Posted: 2020-10-24

Just 21 Reviewer-Approved Beauty Products For Summer

Add these colorful, humidity-proof, and SPF-packed products to your warm weather regimen, stat.

montage of four models' eyes showing them wearing the liner in different waystwo model's arms with swatches of the different liner colors

1. Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner is a bonafide classic with 7,000+ 5-star reviews on Sephora and 18,000+ on Amazon! Reviewers say it lives up to its name by providing long-lasting wear so you can rock a bold, dramatic eye that will not budge! Now if only the same could be said of that strapless bra all of your sundresses require...

Promising review: "only lasted 2 wks (same brand but from Sephora lasted 3-6 months) Disappointed because normally when I buy this product from Sephora (and I've been using this product for years!), it lasts a few 3-6 months. But this time I bought it from Amazon and the eyeliner I received from the seller lasted 2 weeks (with normal use!). And I had bought 2 eyeliners with my purchase so it wasn't just an unlucky purchase where I somehow got a faulty one. Both eyeliners ran dry after 2 weeks each.Something's fishy from this seller. Definitely fishy if an eyeliner that normally can last 3-6 months now runs out after two weeks of daily use for very conservative and "barely there" eyeliner?!? I'm sticking to Sephora next time." — SH

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reviewer wearing the pink shade on their cheeks and lipsthe bronze and pink balms in their blue tubes on a beige background with flowers

2. Or, use a color balm with SPF 50 to stay protected from the sun while achieving a radiant, sun-kissed look. The balm comes in a blushy pink or shimmery bronze.

Promising review: "I love it! I have light-medium skin with a neutral undertone that skews slightly more warm than cool. The blush shade is perfect on me. It looks natural and believable while giving my cheeks a bit of color and protection.. it also gives a slight dew to the skin. Blends easily with fingers. Works on eyes and lips too, although I don’t like it as a lip shade because the color is too pale for my lips." — Cristina Vang

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The eyeliner stampReviewer image of winged eyeliner on their eye

3. Or! A smudgeproof eyeliner stamp , because achieving the perfect cat-eye shouldn't take all morning when there is precious beach time to be had. Use the fine end to line, and then *boop!* — stamp the outer corners to complete the look sans shaky hands.

Promising review: "GET IT! You won’t be sorry I got the triple pack and I am so happy with all of them. The biggest size was not crazy or too big it was actually what I do for my day today. Using the stamp was so quick and easy I got it on my first try and I am not very coordinated at all. It is fool proof! It’s a staple in my daily routine now." — Christina C

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BuzzFeed editor applying the concealer under eyes BuzzFeed editor showing the under-eye coverage

4. And finally, Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind concealer is a quick and easy way to brighten dark circles and cover up blemishes. Let's face it - we've all been in those situations where we realize we look like we got mayyybe two hours of sleep the night before, but don't have all the time in the world to try to remedy it. With this, just dab, blend, and revel in the fact that you'll still look energized when nighttime rolls around.

Promising review: "Best Concealer I've Used Best under eye concealer ever. I am 67 years old, have tried them all and I wouldn't go out without applying this concealer. It blends nicely with my foundation and has never caked. The sponge applicator is soft and makes application quick and easy. I will continue to use this product and hope, like many products I've used over the years, that it doesn't get discontinued." — Morty

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reviewer applying the eyelinerreviewer wearing the eyeliner

5. Or, check out NYX's Epic Ink Liner for a great budget-friendly option that doesn't sacrifice perfect wings! With 38,000+ 5-star ratings, it's a legend in its own right. Reviewers say it's foolproof and stays on forever.

Promising review: "Dope... until the brush hairs bent Works like a charm. Kat Von D was my go to but won’t give her my money to spread anti-science rhetoric about vaccines. This NYX may work just as well if not better, and is less than half the price. Good job NYX.Update: after having this for sometime, the cap would catch part of the brush when I put it on and curl then outward... it made it extremely hard to apply the eyeliner with sporadic brush hairs sticking out in an opposite direction. Be very careful putting the cap on, it’s most likely my fault but it sucks." — Alex

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gif of model dabbing the eyeshadow onto their eyelidclose up of model wearing a shimmery gold eyeshadow on their lids

6. Or, if neutrals are more your thing, a creamy Supergoop eyeshadow with SPF that does double duty by giving your lids some shimmer while protecting that oh-so-delicate skin from the sun's harmful rays.

Promising review: "Love the coverage and shimmer! This is my new favorite eye shadow that can be worn alone or as a primer. It goes on smooth and offers great coverage and just the right sparkly shimmer!" — AshWestbrook

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reviewer with defined curls after using the moussegif of reviewer with defined curls after using the mousse

7. Or, a curl-enhancing mousse that restores moisture, shine, and definition while providing a soft hold. Bring it on, summer weather!

Promising review: "Great for 2b/2c biracial hair! I've been looking for a product to help bring out my natural waves and curls without weighing it down for so long! This mousse is AMAZING.Immediately after the shower I squeeze excess water out of my hair and use a golf ball sized amount of mousse and rub between my hands. Then I rake my fingers through my hair starting from the ends and moving up to the roots. I let it absorb for about 10-15 minutes then gently scrunch with my hands first and then gently scrunch with a towel. Air dry or diffuse.I've gotten beautiful results EVERY TIME." — Rachel Buckner

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reviewer wearing the foundation — their face matches the rest of their body and their skin looks bright and glowyreviewer holding up the bottle of foundation and showing how the product they applied to their hand matches their natural skin tone

8. Or, try the Maybelline Fit Me foundation for a budget-friendly option that glides on smoothly and provides plenty of long-lasting coverage.

Promising review: "Great foundation! I have used this product for about three years now and wouldn't ever change. I am 65 and it doesn't settle in wrinkles and it has great coverage... not too heavy and not too light. Including a pic to show results." — Pam Hankins

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reviewer wearing a peachy shade of the lipstickreviewer wearing a dark red shade of the lipstick

9. Or, Maybelline New York's SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick is a great choice for liquid lip color. It keeps your lips vibrant for hours on end, dries quickly, and is easy to apply.

Promising review: "Love it! I love this lipstick and the color!It feels moisturizing on my lips, I can add chapstick and it doesn’t get all streaky and gummy and it lasts forever.I was looking for a nude-ish color that didn’t make my lips look like ashy versions of themselves and this is it!Definitely recommend.Included a picture because nude colors tend to look a bit different on chocolate girls, so I wanted to give ya a gander at what this color looks like on this chocolate gal. :-)" — Queenofthehouse

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reviewer's curly hair after using the heat and humidity gelback view of the same reviewer's hair

10. A salonworthy heat and humidity gel to help frizz-prone curls keep their bounce is a must for all of those outdoor weddings on your calendar. It locks out humidity without drying hair, and won't leave your curls feeling crusty or sticky, just looking perky!

Promising review: "No caption needed..! Seriously no caption needed. My second time buying this stuff and I LOVE it. Defines curles and doesn’t make your hair “crunchy” at all!!!" — Amazon Customer

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reviewer wearing the tinted hydrator along with colorful makeupreviewer's arm with two swatches of the tinted hydrator to compare shades and show its texture

11. Or, try Wet n Wild's Bare Focus Tinted Hydrator for a lightweight skin veil that won't make your skin suffocate. If you're feeling a little dry, it'll also help moisturize and nourish from morning to night.

Promising review: "I see you wet n wild ;) must try it! On the top are the tinted hydrator in the shades porcelain (first shade near my hand) and fair (second shade) then on the bottom are the incognito concealers: fair (near my hand), fair beige (middle), then light beige. I LOVEEEE the tinted hydrator and the concealer so much! Another good foundation is loreal pro glow. I had to throw that out there too lol. I have tried tons of foundations and concealers and these are my absolute favs! To make it even more "dewer" I recommend the nyx dewy setting spray. I still moisturize and or prime my face with this because I'm a lizard person." — Amanda G.

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Available in 8 colors.

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model applying the sunscreen powder to their facethe four shades of sunscreen powder

12. Supergoop's (Re)setting 100% Mineral Powder is a great option for reapplying sunscreen without ruining your look. It has SPF 35, and it's also great for brushing onto your hair part to avoid greasy roots.

Promising review: "Works Great! I normally burn very easily, but I hate using sunscreens on my face and ending up feeling sticky or slimy. This was very easy to apply (and to carry in my bag at theme parks). It didn't clog my pores or make my face feel weird, and IT WORKED. No sunburn, even with 3 theme park days in the Florida sun. Definitely recommend!" — Ruth C. Roy

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close up of reviewer's lips looking glossy with a pinky-red colorreviewer with subtle pink, glossy lips holding up the pink balm stick

13. Or, a Revlon SPF 20 tinted lip balm that'll keep your puckers moisturized and sun blister-free.

Promising review: "Great Tinted Chapstick~ So in the first pic I layered my Milani lip gloss over this cherry lip balm, and I love the shimmery color it makes. In the second photo it’s the lip balm by itself which it still cute. I wanted a tinted chapstick and I love this one. It also smells great." — Ani

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reviewer wearing the bronzer during a photoshootreviewer holding the bronzer

14. A bronzer that will give you a shimmery look, as if you spend every day at the beach, without actually exposing your face to the sun's harmful rays. It's even waterproof, so bronzer: 1, face sweat: 0.

Promising review: "GREAT Update: Still the only bronzer I can use anytime of year!I have very pale skin & this looks amazing. I actually look like I got some sun. Color is not orange! Not super red. The is a shimmer but not glitter, very attractive." — Ariel

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four models' arms showing swatches of the different tinted moisturizer shadesbefore and after showing a model's face looking dewier after using the tinted moisturizer

15. A BareMinerals tinted gel cream can be worn on stifling days when you want a more even, dewy complexion without dealing with heavy foundations. It provides sheer to light coverage and is formulated with hyaluronic acid that'll keep your skin hydrated. Plus, it has SPF 30 so you'reprotected from the sun!

Promising review: "Moisturizing foundation I really don't like foundation. I didn't wear it until I was 45, and even then I only used a tinted moisturizer. (My skin USED to be good.) Now that I'm 67, and sun damage is showing, I needed something more to minimize the appearance of little blotches. Liquids or powders seemed too dry and settled into and accentuated my wrinkles. Nobody needs that, right? So I stopped using foundation and just went with a tanning moisturizing face lotion. It was ok, but not enough. Then I remembered bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream. For me, it is just right. It is not obvious that I'm wearing foundation and my skin tone is brighter and more even. This product gives my skin a luminous glow. No more matte foundation for me!" — Cozyprose

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reviewer photos of their lashes with the mascara just applied, and after napping with the mascara still intactreviewer's hand holding the mascara tube and wand

16. An *essential* L'Oreal waterproof mascara for anyone who would like to avoid resembling a raccoon by day's end, thank you very much! According to fans of this stuff, not only does it stay on for hours, but it also adds length and volume without being too over the top, so win-win!

Promising review: "Love love love I actually like this better than Too Faced BTS." — Living Like Charley

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the different powder shades arranged in a circlemodel's arm showing swatches of the different setting powder shades

17. Beauty Bakerie's Face Flour Baking Powder will help set your makeup so it doesn't look like one of Salvador Dali's melting clocks by the time golden hour rolls around. Plus, it'll help absorb any excess oil for a smooth, matte look.

Promising review: "Amazing setting powder Love this sheer but sturdy setting powder. No caking, blends beautifully with most skin tones dark to light. You would not think looking at it that it would be great on my meduim dark olive skin tone, but it is. Powder can make you look older if it's a poor quality or the wrong shade. No worries on this product. I love it, on 2nd purchase." — Karen J

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model applying the sunscreen to their facethe white and yellow sunscreen tube

18. Looking for sun protection? Supergoop!'s Broad Spectrum 40 SPF Sunscreen is a great option! It's lightweight, has no white cast, and doesn't leave a greasy residue. Plus, it can be used as a primer for your makeup!

Promising review: "Awesome sunscreen! I was hesitant to purchase this because of how expensive it is for the amount you’re given but it was totally worth it! I usually have issues with sunscreens and moisturizers making my other skin care products peel (I use hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and alpha arbutin) but this sunscreen is perfect! I experienced no peeling and no white caste like you would with mineral sunscreens. The texture feels like a foundation primer and doesn’t look or feel greasy. Highly recommend and definitely worth it." — Fran

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reviewer's lips looking glossy and shiny with the lip soother onreviewer holding a tube of the pink lip soother

19. A tube of Neutrogena lip gloss with a cooling cucumber, chamomile, and glycerin gel formula. It has a high-shine color and a welcome dose of SPF 20.

Promising review: "All time favorite basic gloss. SPF!!! I’m obsessed with this stuff, lol. I’m probably on my, I don’t know...maybe 30th tube of it? I’ve been buying it for years, and previously it kind of grossed me out to buy it from the store because it’s not sealed by packaging. I would always check to make sure it hadn’t been used and then wipe the thing down with alcohol after squeezing out and disposing the first bit (crazy, I know).It comes sealed in a little -recyclable- bag from Amazon, and though of course could also be tampered with while packaging...I’m assuming hundreds of them get sealed at a time, so I doubt anyone would be taking the time to unscrew lip products before packaging them. Yes, I know I sound crazy again...for actually thinking so hard about this, and then actually including it in a review of lip gloss. If you’re actually reading this far into lip gloss reviews, I’m going to assume you match my level of crazy.The flavor/scent is pleasant, but doesn’t make me wanna eat it. It’s not too sticky, has spf, and just gives a simple shine. It also washes right off cups in the dishwasher without scrubbing (the important little things in life, am I right?) I like the Glaze and Shine colors best, they don’t really add color even though they look pink.So, buy this stuff. It’s the best." — KO

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model wearing the blush and holding a tube of it

20. Or, Youthforia's BYO Blush , which changes color by reacting to your skin's pH level to give you a positively dewy, all-day hue that's totally unique to you. And not only that, it's packed with antioxidants to help hydrate. Cakey skin? I don't know her.

Promising review: "Amazing Blush! This blush product is awesome. For me it only takes 2 very small dabs on both cheeks for desired result. I also dab on my lips for a great under-color base! I hope they never stop making this product!" — Elise F

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model holding the can of setting spray

21. Or, try Urban Decay's All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray to keep your look in place with a quick spritz. Its lightweight formula is perfect for warm, muggy days, and it's suited for all skin types, so get spraying!

Promising review: "DON'T BUY HERE DONT BUY HERE! ITS A RIP OFF! Order from the Urban Decay or Sephora price and you will get double the amount for the same price. That being said this is my favorite setting spray that I've ever used! Makeup really lasts!" — Maddog

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