Posted: 2020-05-23

If You Don't Wanna Sweat Your Butt Off Inside Your House This Summer, These 22 Products Belong In Your Cart

Like an ice roller for your face and a temperature-regulating T-shirt with sweat-absorbing armpit pads.

reviewer wearing one of the cooling towels around their neck while exercising in their living roomreviewer photo of four multicolored cooling towels

1. Some cooling towels for instant relief after your at-home workout. Just wet 'em, wring 'em out, shake 'em, and place 'em wherever you're in need of a little refresh!

Promising review: "Great for those midnight hot flashes! I keep one wet and wrung out in a bowl on my bedside table so I can grab it quickly when I wake up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night. Blessed cooling relief!" — D. Toms

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memory foam pillows sitting on a queen sized bedmodel zipping up the white cover onto the ventilated memory foam core of the pillow

2. A memory foam pillow with ventilation so you can always sleep on the cool side. The holes in the design maximize airflow and help regulate temperature, so you don't have to worry about waking up drenched in sweat.

Promising review: "Between my mom and I, we've bought 7—TIPS FOR BEST USE I initially bought one of these pillows for my boyfriend as a Christmas present. He has back problems and I thought that a better pillow might serve him well. When it came in, I loved it so much that I bought myself one. Today, after my mom had gotten the chance to feel it, she asked me to buy her FIVE (yes, 5 total) for herself, my dad and my sister. I love these pillows and will certainly recommend them to anyone sho is looking for a comfy memory foam pillow.When they first come in, they smell like memory foam and are a little stiffer than you may like. I suggest washing the cover immediately and spraying the pillow with fabreeze (or some other fabric spray) so that when you sleep you don't smell the "new foam smell." I would also recommend giving the pillow a few days before judging. At first, the pillow is a little firm, but after a few days it warms up and is great. 5 stars all the way." — Carlie McClinsey

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reviewer photo of the white fan in the corner of a room

3. A sleek oscillating tower fan with five power and sound levels you can adjust via remote, including a white noise setting! -It also comes with a timer and handle for bringing it from room to room.

Promising review: "Good for the price I just received the product and assembled it. It's working well. Here are the pros and cons as I can see now:Pros1. Easy to assemble. I did not even need a screw driver2. Very quite at the lower speed. Even the highest level is not too loud3. The design of the product (not the materials, which I will comment on below) is nice. It's very streamlined and minimalist, which I likeConsThere is only one that I can see at this moment: It's very "plasticky". There really isn't much aesthetic to the materials that it's made of. The base in particular feels cheap. My expectation is that in a matter of months the plastic will start turning yellow. I hope I'm wrong, but that has been the case with my past experience with cheap white plastic. However, for the price of $49, I can't fault the manfuacturer too much. I just wish there could be a more elegant option for a higher price" — LL

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reviewer photo of the white fan on a side table, lit up with a soft green light

4. A portable bladeless fan that can be propped up on your desk so you don't sweat over your keyboard. The rechargeable battery means no outlet is required, and the soft LED light gives off an inviting glow.

Promising review: "Perfect personal/small room fan!! I ordered this little fan to help circulate air in my bedroom, despite the negative reviews. My apartment is on the top floor of my building so it gets pretty hot during the summer with only one AC unit in the livingroom. I wasn't expecting the fan to be extremely powerful, just powerful enough to circulate a little cool air to help keep my bedroom cool. Let me tell you, it works perfectly!I have the fan facing my bed, where it picks up cool air blowing in from the hallway and spreads it around my small to medium-sized bedroom (picture attached for reference). I can feel the air blowing 6-10 feet away from the fan, on low to high speeds. It is a light breeze but it does wonders with keeping me cool at night.On low speed, the sound is almost nonexistent. On high speed, I still can barely hear it. The lights are beautiful too; you can also turn the light off at night while the fan is running if you can't sleep with lights on in your bedroom like me. Also, the power/speed button and lights button are both activated by very light touch. You DO NOT need to press on them as they will not work if you do (I tested this myself).If you're looking for a powerful air-circulator, this is not the fan for you. This fan is a personal fan and is meant for personal use (i.e. at your desk while working) and for small-ish rooms. I highly recommend if you have reasonable expectations for what you are buying.If anything goes wrong with this fan, I will be sure to update this review. And so everyone is aware, I paid for this fan myself and have absolutely not been compensated in any way for this review. I like leaving honest reviews so that consumers like me know what they are about to purchase." — Shainakay

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reviewer photo of the gray cushion on a black office chair

5. A cooling gel seat cushion is a godsend for anyone who works in a chair all day. Not only will it help keep things from getting too sticky, it'll also offer way more comfort and support than your hard as a rock office chair.

Promising review: "Makes such a difference for long car rides... I don't write many reviews - I try to save mine for when I really have something to say.My mom recently was very sick and lost a lot of weight. With that came loss of much of her "padding" which made long car rides and even sitting on our nearly brand new power reclining leather couch uncomfortable for "seat".So I got her this cushion. It has made such a huge impact that she carries it around with her from car to couch. I'll be ordering another one in the next day or two so she can have one in the house and one in the car.I was worried the gel would make the seat to cold for her as she is extremely temperature sensitive, but she loves it. I find her happily passed out sitting up on the couch now which she hasn't been able to do for months now. I imagine she will continue to use this cushion even after she has regained some of her own "padding"." — MH Shin

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A reviewer photo of uncooked pasta and water in the clear, plastic microwave pasta cooker A photo from the same reviewer of cooked pasta and water in the clear, plastic microwave pasta cooker

6. A nonstick microwave pasta cooker for nights when you want spaghetti for dinner, but the thought of standing over a pot of boiling water seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

Promising review: "Great pasta cooker! Follow instructions! This is an excellent, easy way to make pasta, taking just 12 minutes in the microwave for a serving. It's true that 12 minutes seems longer on microwave time than it does when you're busy making the pasta the traditional way, but in reality, the time is cut in at least half when you take into account waiting for the water to boil. It's important to follow the instructions though and not use the lid in the microwave. Doing so won't hurt the product; it's simply that the container and lid will be just a bit too hot to handle when draining the pasta after you remove it. I found this out the hard way when I dropped my serving while trying to drain :). The cold lid, however, lets you pick up the container and it drains extremely well, pour into a bowl and it's perfect-cooked pasta every time. The measuring holes also keep me from eating too much, or wasting it. A serving is perfect, and lets me know exactly how much I'm eating.Just one or two minor drawbacks that, in my opinion, are not worth taking away a star. First, of course, you can't really add sauce halfway through cooking which makes a difference between good pasta and great pasta. Second, some people like to add salt to their pasta water to enhance flavor. If you do, you may need to cook it a bit longer than what it says on the guide, because salt, of course, raises the boiling point of your water a bit. But for what it's made for, cooking pasta quickly, easily, and with minimal water and pot/strainer use, this is a really great product!!" — Paul W

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reviewer photo of the white portable air conditioner set up in a living room

7. A very essential and splurgeworthy portable air conditioner for anyone who has ever experienced the joy of living without central air, and would rather not be confined to the one room with a window unit this summer. It has wheels so you can roll it (rather than lifting it) all around your house!

Promising review: "An absolute MUST for hot summer days 4 YEARUPDATE 2022: It's been 4 years since I've purchased this portable AC unit. I've been using it everyday, when it's not summer I simply use the built in fan for air flow when I'm working and white noise when I'm sleeping. When it's blazing hot during summer I have the unit blasting cool air in my home office while I'm working and when I am done for the day and want to chill outside of my office I can run my central air and save A LOT of money on my electric bill. This is an absolute must buy if you're looking for some AC relief without breaking the bank. I will without a doubt buy a brand new one the moment this thing breaks down on me but it's been going strong for 4 years now and I still can't see it breaking anytime soon!ORIGINAL REVIEW:The central air in my house is broken and it would cost me nearly $7,000 to fix it so I decided to pass and buy this portable air conditioner and it gets the job done for a far less price. It’s only been a couple of days since I’ve used this thing and it’s been a LIFE SAVER. It gets up to 110F where I am and this ac unit cools down my room within minutes! I set it to turn off after 1 hour to save energy. I don’t expect this thing to cool down my entire living room but I always go to my room after work and I’m satisfied so far. My only complaints is the less than helpful instruction manual to set this up but you can get an idea on how to install this thing from YouTube, my other complaint is that it’s fairy loud but honestly the benefit far outweighs the cons so it gets 5 stars in my book. I’ll be sure to update my review if I encounter any problems, but as of now I’d highly recommend this unit if you want to beat the summer heat every year.UPDATE 08/19/18: It has been about 2 months since I’ve bought and used the unit now and I still stand by what I said about this device, it is a LIFE SAVER! My area has been consistently hot all summer with temperatures ranging from 99F - 107! And not once did I ever feel the summer heat indoors. This was definitely worth the purchase and is an amazing investment for future summers to come.UPDATE 05/17/21: It has been 3 years since I’ve owned this portable air conditioner and I firmly believe this is by far one of my greatest investments. It has reached upwards of 119 degrees where I live over the past 3 years of owning this AC unit and it’s been a LIFESAVER. I do not regret buying this and I can say with full confidence I would immediately buy a new one should this one fail; as things stand however, I don’t see it failing anytime soon!" — sonny

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Silver and black instant pot with control panel next to a cooked chickenreviewer photo of fries cooked in the instant pot

8. And an 11-in-1 Instant Pot with a special air fryer lid that'll replace pretty much all of your other kitchen appliances — and best of all, you'll be able to enjoy a warm meal without so much as turning on a burner.

Promising review: "Easy, quick meals The Instant Pot Duo Crisp is a total lifesaver for quick and easy meals! I absolutely love it and am so happy I bought it during Prime Day.Here's a quick review of the pros and cons.Pros:1) This airfryer cooks everything faster than my former Ninja countertop model, and food is much crispier rather than soggy (especially foods like fried/dry-rubbed chicken, fries, and brussel sprouts.) I'd suggest spraying the air fryer basket and inner pot with avocado oil due to its high smoke point (500°F).2) I don't have to worry about it heat-damaging anything in the kitchen due to it's construction. My old countertop airfryer got so hot that it warped a phone outlet on the backsplash. The internal heat and repetitive motion of pushing the basket in & out also warped the basket so it wouldn't close and connect, making turnover of food halfway through cooking a huge pain!That's why the Instant Pot Duo Crisp is a HUGE step up because the engineering mitigates all of those issues.3) It's MUCH easier to clean! If you can find them, get the silicone basket and skewer accessories for easily lifting and roasting meats.The downsides:1) It can be difficult to store due to its size and the 2 different lids (it can only fit on the floor of my standard-sized pantry closet). I'd recommend getting a rack for the body and perhaps a box for the lids.2) The app (surprisingly) isn't great and needs *lots* of work. You can find more helpful recipes and cooking guidelines for certain foods on blogger websites, but I'd like to have the info readily available and tested from the manufacturer without having to Google and sift through different blogger's recipes to find the best fit for what I plan to cook.3) When you're trying to pressure cook—especially with grains—the release is powerful and can be a bit messy. For example, I made a batch of farro and the natural release spewed starchy, thick goo that kinda resembled a sticky volcanic explosion which I hid from then immediately cleaned so it didn't have time to harden on my surfaces.If you have wood or freshly painted cabinets, as I did, you definitely want to make sure the steam does not pressure release under or near them. It's akin to powerwashing your cabinets in boiling water, so make sure the steam valve is pointing away from your cabinets and anything else overhead." — Sienna

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person using a bamboo desk to work on their computer

9. A bamboo laptop desk will keep you cooler while you work on your computer in bed or on the couch. Plus, it may help prevent your laptop from overheating and crashing.

Promising review: "5 stars for the price for the quality So, I really needed this. I spend hours a day studying. My back and my legs were becoming a pain. I was using a lap table but when my legs would get tired I had to place it on the floor in front of me causing me to sit with bad posture leading to back aches. Anyway, I decided I should look into laptop trays so I can use it on the bed and on the floor and due to my budget, this was the cheapest and nicest one I could find. For the price, I didn't expect much so my expectations were low. Quality wise when I recieved it, was perfect. It has 3 levels for the height, 5 levels for the laptop angling (which is great if you want to work while you lay down), it has a little drawer than can hold some note pads, pens, sticky notes, small snacks if you want. Underneath it, there do seem to be some splinter risks, but if you grab some tape and run it over, it'll remove them. Again, my expectations were very low, so the splinters aren't a big deal for me, and they're not that bad, there is just possible risk if you're being careless when handling it. I put up a picture of the bottom next to the drawer so you can see what I mean. They're in places you wouldn't really touch. Over all. It's great. The size was perfect too, it was almost the same size as my lap table (also pictured above). Regarding the warping that everyone else is talking about, we'll have to see in time. Regardless, if you're looking for something budget friendly and nice, I'd recommend this." — Yumalaii

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the gray blender filled with an orange smoothie and a hand holding a smaller blending vessel with an attached carry handlegif of someone turning on the blender to make a smoothie

10. A compact blender for whipping up ice-cold smoothies, which will probably make up the bulk of your meals when summer's at its most stifling. Oh, and can we talk about how *gorgeous* it is?!

Promising review: "Mislead by the picture Good quality blender but I was mislead by the pictures that show 3 different container sizes. It comes with one container only." — Marfil

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the light blue sheets and pillow case set on a made bed

11. And a fan favorite set of cooling bed sheets you'll want in all of the 40+ colors they come in once you see how non-sticky they make you feel come morning.

Promising review: "Quite Lovely I ordered the queen size set of gray sheets and was very surprised with how they fit. I have a pillow top mattress and a 2" memory foam cover and I still have plenty of extra room at the corners with these. Most sheet sets I've had just barely covered the corners and you'd always have to tug them to get them over the corners - not these. With them being extra tall, it was very easy to get them on the mattress and actually fit underneath on all corners.And the softness is wonderful. These are very soft and just love the feel of them. I've read a couple reviews that they were very thin - but the set I received were perfect. Sort of in between a medium and heavy thickness, but not too hot at night and they don't weigh on you like a flannel sheet might. And they feel like they'll be fine for winter as well. I've only had them for about a week, and so far they've been great. They stay put, no corners slipping off and they don't get wadded up if you're someone that moves around a lot at night. It was a good price, had mostly positive reviews, and I was due for a new set and thought I'd try them. I'm very glad I did." — Melissa T

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photo of a reviewer wearing an orange neck fan while wearing a maskreviewer photo of a bright blue neck fan

12. A hands-free personal fan would be very useful when you're doing chores, making dinner, or literally just existing this summer.

Promising review: "Hot Flashes? This is for you! I know they have this advertised as great for hiking and outdoors, which it is fine for, however, I suffer from menopause hot flashes and this is a great way to help overcome them. There are several speeds, easy to adjust positioning, and fast USB charging. They only minor draw backs are if you have longer hair you need to pull it back or it gets in the way of the fans and I wish the pitch of the sound they generate was a bit quieter, but the portability out weighs the minor things and I find these are wonderful!" — Brenda B

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a gif of a buzzfeed editor pouring cold brew into a glass

13. A popular and inexpensive cold brew maker (40,000+ 5-star ratings!) that eliminates the need to boiling water during a heatwave, thank you very much. With this, you just add ground coffee, cold water, refrigerate, and done!

Promising review: "Yeassss!!! #coldbrewlife This Takeya cold brew coffee jug is wonderful! I know a lot of people use Mason jars, however, I wanted something easier to grab from the fridge and more lightweight (and cheaper!). I have used Takeya products before and have been impressed with their durability as well as the easiness of cleaning them. This cold brew jug has only 4 pieces; the jug, the handle, the lid, and the coffee filter. The coffee filter has an extremely fine mesh and it has not let through even the finest of coffee grounds. It is really easy to clean! The filter, after filling it with your favorite coffee (I find non-flavored coffee to taste best during the cold brew process) then screws into the lid. After you have filled up the jug about 85% of the way with filter water, you place the filter (already attached to the lid) into the water filled jug and screw it on! The coffee will have a great flavor within 8 hours, however, it is most potent by 24hrs and stays fresh up to 72hrs in my opinion. Remember, you are brewing a coffee concentrate as about 1 cup of grounds are used to brew. Mix with 2 parts water or you will... well, be like me that didn't read the directions and was up until 3am with a caffeine high, lol. Overall, I am really pleased with this purchase!If you found this review and pictures helpful in making a decision regarding purchasing this item, please let me know below :)" —

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gif of reviewer using the black fan on their face after a workoutreviewer holding the black fan to their face

14. A handy portable fan so you won't look like one of Salvador Dali's melting clocks just from walking around your house (and anywhere else you go this summer)!

Promising review: "Bought this for my hot flashes. What a relief! Powerful, rechargeable, compact. What's not to love?Edit: Just coming back to talk about how much I love this fan. I keep it in my purse and by my side always. It makes my hot flashes so much more bearable, with little effort. No more taking clothes off and putting them back on and taking them off and on and on. No more kicking up the air and increasing my already expensive electric bill. This fan was worth every penny I spent.Oh, and the charge lasts a long time, too. At first I was charging it every day, but I haven't thought to charge it in at least 4 days and it's been helping me through 3-5 hot flashes a day, minimum. Still going strong.Edited to add more about that charge. So I haven't used my fan in months. I haven't been having hot flashes and the weather has been mild and so it's just been sitting. Well I needed it this morning, and was sure it would be dead because I haven't charged it all that time, but it wasn't dead!Edited: Battery finally giving up. When the charge is low on the fan you can tell because when you turn it on it will turn to low, then to medium, and then when you go to turn it to high it turns to back to low instead, and then you can't cycle through to turn it off. That's how it's always done when it needed charged (probably should have mentioned that in my original review), but now it does this all the time, even after it has been charged. I looked at batteries to replace this one, and it looks like it's cheaper to buy a new fan than it is to buy a new battery. I guess I'll keep this one, too, since it still works if it's plugged up." —

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reviewer holding up a homemade pink popsiclethe light green popsicle mold next to a few fruit popsicles

15. And a silicone ice pop mold that you can fill with the aforementioned smoothie mixture and stash in the freezer so you always have a refreshing snack on hand. Plus, the flexible design helps your treats *pop* right out.

Promising review: "Decent Ice Pop Mold Decent molds for homemade popsicles. Good portion for the kids. Comes with tiny scrubbing brush. Only negative is that the molds absorb whatever fruit/juice you pour into them PLUS smells from your freezer. I had them right next to the baking soda, soaked in soap and still can't get rid of the odors." — Cindy F

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reviewer wearing the black hair claw to keep their hair up and away from their neckfour claw clips sitting on a white comforter

16. A set of hair claws will keep your hair away from your neck and give you a '90s throwback look.

Promising review: "Hands down GET THESE! Color me impressed. I have searched high and low for a hair clip that can handle my hair. I have very long (reaches my lower back when wet) very thick hair. Most clips I use can't hold all of my hair or will start to sag and fall out after a few minutes. I don't like wearing ponytails, because too low, it gets too hot on my neck too high, I have to use two scrunchies and it gives me a massive headache after an hour. I heard about these clips and figured I didn't have much to lose except a few bucks trying these out. I've had them about two weeks, and the first one I started using is still holding strong. Usually other clips I use start to crack or straight up break after this amount of time. If you're on the fence with these, do yourself a favor and get them." —

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grey blackout curtains on a windowthe grey curtains blocking out almost all the light

17. If you're looking to lower your electricity bill and stay cool during the summer, consider investing in a pair of blackout curtains. Blackout curtains can block up to 99% of light and UV rays, making your home cooler and more comfortable. In addition, blackout curtains provide extra insulation against high outdoor temps, further reducing your energy costs.

Promising review: "Nearly 100% Blackout Curtains Not 100% blackout, but practically blackout. They're way better than the other "blackout" curtains I purchased from Target. Based on some other reviews, I was hesitant to try these. I'm recovering from Post Concussion Syndrome, and light makes my head hurt. I bought these for one room in my house as a test. They blackout enough light that I purchased more for every room of my house except the kitchen and bathroom. The picture is how the room looks in broad daylight (11:45 AM, bright cloudless day, August in California). I think if I was a night shift worker, needing to sleep during daylight, I would probably supplement these curtains with these liners which I put in my bedroom, and they block all light (except the top, which you could probably block with a towel or blanket or something)." — Tiffany Schmidt

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reviewer photo of the bed fan peeking out under a comforterreviewer photo showing the whole bed fan going up the side of a bed without covers on it

18. A BedJet Fan is perfect for those who sleep hot and need a little boost in the cooling department at night. By fitting on the side of your bed, you'll be able to enjoy a refreshing breeze while you sleep.

Promising review: "Item does not work as described. Bought 3 units for my wife, my son, and me. All three units have issues connecting to ios devices by bluetooth. The remote control that comes with the units is very limitted and does not provide sufficient operation of the units. In addition, these units to not cool! They are basically a very expensive fan that blows air to your feet. This item will NOT replace your A/C on hot days. I have also contacted the manufacturer 3 times. There is no phone support whatsoever and by email they would keep telling you to reset the unit over and over again. Which does not help. The item has a design flaw which must be repaired. I have attached a picture of the error massage as well as a screenshot of the app’s page on the Apple store (look at the rating)." — Kenny B.

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reviewer's hand holding the cream

19. A tube of antiperspirant lotion for anyone who's ever experienced excessive hand sweating and is like, no more! This lotion will help control the sweat so you can go about your day with dry palms.

Promising review: "!PARENTS REVIEW! THIS IS A LIFE CHANGING PRODUCT Here's a real review no B.S. I used this product on my 10 year old son. He sweat ALOT on his hands. He would tell me that he was embarrassed at school and he had problems making friends. My son told me he had never shook a hand outside of mine ever before in his life..... it broke me. As a father I knew I had to fix this. I set an appt up with his doc and got nowhere. The doc said it's normal and should go away in the coming years. I asked about surgery and they said it would be around $10,000, so I started saving. Couple weeks went by and I came across this product I asked my son if he was ok with trying it and he desperately said yes. I got it in the mail 2 days after ordering the first time we put it in it stopped the sweat completely and then within 1 hour his hands were dripping wet we needed a paper towel to dry them. My wife and son were so disappointed. I didn't know what to do so I gave it a day and tried it again the second time was the charm his hands are completely dry now. When it worked he started practicing shaking hands and high fives with his brother. It's been 2 weeks now and it is working AMAZING. we use it once a day towards the night time although the first week we did it once in the morning and once at night. I will buy this product for my son till the day I die if I have to it brings so much joy to his life. Thank you to the creators of Carpe my family and I really appreciate you!!!" — HECTOR LORENZO

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reviewer holding up an ice roller with a lime green basereviewer using an ice roller on their face

20. After a long, hot day, an ice roller for your face is a refreshing treat that your skin will thank you for. Just stick it in the freezer, apply your favorite moisturizer on your face, and then sweep the roller all over for a cold, refreshing experience that's almost as good as a visit from the Good Humor truck.

Promising review: "Amazing for sinus pain! I was in the habit of rolling a cold can of soda on my forehead to help with tension headaches and sinus pain but that was cumbersome and not always cold enough. This ice roller works so well to ease the pain from sinuses and tension. It froze very quick and I felt instant relief. The rolling motion even cleared my sinuses and I could breathe better right away. I love this. Would highly recommend." — DT

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reviewer in bed covered with the tan blanketclose up of reviewer holding the edge of the blanket to show texture and thickness

21. This cooling blanket is perfect for anyone who likes to be swaddled at night, but doesn't want to feel like they're trapped in a sauna. The cooling fibers in the blanket absorb body heat, and can reduce your body temperature by up to 5 degrees!

Promising review: "As blissful as the cold side of your pillow Let me start by saying I get extremely over-heated when I sleep but also enjoy the weight of a blanket on me. This blanket is the perfect solution for that. It is large enough to cover my entire queen-sized bed and just heavy enough to provide some weight while I sleep. It is definitely cold but not overwhelmingly cold at all. It’s like flipping your pillow over the cold side, except it’s an entire blanket! I love this thing, but I may have to get another one since my husky-mix loves it just as much as me!" — Madison Price

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the toaster ovena homemade apple pie

22. I've had personal experience with the Breville smart toaster oven and can say from experience that it bakes, roasts, and toasts just as well as a full-size oven, but without heating up your whole kitchen. So if you're craving homemade cookies in the middle of summer but don't want to feel like a sweaty mess after one batch, this oven is perfect for you.

Promising review: "Looks are deceiving At first this iven seemed great. I like the knobs which make it very easy to change setting, time and temp. Little magnet that pulls tray out little bit when opening the oven was another plus. Everything seemed great at first. It worked fine for about a year and then convention fan stopped working which to me is a big thing. Shortly after that pressing a start/stop button would do different things. At times I would have to press it 10 times to start or stop, other times it would toggle convention fan, which doesn't work but it makes sound, and sometimes it would do what it's supposed to. I also realized that preheating the oven happens on a timer and is not based on the actual temperature which is very simple and easy functionality. If you preheat the oven to a temp, then stop it and set it to preheat again, you will have to wait again the same amount of time. Then I decided to check the actual temperature inside. I was cooking fish at 400 for 8 minutes, when i decided to actually check the temp of the fish using thermometer, and to my surprise, thermometer says 134 while the oven states 400. I hope this helps someone." — adam

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