Posted: 2019-05-19

Reviewers Think These Impulse Buys Were Totally Worth It (And Soon You'll Be Adding Them To Your Cart, Too)

Impulse buys are like trusting your gut...just go with it.

Reviewer wearing the lip glossa reviewer holding up three gloss tubes

1. A three-pack of long-lasting clear lip gloss , each with a different main ingredient that takes the OG gloss you love to the next level. The rosehip oil gloss is designed to reduce fine lines on your lips, the mint oil gloss creates a cooling sensation, and the coconut oil gloss is for lips that need extra hydration. Each provide an ultra glossy finish that'll make your lips ✨pop✨.

Promising review: "Don’t worry about the synthetic oil here’s why I love this product and it was worth my money! A lot say that u shouldn’t get it because it has synthetic jojoba oil but if u look it up it’s completely different than motor oils. It’s made from jojoba and it’s only chemical classification is wax. From my understanding your completely fine !" — Diamond ❤️

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Model wearing the eye mask while lying on their side

2. A gentle-pressure sleep mask is like a weighted blanket for your eyes. It is made of soft, scent-free fabric and weighted compression that blocks out light and relieves sinus pain and reduces puffy eyes.

Promising review: "A must have for headache, migraine tool kits! I love this product for migraines, tension, headaches. It cools the eye area. It’s incredibly soft if you can’t stand to feel texture while experiencing a migraine. I keep it in a plastic bag in the freezer so it won’t pick up smells. I thinks it’s filled with gel beads to hold the coldness in. It has two hooks to make it tighter if needed. The minute I put it on, I have relief. I don’t take meds for my migraines yet. I am hesitant to go trust route. I turn of the lights and put headphones on and have to lay down. This keeps out all light even near the nose area. It’s hands down a miracle." — Jenn A.

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before and after showing the mascara made their light lashes visible and lengthenedReviewer showing off their fluffy, full-looking lashes

3. A cruelty-free lengthening mascara that provides dramatically long lashes without the price of extensions or false strips. This bestseller has over 158,000 5-star reviews!

Promising review: "AMAZING VOLUME! My lashes are so fair and thin that its hard for me to find mascara that will give me such great volume. This mascara is so good! It was easy and was a flawless result for an affordable price. 100% would reccommend" — Emily Creek

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Reviewer holding the round palm-size speakeranother reviewer showing the speaker in its case

4. A mini wireless Bluetooth speaker that will be perfect for playing your jams while cleaning the house, spontaneous dance parties alone, and hosting a slew of people on a Saturday night. Although this speaker is small, reviewers say that the sound and quality are powerful!

Promising review: "Better & less $ than my Doss The sound from this tiny speaker will surprise you. It is AMAZING! It's real loud and very clear. I have a Doss also and this one has much better sound & costs approx 25 % less $. I can also use my microphone on my phone while this speaker is on. You don't get that with all speakers. It charges quickly and the battery lasts about four hours before you need to charge it again. I carry this thing with me everywhere because I love to have my music with me all the time. This fits my needs perfectly!My on off switch broke after four months and the seller replaced it and paid for my shipping.This company is stellar🌟" — Michelle

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Available in 3 colors.

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reviewer shows their foggy diamond ring before using the cleaning penthe same reviewer shows the results after using the pen. The ring is shiny and sparkling

5. A jewelry cleaning pen can make your old diamond ring shine bright again. (RiRi would be proud.)

Promising review: "It’s magic, I tell you!! I’ve been on the market for something to clean my rose gold engagement ring, which:A) is 3+ years oldB) has NEVER been cleanedC) I wear every single day, including while working both of my jobs as a server and a, basically, it’s been through some real stress, and was beginning to really show it. When I found this product, I eagerly read the reviews singing nothing but its’ praises and ordered it on the spot.I didn’t exactly expect this thing to work any miracles; my ring very badly needed professional help, and I couldn’t possibly expect much from a diy cleaning pen, rave reviews or not.I. WAS. SO. VERY. WRONG. This little wonder-pen miracle device literally annihilated the gunk and dirt from every single nook and cranny of the band, and eradicated the layer of unreachable dust and dirt from the undersides of the diamonds...I’m not even sure they were that sparkly when my fiancée gave it to me. The band was as polished and shiny as it had ever been. I seriously felt like I had a brand new ring, and it only cost me SIX DOLLARS.This little pen is a uite possibly my crowning achievement of Amazon purchases, and you are a maniac if you don’t order one for yourself!!" — Michelle Allen

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Reviewer photo of their cat happily rubbing its face on the brushReviewer holding a chunk of cat fur showing how effective the brush is at loosening fur

6. A mounted cat grooming brush so your cat can always be well-groomed. It has adhesive tape on the back, so it's super easy to put up. And it catches a lot of the fur that would otherwise be all over the house!

Promising review: "Our cat loves it!!! My cat Gambino Bambino would let you brush him bald!!! He loves to be groomed and comes running whenever the brush comes out. Though we love to accommodate, I know he wanted more. He was constantly rubbing his cheeks and ears on the corner of our walls to get even more scratching. I finally came across this product and new he would love it! It took a little convincing but once he got a hang of it he’s been loving it! We have one in the living room, one in the kitchen, one at the top of the stairs and one in the guest room! He is having a great time!!! Very easy to put together and place on the wall." — T. Mangiaracina

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reviewer showing the blue light on their cable box and then it significantly dimmed after using the patches

7. A pack of light-dimming LED covers to reduce the glare from electronic lights in your home. The covers fit over bright and flashing lights on devices like alarm clocks and cable boxes. You'll sleep better at night and be able to focus on work during the day without being distracted by the light.

Promising review: "These work great, if you know how to install them.. First, there's nothing wrong with the product I just didn't consider everything I should have done when I installed the bigger one - so it's more of my oops, not the product oops.The dots are pretty straight forward, clean the item off and dry it, peel the dot off and stick it, rub it to secure it nicely, done.I bought these for the dots more than anything - the router, computer, and even a powerstrip we had just had duck tape over the lights, and well, time to make it look decent too. The duck tape works, but you can't see the light at all, and we need to see a few to make sure they are working right as well.The bigger strip was where we got in a bit of trouble. It was a test to see how it would work and look, the area itself is too big - so ultimately we are going to order the other set as well to get a large enough piece for it, so keep that in mind with the photo.I took one of the larger strips in this kit and tried it on my new stove. This stove has one of the most annoying bright white LED clocks I've even seen. It blurs a reflection in the glass coating too, and is almost too blinding and glare-y to read. So we cleaned it up, dried it, and went to stick a strip on it. Ooops. The strip grabbed hard, and the corner we were holding with a tweezer pulled and hurt the strip. Thank goodness it was only an experiment. So we forced the strip off again, and my brain clicked in finally - of course - this should be a wet application like we do vinyl car decals. I sprayed some windex type cleaner on the sticky part of the sticker, cleaned and dried the oven area again, and then slid the sticker in place and squeezed the windex out from behind it. Perfect install this time - minus the boo boo on the sticker already.Of course this sticker isn't big enough to cover the whole panel so when the oven gets turned on, the bright white LED starts on the right side of the number 5 in the temperature numbers to the right side, and blind you again, hence the reason we're buying the other set today of the "cut your own size" type to replace it. So I'm including a photo showing the difference, even though it's not the right size, I think it shows it better though.So far, it's a great product, I keep finding more things to use it on too." — HJP

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a reviewer with the masks on their feetreviewer showing dead skin peeling off their foot

8. I am absolutely signing up for a foot exfoliation mask that promises to peel away dead skin, calluses, and buildup! I want baby-smooth skin desperately and I hope this mask can deliver!

Promising review: "it certainly works - freaky, yet effective! My poor feet have been extremely neglected ever since I was pregnant 2 years ago. This was the first time I really ever had very rough, hard heels and 'old' looking feet; so bad, I didn't even want to have a pedicure or wear sandals. Anyway, these foot peels were super easy to use and boy are they effective. It was the fourth day that my feet began to peel - very strange! Totally painless. The new skin coming through was very soft, like new. I would totally recommend. My sister and mother have requested their boxes." — Ally CHR

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A bottle of blackberry gummiesa reviewer holding three gummies in their hand

9. A bottle of Olly sleep gummies with L-Theanine, chamomile, and lemon balm can help your mind and body relax and improve sleep quality.

Promising review: "Shocked by the results. Okay, listen up y’all.These. Are. Amazing.Let me start by explaining, I am a huge insomniac. I’m a night owl so, that alone makes it harder for me to go to sleep cuz I’d rather be up at night, which means I subconsciously fight sleep lol. That, coupled with my anxiety issues and my complete inability to shut off my mind, keeps me awake into the wee hours of the morning.I do have an Rx sleep aid (Seroquel). It’s not a sleeping pill, per se, rather, it is an anxiety med that causes drowsiness. I used to be able to take 1 pill and go to sleep, but I can’t anymore. I have to take anywhere between 3-4 to fall asleep.Until I bought these.I was very skeptical because it takes so much prescription strength medicine to get me to sleep; how could an “all natural” supplement get me to sleep?! But, figured I’d give it a try...what did I have to lose besides $16???So glad I did! I take 2 of these to get me into a sleepy mood. I start getting a little groggy, just a normal sleepy, nothing too heavy or “forceful”. About an hour later I take 1 of my sleeping pills - ONE!!! And a third one of these and I’m asleep within the hour.I sleep restfully (no more tossing and turning) and I feel amazing in the morning. Eventually, I plan to wean myself off the sleeping pills altogether but I’ve only been taking these for a week now so I’ll get there eventually.The taste is slightly bitter but blackberries aren’t the sweetest fruit (IMO) so I wouldn’t expect these to be super sweet either. They don’t taste bad by any means, just not quite as sweet as the other 2 Olly vitamins I take.Trust me when I say, if these can get ME, of all people, to sleep, they can get anyone to sleep 💯" — MDH

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Reviewer holding the white pillow between their knees

10. And a memory foam orthopedic knee pillow for all the side sleepers battling chronic pain. The benefits of this cushion include reducing back strain, aligning your spine, promoting better circulation, and alleviating pressure on your knees!

Promising review: "Durable Material And Top Notch Service Unfortunately this pillow didn't work for me as my condition is a bit of an enigma. I easily give this five stars for a few reasons...The pillow is very well made and looks like it would last for many years due to the materials it is made of.It has a removable washable cover.The material did not make my legs sweat, they stayed cool.The memory foam conformed nicely to my legs after about 5-10 minutes.Lastly, the customer service AFTER the sale was top notch. They followed up with a personal email after I had received it and seemed to genuinely want to know how my experience with it was. After I explained to them that through no fault of the pillow, it did not work for me, custom service did something I never would have expected and left me with a deep respect for a company who rose above just making a sale.I sincerely hope this review will make you feel more at ease in testing this product if you are unsure of making the purchase." — mick

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a dog chewing on the yak stick

11. A pack of odorless gold yak dog chews , one of the original "something to keep them busy" treats. These babies are still in the game because they work! They're made of natural materials and are 100% milk-based (i.e. no artificial ingredients will be getting into your pup!).

Promising review: "Healthy and longlasting - even for aggressive chewers! I have Dalmatians and they can't have certain meats/etc for health reasons. Finding a healthy, NON RAWHIDE, chew that lasts my biggest chewer more than 5 minutes is extremely difficult. Someone suggested these yak chews and I decided to give them a try.They're more expensive than the cheap stuff but these are nice and healthy. 1 medium sized chew lasted my most aggressive chewer 45minutes. That is 45minutes of NON-STOP AGGRESSIVE CHEWING. When the dogs chew it down to where it's unsafe - just pop it in the microwave and it becomes a new, flaky, treat that they can eat without worry of getting lodged in their throat. I will never buy another chew for my dogs." — brittany

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A reviewer showing the serum lightened the acne scars on their forehead and cheeks until they were basically gone

12. TruSkin Naturals vitamin C serum is an easy and cruelty-free way to give your skin everything it needs to be brighter and softer. This serum leaves skin moisturized and can help dramatically fade hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Promising review: "Game changer I began using this product April of 2018. 2 years later and my skin has been renewed!! I love this product so much. If you are of a darker complexion and suffer from hyperpigmentation I would definitely recommend this product. It’s been a life saver ❤️❤️❤️" — Kiara

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Reviewer progression photos showing that throughout the day their face stayed oil-free

13. An Etude House drying powder is said to be the holy grail for those with oily skin, according to reviewers. This oil-controlling powder helps keep your face looking matte and shine-free for HOURS.

Promising review: "perfect for Florida weather perfect for Florida weather. The humidity here is awful when it comes to setting make up. At first I thought because I'm african American the powder would create the white cast but it's truly translucent and I love it . it's a everyday must have." — Cierra Ashley

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the slanted white board between a keyboard and monitor with a side drawer and pen slot at the top

14. rather than use a Post-it. fit right in front of your monitor, even has a storage compartment on the side. A convenient desktop dry erase board if you'd rather jot something down. It's perfect for those quick notes and reminders you don't want to forget.

Promising review: "Black Glass Version Looks Great! (I have pictures but somehow I don’t have the option to upload them at the moment 🤷‍♀️)I didn’t see many or any reviews for the black version but took the chance anyway.I really love the look on the glass black boards and wanted something that didn’t stand out too much (my office desktops and laptops are mostly black).I also considered getting the tablet sized glass “notepad” - but as glass is not generally durable, I can see them for use more so at a desk.. not as much for when I’m out visiting different sites. That is unless I have some sort of protective sleeve.Anyway, when I got it out of the box I didn’t expect for it to be that wide - from the pictures most of them look smaller! So that was a bonus.It came with its own white marker - I was almost convinced it was dried out at first, though you do need to shake it and press it down on your writing surface until the paint comes out.This also includes the slide out tray. In the pic ads, you don’t see it because it’s placed on the right side of the item. The pictures I saw only show from the left. Saying that, I don’t see why they couldn’t place one on both sides.. looking at it, it seems like one side is missing.Just a suggestion.I’m teleworking today so I’ll see if I can get more pictures once I place it in the office.If I like it enough, I would definitely consider getting the gold/marble version to keep at home 🙂" — Roz

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The latex paint guard around a nail with mess from a stamp on itThe tape peeled away so the nail bed and finger looks neat

15. Achieving a clean and pristine manicure doesn't have to be expensive. A cuticle guard can help you achieve salonworthy nails without spending a lot of money. With this, you can enjoy beautiful nail art without worrying about spending 30 minutes cleaning your cuticles.

Promising review: "Five Stars This product has been so useful to have when doing my ombre nails. no more messy cuticles!" — Serendipity Design Co.

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A photo of a user with bright, glowing skin. You can't see any breakouts or acne scars on her faceA close-up of a hand showing the

16. An exfoliating water gel that'll cleanse your skin so well, you'll literally see beads of dirt and dead skin coming off of you. It'll leave your skin soft, bright, and glowing.

Promising review: "DO NOT BUY - FAKE AND HARD TO REMOVE Please don’t buy this for you may receive a fake! This stuff gelled up on the little hairs on my face and WOULD NOT COME OFF. I scrubbed, used witch hazel and I mean I did this until my skin was RED. That stuff makes you think it’s dead skin but it’s just like glue! Very disappointed!" — AlchemyAlezus

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The mustard color futon

17. A cozy futon that's a super easy way to spruce up your living room with comfort and style in mind. Can you imagine all the binge marathons you'll have on this!?

Promising review: "Great deal for a $200 futon! I purchased this for my home office/guest bedroom. I wanted to get rid of the huge bed in our guest room and replace it with a futon for guests and a sitting space for my clients.OK -- a few things. The price is so affordable because the fabric isn't the greatest (and not the worst) and the fabric is stapled on and not neatly. BUT you can't even see it because it is tacked on the bottom of the sofa. I hope no one spends their time looking at the bottom of a sofa. Anywho, the futon is definitely very firm, but I don't find it to be uncomfortable. If you like, you can add a foam mattress if you're having guests or if you are sleeping on it frequently. I ordered the pink and for the most part it is a blush pink, but it can look mauve in certain light. It looked mauve under my stair's recessed lighting but pink under my office's floor lamp.Oh, be sure to pull out the reinforcements if two people sleep on it. I tested both sides out to see if 2 people could fit on it, and I almost fell off because the weight wasn't evenly distributed. The legs are hidden in a compartment behind the pillows. BTW, two slim people could fit, but this is definitely made for one person.My husband put the futon up in about 45 minutes; it came with tools, but my husband did use some of his own for a better grip then those cheap tools that come with things that need to be assembled. I helped only on one section so he didn't have to hold it alone, but it can be assembled with one person. The box that it arrived in is pretty large, but it's amazing how well this futon is folded up in the box. Don't overlook the instructions. You have to open the futon and the instructions will fall out.Look, if you're looking for a premium futon for $200 then don't do it. But, if you understand how much fabric costs and how expensive good furniture really costs, then you'll find this futon to be a good deal. I think it's cute and a good value. I wish I had a reason to buy the other colors. :) Overall, I think it's an ingenious concept and look for the price." — LChambers81

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A pair of wireless earbuds in rose goldA reviewer wearing up an earbud

18. A set of wireless waterproof Bluetooth earbuds with adjustable silicone tips so they will fit perfectly without constantly falling out no matter who is wearing them. The buzz on these babies is that not only are they affordable, but they are *super* comfortable, too. Just take a look at 185,000+ 5-star reviews!

Promising review: "Awesome Quality at Great Price I was thoroughly impressed with the Tozo T10. The packaging was incredible, the build quality is top notch, and an amazing set of features for the price even if the price was twice as high. Wireless charging, IPX8 waterproofing, high quality 8mm sound driver, and bluetooth v5.0 are just a few of the high end features the T10's have to offer.Pairing them with my phone was too easy. All you have to do is take them out of the charging case and they are ready for pairing( just a quick note make sure you choose TOZO-T10-R, the right earbud is the primary). The bluetooth v5.0 mean they have a stronger connection and longer distance. I can leave them in my backpack and I am still connected up to 30 feet away. The clarity of the highs and the richness of the bass are of the quality level of the highest end earbuds. I have personally taken these into the shower, I wasn't actually showering at the time, both of the earbuds and the case itself are extremely water resistance. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could use my T10s for a little over four hours and the charging case is good for four full recharges of the earbuds. Finally, I have to say the Qi wireless chargeable case is very handy. I can set my phone and earbud case on my Qi charging pad and I'm good to go. If you have never used wireless charging, you need to. All in all for the price I could not find a better earbud on the market." — J Davis KY

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Available in 5 colors, 0 s.

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reviewer showing the gray cushion on their office chairreviewer showing the thickness of the cushion, it's as thick as their finger is long

19. A gel-enhanced seat cushion not only helps straighten your posture but also makes your office chair WAY more comfortable. Hours of sitting won't hurt so bad with this!

Promising review: "Makes such a difference for long car rides... I don't write many reviews - I try to save mine for when I really have something to say.My mom recently was very sick and lost a lot of weight. With that came loss of much of her "padding" which made long car rides and even sitting on our nearly brand new power reclining leather couch uncomfortable for "seat".So I got her this cushion. It has made such a huge impact that she carries it around with her from car to couch. I'll be ordering another one in the next day or two so she can have one in the house and one in the car.I was worried the gel would make the seat to cold for her as she is extremely temperature sensitive, but she loves it. I find her happily passed out sitting up on the couch now which she hasn't been able to do for months now. I imagine she will continue to use this cushion even after she has regained some of her own "padding"." — MH Shin

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Available in 3 colors.

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Reviewer strapped into the bikeTop down view of a reviewer using the bike showing how slim it is

20. A compact under-desk bike that you can use while working and sitting down for hours. It has multiple resistance levels that give you the chance to be active while answering emails!

Promising review: "A Type 2 Diabetics new best friend! I've had horrible A1C for the past ... Lifesaver! A Type 2 Diabetics new best friend!I've had horrible A1C for the past several years at around 10. Then last year I went low carb, hi fat diet and lost 83 pounds so far and dropped my insulin injects from 200 units per day down to 24. Recently with this DeskCycle, I could get off insulin altogether. Just one 20 minute session of interval cardio (on tension setting 2 only) drops my blood sugar by 30 mg/dl! I often start around 105 mg/dL and end up at 79 mg/dL! I only do 15 second all out burts to where I get to breathing hard, then cycle slowly for 45 seconds to recuperate. Rinse and repeat.What's nice about this DeskCycle is I can use the sofa. I get to lay back in it and this where there is no buttock, tailbone, hip pain. The sofa also supports my back. There is like no impact to any joints! I have bad joints from being diabetic and sometimes it's hard to just walk. (hips, knees, back etc). But with this DeskCycle & the sofa, it's saved me. No pain at all :).I feel so much better after excercising. I feel more calm (less cortisol) and I have better mental clarity.This DeskCycle combined with my low carb high fat diet really did me good." — Jennifer G.

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a reviewer's ring light attached to their desktop monitorA reviewer shows a dark before image without the ring light, and a brighter after image while using the light.

21. A small, rechargeable ring light that brightens your frame for work meetings or online classes and provides the perfect lighting for selfies. It fits easily in purses and backpacks, making it great for on-the-go use.

Promising review: "I love this light I love this light. It has 4 brightness settings and is rechargeable. I only just received it, but wow what a huge difference. And for the price you just can't beat it!" — Samantha Logan

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Reviewer photo of a cat laying next to the cat grass mugReviewer photo of the cat grass growing in the cat-shaped mug

22. A cat grass growing kit that is organic and will help prevent hairballs and indigestion your fur baby may have. It is made from a blend of barley, flax, oat, and wheat seeds and is a good source of vitamins and minerals. (It is also black thumb approved!)

Promising review: "SUPER PRODUCT My kitty loves grass. She loves to eat it, rip at it, and, occasionaly, pounce on a strand that's left behind on the floor. This product is SO great. First, it costs less than what I was paying for the grown grass at the pet store. It takes maybe 15 minutes to prepare the soil and plant the seeds. It's super easy and foolproof. No green thumb required! Second, and MORE IMPORTANT, it's FRESHER than what you can buy. I was weary of not being able to buy grass at the store because it was all dead or settling for the least dead version. My kitty now gets her grass at its freshest and tastiest. She loves it. I originally bought the three pack of planters. It was such a success that I then bought this adorable cat mug and the set of refills. My cat is even happier with the mug because the mug is heavy so she can rip at it and eat it easier. The other planters are fine, but they will tip. With the mug, she can just go for it! This is a super product. My kitty and I both give it two thumbs up ..... oh wait, she doesn't have thumbs ... we both give it a super enthusiastic endorsement!" — Kathy K

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Reviewer holding the curved purple paddle brush

23. A detangling hairbrush with over 6,700 reviews that reveal it is loved by people with various hair types. Its easy-to-hold handle and bristles quickly detangle hair without pulling or damaging it. This sounds like an amazing product to me!

Promising review: "Very gentle I have fine hair that has been bleached and dyed blue. I wanted to prevent more breakage and damage to my hair. At first, i was like "how is this thing gonna get through my tangled hair?" The bristles are super flexible and gentle, but it does get the tangles out. I've used it on my hair both wet and dry and there's no pulling, no ripping, very minimal breakage to my damaged hair. I'd like to add that i don't use leave in conditioner or detangler spray, i wanted to see how the brush did on it's own. It does get the tangles out smoothly with out yanking, and leaves my hair super smooth and shiny." — Nichole

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a reviewer with curly hair who used the hair clipbefore and after of a reviewer using the clip to cut their hair

24. A set of hair clips from Shark Tank that allows you to give yourself a professional salon haircut right in your own home (or in your own bathroom if we're getting specific). All you need to do is clip it to your hair, slide it to the length you want, and use the built-in level to trim straight and evenly!

Promising review: "Simply Ingenuious; Must Have In My Beauty Toolbox Welp! I have to say... this thing is amazingly cool. It works perfect for me. I'm quite a 'do-it-yourselfer' in everything. Problem being (which there is no such thing a s problem to me, you just have to find a way) So I have fairly long hair. All one length. Every ding dang time I go to the hairdresser they wanna do this and that and you needta....blah blah. I know what I want. I want an inch off the bottom straight across. Precise. Follow my instruction. Seems simple enough, right? No. Usually 50 bucks later, a simple request from me -- not followed -- not happy. So I knew there had to be a better way. In a search on how to trim your own hair on Youtube I ran across this CreaClip. How ingenious!! I thought! As I excitedly looked it up to order. It works like a charm for what I need. I know it also has the potential to cut layers, but that's not what I'm looking to do. I use the smaller straight shot one for end of hair trims when needed. Admittedly I can't do it completely alone as my hair's so long it's hard to pull straight down my back and see level. So I grab a trusted pair of eyes for leveling purposes and do a blunt snip cut on my own. So here I am, 20$, welllll invested, months later. And I've saved hundreds in unhappy haircuts. Put it on my absolutely ingenious + must have beauty essential list o life. Highly recommend. And if you're more curious? Do a quick search on "CreaClip' on Youtube, see more for yourself. One more important tip—get yourself a good pair of hair cutting only sharp shears ( I got those too here on Amazon for around 15 bucks;) & Happy Haircuttings!!! You got this! Wheeehooo! \o/ ;D" — M. Lynn

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a reviewer's laptop resting on thing cooling pad reviewer photo of the cooling pad in blue

25. A laptop cooling pad to use when your computer starts making that over-heating, airplane propeller sound (you know the one). It's USB-powered and has three fans to keep your laptop cool so you can focus on work instead of reviving your work equipment.

Promising review: "Great cooling pad that is quiet, well built, sturdy, doesn’t slide around and cools air effectively! Durability update: February 26, 2021. It's still quiet and going strong!My old Targus mat which has served me well has over time become extremely noisy. In researching pads as a replacement, I automatically discarded the higher priced ones with adjustable speeds, glowing LEDs, trendy designs, and whatnots considering my laptop would be covering all that expensive eye candy. My priorities were rather basic: (1) thin & lightweight, (2) cooling performance, and (3) quiet. The HV-F2056 fits the bill and works as advertised:Thin & lightweight: The design fits 15.6” – 17” which works for me. I have a MSI GS70 2QE Stealth Pro with a screen size of 17.3” and overall length of 16” and width of 11.25”. With both units side by side (with the exception of length), the Havit is almost the same width and thickness as my laptop. The aluminum wire mesh design makes it definitely lighter and seems sturdy enough for traveling, so no problem there.Cooling performance: There are 3 monster 110 mm fans spinning at 1000 RPM which is almost double my old Targus and I can definitely feel the results of the updraft as the laptop bottom and sides are cool to the touch. I ran CoreTemp and HWMonitor with the fan off/fan on to be sure and there is definitely a drop in the internal temperature. The fans are also at the perfect location for my vents. What I did not want is a pad where the housing part had a lot of plastic that would cover the vents and with this being an all mesh surface it wasn't an issue. The 3rd pic shows the glow of it running. Like I said earlier, your laptop covers most of the unit so the lights aren't obtrusive.Quiet: Unless I’ve gone noise blind, I can’t hear this pad running! I think this cooling pad strikes a good balance between the amount of airflow and noise. I've also discovered that those fancy LEDs lights are not just another pretty glow, they may actually serve a purpose like… reminding you to turn off the cooling fans when you’ve shut down everything else!Power/Charging: This is not really a gripe since I’m a chord/adapter hoarder, but (a) a 12” USB chord come with the fan which is actually a tease and way too short, and (b) it does not come with a wall power source. I hate using my laptop as a host for power when not on the road, so was surprised there was no option to run from a wall source. Let’s face it, the reason many of us buy a cooling fan is to extend our battery life. While the cooling pad has a rating of 5 volts which seems minimal, it still converts to watts which adds to more battery drain to cool. Anyway, nothing a usb male-female extension cable and adapter couldn’t fix.Overall, this is a great cooling pad that is quiet, well built, sturdy, doesn’t slide around, and cools air effectively. As for durability, it’s a little too soon to tell. As for price, it’s a great value for the quality & thinness." —

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a reviewer holding up a 1.7 ounce bottlereviewer's before and after photo showing their eye bags disappearing over time

26. LilyAna Naturals' eye cream is a godsend for when you're exhausted after a long week. The rosehip and hibiscus-infused formula helps reduce dark circles and puffiness, leaving your eyes looking bright and wide (or alert and awake).

Promising review: "Updated review I was really loving this cream. However, I took a break from all creams for about 2 weeks, and when I went to use this again tonight, I discovered that the cream had developed moldy black and green spots in it. The jar is still almost full from when I ordered it 3 months ago, but I am outside the return window. Now I'm afraid to put this on my face! I understand there are no preservatives, but everything I use is natural, and this is the first time I have had something mold on me like this. Needless to say, won't be purchasing it again. Which is too bad, because I feel like it was helping my bags and undereye wrinkles :( I really wanted to love it.I emailed the company tonight and will update when I receive a response.*****Update******Received a response from the company that more than made up for the inconvenience. The representative explained I received a tub from a larger bad batch, one of many during this time frame that other reviewers citing the mold also received. The 5-star rating is more for this company and their amazing customer service than necessarily the cream*****Update #2*****Received my replacement cream in the mail today with, get this.....a handwritten apology note from a worker at the company along with a thank you for my original purchase. I mean, who does that anymore? LilyAna Naturals does, that's who! I will come back to this company for all my natural skincare needs without hesitation, hands down the best customer service I have ever received!" — IJustWorkHere

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The spoon shaped like a cat sitting inside a coffee mug with its paws hanging over the side of the cup

27. Start your day off with a smile by using this adorable cat spoon while you enjoy your favorite hot beverage!

Promising review: "Cute AND Useful Love this little spoon! It fits perfectly on the edge of my coffee mug. Now I no longer have to go searching for spoon to stir my morning coffee! Since it sits on the edge of the cup my fingers don't get sticky from a wet handle. Plus, it's absolutely adorable and makes me think of my own kitty while I'm away at work. This spoon has become an essential part of my morning routine." — Brianna S

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a reviewer shows the clips on frozen food bagsReviewer holding the pack of six clips: three hedgehogs and three foxes in different colors

28. Why not add a touch of cuteness to yoursnack routine with these six bag clips shaped as adorable woodland creatures? They'll keep everything fresh until you're ready to dig in for more.

Promising review: "Charming and well-made Kikkerland Woodlands animal bag clips These animal-shaped bag clips are very cute -- they put a smile on my face when I'm putting away leftovers -- and they seem sturdy. My child is able to fasten bags closed after serving food with these, while the twist ties I usually use were too difficult, so they're convenient and helping us prevent food waste. Like other plastic clips I've had in the past, I don't expect them to last forever, but after we've been using them a few weeks (and have dropped them a few times), I can say they are well-made with quality materials. Ours are also as pictured, appearance-wise, with no flaws in the animals' details. I don't know if the bad reviews are fake ones from a competitor, or if there are multiple sellers with some sending an inferior product, but I'm very happy with my purchase and don't agree with the bad reviews at all. By the way, I paid full price and didn't receive these free or at a discount. I just think honest reviews are important to the buying process, so I wanted to share my unbiased opinion." — confettikitty

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