it’s awesome. I’m carrying it with me everywhere!" — Rebecca

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reviewer's photo of the toy lit upreviewer's photo of their baby holding the toy

34. The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy is a bestselling toy that plays catchy, classical melodies (by Mozart, Vivaldi, and other masters) and has twinkling lights that any parent will tell you is their secret weapon to immediately calm down a fussy baby.

Promising review: "Great toy! I bought this for my grandson when he was an infant. Small enough, easy to hold. He’s now 4 years old and still likes it!" — MB

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A baby sitting in the bouncer

35. This BabyBjörn Bouncer is definitely worth splurging on! It has a soothing rocking motion that will help your little one relax while you and your bestie take a few minutes to catch up over wine and cheese.

Promising review: "Great bouncer! We love this bouncer. I particularly like that it doesn't require battery. We bought this about 3 months ago and it's holding up well. I machine wash the cover and let it dry out on our balcony. Our son is almost 5 months old and he figured out how to bounce it all by himself about a month ago. Love it!" — Nandin

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reviewer's photo of the owl with the glowing nightlight bellyA mother and child sitting next to the owl that is projecting stars

36. A Skip Hop Owl baby soother that will play calming songs, nature sounds, and project twinkling stars and a glowing nightlight to lull baby to dreamland.

Promising review: "Not as nice as the mobile one Not as nice as the mobile one... I bought the $13 portable skip hop owl that attaches to a stroller or such and I absolutely love it. The only problem is that due to the nature of the battery life, there is only a 60-minute option. Enter the big, power-corded owl! This is a great set up in theory, but the speakers or the recording or something must be different because the calm ocean sound on this massive owl is quite frankly annoying in comparison to the mobile owl. And that sound/setting was the only reason why I purchased it. The quietest setting is super loud and I basically wrap swaddles around the entire thing to try to attempt to smother or lower the sound level. Otherwise, it’s super cute and has other lighting and projector options that may come in handy later as a distraction, but right now it’s just a waste of space and a disappointment. Also, beware that a friend’s owl went straight up exorcist on them - halfway thru the lullaby setting it starts summoning Satan. All of this aside, mine still works fine despite my annoyance with the sound quality or decibel level. Therefore, I will give it more stars than it’s probably worth simply because it’s cute and others may like the different sound options, and it may work great for them.Random 2020 Update:My first owl’s electrical cord/plug hosed the owl up somehow, so it stopped turning on. My friend told me to contact Skip Hop for a replacement, and let me tell you, they really pulled through. Adding another star for their customer service. And now that my kids are older, they don’t care that it’s a bit loud, they love love love the moon and stars and “snow.” I will still stand by my title: “Not as nice as the mobile one” simply because we adore the stroller/mobile one, but it has definitely been worth it, as we are still rocking this six years later!!!" — nchottie

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A pair of yellow scissors and an activity padReviewer's child practicing cutting a watermelon graphic from the activity pad using the yellow scissors

37. A Melissa & Doug activity book with a pair of safe scissors is a great way to channel your child's energy into a creative activity that will put their fine motor skills to the test.

Promising review: "plastic scissors actually cut!! Holy thank you Amazon Reviews and Questions for putting my mind at ease!! I was looking for toddler scissors for my 2 year old but I was hesitant about introducing a new "toy" that could potentially be used for hair cutting of her nearly non existent hair. This scissors is ALL plastic and no metal blade!!! My husband looked at this thing and gave me the "what you paid $8 for plastic scissors, it won't cut" look.... and to his surprise, CUTTTT and it even made the noise that a normal scissors would make when cutting- AND it was a sharp straight cut! BOOM, win for mom!! The kiddo has to work to open it with one hand, but she's slowly getting the hang of it and guess what... it works for left or right handed kiddos because mine is still working out the kinks on which hand she wants to use, both ways cut nicely! The pages are a little thicker and are colorful and fun with lots of different things to cut, changing directions, different shapes and it's perfect for the beginner. Melissa and Doug brand, we are huge fans!!" — Cody Cakes

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