Posted: 2021-11-09

28 Inexpensive Skincare And Beauty Products You’ll Wish Were In Your Makeup Bag Right Now

Everything here is under $25. Most products here are under $10.

four images of a Black reviewer's face getting progressively clearer than the first image where their face is covered in red spots and acne

1. A face serum made from plant-based ingredients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, witch hazel, and jojoba oil could make your skin look so bright, you'll light up every room you enter. Fresh-looking skin is just a bottle away!

Promising review: "Sun spots vanishing I have been using this for about 10 days and my age spots are already fading. Very excited to see what happens in a few more weeks." — Nanine

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reviewer with one eyebrow barely visible and the other completely drawn inbefore and after reviewer images of a not drawn in eyebrow and a drawn in eyebrow

2. A Maybelline eyebrow-defining pencil so you feel like the professional makeup artist you are. Give your brows shape with the attached spoolie and fill them in with a natural-looking shade.

Promising review: "LOVE this brow pencil! Original Review: I had been using the NYX brow palette for a few years, but was looking to get a more defined brow, especially since as I get older my brows get more patchy. I bought the medium brown and at first didn't like the effect they gave ...they seemed too dark and "drawn on." Then I watched a video on Facebook about how to properly apply brow pencil and the difference is enormous. Now I love the way my brows look.How I apply:1) Use the spoolie to brush all my brow hairs up.2) Draw a light line along the lower edge of my eyebrow with the pencil.3) Still using the sharp edge of the pencil, sketch in individual lines in the direction of the hair (starting at the bottom and sweeping up). Do this lightly at first and go back and fill in any areas that require it.4) Sketch another light line along the top edge of my eyebrow.5) Use the spoolie to brush the brow hairs upward again and blend the pencil lines.6) Touch-up any areas that require additional pencil.I still suspect the medium brown might be a little dark for me, I will be trying the soft brown on my next order.Update Feb 2019: After several months of use my original pencil finally ran out, so I needed to purchase a new one. I got the soft brown this time (previously had the medium brown). It is a bit lighter and has a reddish cast, which perfectly matches my auburn hair! So I will be continuing with the soft brown from here on out. I was pleased with how long my original pencil lasted, I got about 4 months of daily use before needing to buy again! I've also added a before and after pictures." — Nicole

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image of reviewer with long, and bold eyelashes after using the essence mascara

3. A mascara that will give you long-lasting, bold, and intense lashes that even *you* will think are falsies. Salon quality at a fraction of the cost? Yes, please!

Promising review: "AMAZING VOLUME! My lashes are so fair and thin that its hard for me to find mascara that will give me such great volume. This mascara is so good! It was easy and was a flawless result for an affordable price. 100% would reccommend" — Emily Creek

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Available in 4 colors.

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reviewer wearing the powder to set makeup

4. An oil-controlling setting powder that won't leave you looking ashy! Get the smooth and long-lasting, matte finish Tyra Banks and the ANTM team would come to expect from you.

Promising review: "I hope SACHA Buttercup Powder stays around FOREVER!! I've gone through NUMEROUS setting powders that claim to be "translucent" and they NEVER are. I would always get that flash-back or reverse raccoon eye in photos, or they would just make me look ashy.. and as we know that is never a good look. I decided to purchase this powder after seeing so many of the makeup artists I follow on Instagram use this powder. I have been using it for a little over a month now and I LOVE IT. I will never use anything else! The price is amazing (in comparison to the prices for brands in Sephora) and so is the amount you receive in the jar. Unlike other reviews I have read, I have had no issues with breakouts or irritation and I have VERY sensitive skin. Always be sure to do a test patch before you add new products into your makeup regimen. I would recommend this setting powder to ALL of my "Melinated" <-- (yes I made that word up LOL) sistahs out there! :)" — Katelyn

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A black small octopus shaped remover in a reviewer's hand the cap off to show the salt on the top of the remover

5. A cute lil' octopus-shaped blackhead remover to gently scrub away excess sebum and exfoliate your pores. It'll help remove blackheads, whiteheads, and whatever else is trapped in your clogged pores.

Promising review: "I’m in love with this product! My embarrassing photo speaks volumes as to how well this product works. I am 48. My pores have been giant blackhead pits since I was 12. At this point they seem to be stretched out or scars. I’m not completely sure. After using this cute little octopus twice, over 90% of my pores a clear. It is definitely a first.The first time I tried it was a learning experience. Without instructions I kinda just went for it. Using the applicator as a scrubbing tool. Couldn’t tell if it was salt or blackheads I was seeing. Felt like I was wasting product because my face was covered in a sheer, grey film with little white speck all over. Decided to let it set for 5 minutes and use my little hand held face scrubber. The battery operated one with a brush head that spins. It was doing a pretty good job. Then I went ahead and used my fingers. If you have pores like mine, you have rubbed your finger across your chin to roll the whiteheads out. Admit it.. Once I gently started working it in with my hands the whiteheads and a lot of the upper surface blackheads started rolling out of my pores. It was fantastic!! I have never found a product that has came close to removing so many, especially in ONE use. I’ve been searching for 36 years for a bottle or pore strip to come close. Nothing has.. After that I wash and moisturized my face. Tonight I noticed how much I had missed under my lip and on my nose. Skipping most of the extra steps from my first use, I literally applied a little, let it set for a few minutes and gently rolled out more guck than I thought was still in my pores. It definitely makes your face soft and yes it it scented. I’m okay with a small amount of scent if it works this well. Not like I’m going to use it every day. There were a few red patches from rubbing but the did not last very long.If you are like me with horribly deep, disgusting pores like me, I highly recommend trying this product. Be gentle with your skin. Don’t over do it. Wash your face and slash some cool water on afterwards to try closing your pores as much as you can. Will update with another photo in a few weeks." — Kimberly Kukovich

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Comparison of reviewer's makeup, half of which looks good thanks to the setting spray and half of which has rubbed off without the spray

6. A matte finishing spray made with organic green tea for a fast-drying, long-lasting, and fresh-feeling airbrushed look.

Promising review: "Love It and I will be ordering again. At first I didn't see this product working but then I applied it before my foundation instead of after and it works AMAZING. I have oily skin so I really need help haha! but I also have super sensitive skin and I wanted something that was gentle and had good ingredients and I think I found it. I will definitely be ordering again. The picture is 4 hours after I applied my makeup. ( there are NO filters or any editing done with the picture) With this product my makeup lasts 12 hours easily where it only used to last about 10 before and I feel like it helps it to look smoother as well." — Melanie P.

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reviewer holding open jar of the overnight lip mask

7. If you're looking for a natural lip moisturizer that will keep your lips from drying out and cracking, this plant-based option has you covered. Made with mango butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil, it will repair your lips overnight.

Promising review: "It actually works! It’s the first time I’ve found a lip balm that actually lasts the whole night. A lot of the time I have to reapply during the night, but Lip Mask world through the night. I don’t notice an overpowering flavor either. You don’t need to apply a lot either. I love that it’s vegan. Definitely recommend it!" — Rhona Haider

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reviewer image of the putty primerreviewer wearing the putty primer under makeup

8. A lightweight e.l.f. putty primer infused with squalane to help minimize pores and moisturize your skin. This vegan formula will grip your makeup so it doesn't slip and slide all day long.

Promising review: "No problems leona iman fb & nsta Very nice dod what it said" — darius yancey

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the bottle of eye cream in a reviewer's handbefore and after images of a reviewer whose dark, saggy under eyes become less saggy and brighter

9. A rejuvenating eye cream whose all-natural and vegan ingredients help reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

Promising review: "Updated review I was really loving this cream. However, I took a break from all creams for about 2 weeks, and when I went to use this again tonight, I discovered that the cream had developed moldy black and green spots in it. The jar is still almost full from when I ordered it 3 months ago, but I am outside the return window. Now I'm afraid to put this on my face! I understand there are no preservatives, but everything I use is natural, and this is the first time I have had something mold on me like this. Needless to say, won't be purchasing it again. Which is too bad, because I feel like it was helping my bags and undereye wrinkles :( I really wanted to love it.I emailed the company tonight and will update when I receive a response.*****Update******Received a response from the company that more than made up for the inconvenience. The representative explained I received a tub from a larger bad batch, one of many during this time frame that other reviewers citing the mold also received. The 5-star rating is more for this company and their amazing customer service than necessarily the cream*****Update #2*****Received my replacement cream in the mail today with, get this.....a handwritten apology note from a worker at the company along with a thank you for my original purchase. I mean, who does that anymore? LilyAna Naturals does, that's who! I will come back to this company for all my natural skincare needs without hesitation, hands down the best customer service I have ever received!" — IJustWorkHere

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The small polar bear shaped eye stick in a reviewer's hands Before and after pic of reviewer with dark under eyes that are gone in the second pic

10. A skin-smoothing polar bear hydrating eye stick for reducing under-eye circles and puffiness. Its formula is enriched with glacial waters to help improve your skin's elasticity. Get ready to feel refreshed!

Promising review: "but this was so good that I had to write a review I have always had serious dark circles and bags under my eyes and this has really changed this for me. The results are incredible. The puffiness is gone. The dark circles are hardly noticeable. My sensitive skin has not broken out.I never write reviews because everything is under my husband's name, but this was so good that I had to write a review. This actually works." — Ben

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Reviewer holding Super Stay 24 lipstickReviewer wearing Super Stay 24 lipstick

11. A liquid lipstick that won't cake, dry, or flake for up to 24 hours! Just apply the lipstick and wait for it to dry, then apply the conditioning balm at the other end of the stick for long-lasting color.

Promising review: "Best 24 hour lipstick, but colors run cool. Product review: I've been using Maybelline 24-hour lip sticks/stains for YEARS. (Maybe more than a decade.) My old ones were getting dry, so I shopped around for a better type of 24-hour lipstick. I bought at least a dozen different lipsticks from Sonoma and Ulta with help from the staff and EVERYTHING rubbed off, even after 30 minutes of setting. Just this Maybelline Superstay and the Covergirl Outlast product did the job. I really expected that someone would have improved on the product in the last decade. But no. I can't really tell a difference between the Covergirl and Maybelline product other than color selection and the fact that Maybelline has the balm in the same unit as the lipstick and Covergirl has it separate.Color review: I ordered Continuous Coral 020. The coral should be a warm orange-based red, but it does have some blue undertones that make it clash just a little with my Spring complexion. However, I've noticed that in the dozen-plus lipsticks that I've tried. It seems like someone in the lipstick industry decided that cool colors are in style, and every single coral and peach that I've tried have slight hints of blue in them. This one is no different.So overall, this is still one of the 2 best 24-hour lipsticks on the market, and the colors all tend to be more cool than they should." — Stephenie

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A model applies the BodyGlide Foot Anti Blister Balm to the back of their ankle

12. There's no need to throw out your cute wedges just because they rub against your ankles! Apply some anti-blister balm to your feet before putting shoes on to prevent blisters and raw skin.

Promising review: "Saved my feet in less-than-perfect-fit shoes! I thought this stuff was a bunch of BS, I was like pssh what a waste of $8 ON AMAZON FOR THIS LITTLE THING. Well, I put it on today on spots where my flats rub off the skin. My feet survived an entire day, INTACT! Highly recommend. This product made wearing shoes that rub on your ankles/backs of your feet doable!!!!" — Jamie

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A reviewer showing their messy bun with flyaways in the back The same person showing their neater, slicked-back bun after using the hair-finishing stick

13. -A hair finishing stick can help you slicking down rogue flyaways during the day so you can maintain a flawless finish. - Made with natural ingredients, it will also moisturize your hair!

Promising review: "You gotta try this magic hair sauce! I’m kind of a busy lady with not a lot of time on her hands to do much fiddling about with my hairs unless I’m going out dancing * my regular day is about 15 to 20 hours* , so I wear my hair up in a high bun A LOT.The one thing that has always irritated me about this hairstyle is those little tendrils of hair in the back that don’t make it into my up do.Hairspray and gel didn’t really work, hairspray made the hairs crunchy and eventually chunks of back hair ended up sticking straight out like I got electrocuted, but only in the back. Gel made my hair too hard and I’d have to wash it out the same day.As an African American woman, I can’t be washing my hair every day like I’m a Barbie doll or something, so gel was most definitely not the solution.Both attempted solutions were very difficult to brush out and left my hair with flakes in it.😖I am addicted to reading about new beauty things on Buzzfeed and I found this stuff in one of their “articles” so I decided to take the plunge and give this a shot since it was super cheap.O.m.g it WORKS!I put my hair up and went out dancing the other night and despite all the whirling twirling and sweating, not one hair moved.Not one!I was even able to brush it out easily, there was no flaking AND the tendrils in the back still stayed up the next day.👀The only weird thing about this is that it feels exactly like lube.I was definitely on the fence about putting something that felt like it was for sexy times with my lady parts on my hair, but I’ll try almost anything once and I’m glad I did because this hair sauce is amazing.And who but me is putting this stuff on their hands anyway? I just do it because I have an uncontrollable need to feel and smell anything I’m putting in my hair or on my body. 🤷🏽‍♀️Normal people will not notice this at all I am sure.I included some pics that I took this morning when I put my hair up( forgot to do it after I went out dancing 🙄), I’m they hoping show how good it holds, I futzed around with the mirror trying to get a good pic, but I’m no expert!😬They are a lot longer after using this hair growth serum I got on Amazon so I was doubly surprised that the sauce held up so much hair!" — Queenofthehouse

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ten shades of the maybelline liquid lipstickreviewer wearing the lipstick in shade lover

14. A long-lasting, super-pigmented Maybelline matte liquid lipstick for a bold pout.

Promising review: "Love it! I love this lipstick and the color!It feels moisturizing on my lips, I can add chapstick and it doesn’t get all streaky and gummy and it lasts forever.I was looking for a nude-ish color that didn’t make my lips look like ashy versions of themselves and this is it!Definitely recommend.Included a picture because nude colors tend to look a bit different on chocolate girls, so I wanted to give ya a gander at what this color looks like on this chocolate gal. :-)" — Queenofthehouse

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A before image of a reviewer's brittle nails and an after image of them much heaithier

15. This cuticle and nail repair oil will soften your cuticles and strengthen your nails with daily use.

Promising review: "Yes - all the hype is true, and then some. Unbelievable product for two reasons:(1) Healthy eponychium (often mistakenly referred to as the cuticle - the ridge of skin around your nails.) Mine were ragged, and horribly over-grown. I didn't want to keep cutting them because it apparently just keeps them growing more and more. Mine were so unsightly I was embarrassed to ever have my hands show. I had a manicure in March and the technician was very kind, but dismayed at how much skin there was to trim. There was a huge pile of it! I don't have the time or money for regular trips to the salon to have them trimmed and trimming them was exacerbating the problem (from what I later learned.) I did a lot of research online on what to do. Several sources recommended CND Solar Oil used several times a day. I've been using it 7-14 times a week for three months and my hands don't even look like mine. The overgrown "hedges" around my nails have totally disappeared as has and peeling skin or hangnails. I had a manicure recently and there wasn't even anything for them to trim! I hardly recognize them! For this reason alone I would give it as many stars as possible I love showing off my hands!!(2) Nail strength. I didn't realize when I bought this that it would help strengthen my nails. I was totally surprised and could not be more thrilled. I've always kept my nails quite short because I am a no nonsense person and could not take the upkeep. Maybe once a year I'd splurge and get a gel manicure and grow them out a bit, but gel was the only way to get any length. My nails almost feel like toenails now. They just grow and don't break! I've started wearing nail polish for really the first time in my life and people think that I have gel!I have one bottle at work and one on my nightstand. I use it every morning at work and every night before bed. This will be a lifelong staple - I LOVE IT!" — MamaQuail

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Reviewer wearing and holding L'Oreal Paris Makeup True Match Lumi GlotionReviewer wearing L'Oreal Paris Makeup True Match Lumi Glotion

16. An illuminating moisturizer infused with glycerin and shea butter — this highlighting lotion offers an illuminating tint that'll give you a sun-kissed glow made to last all day long. Go get your shine on!

Promising review: "I am obsessed with the healthy, natural glow! I am completely in love with the Lumi Glotion from L'Oreal! I bought one at the beginning of the summer at Target in a slightly darker shade to enhance my gorgeous summer tan, but as we moved towards fall I wanted to get a more natural color. It is so completely lovely and radiant and makes your skin glow without looking greasy or shiny.It goes on smooth and easily, I usually just apply it with my fingertips but I have also used a makeup sponge.For the price, you honestly cannot get a more natural, healthy and radiant glow. I literally haven't used any of my higher end or higher dollar products since buying this, it's my go-to foundation." — Jamie Lynn

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reviewer wearing caramel concealerreviewer wearing golden concealer

17. A Maybelline concealer that'll help you create a flawless canvas for all the bold looks you've been dying to experiment with. And you can say buh-bye to dark circles.

Promising review: "Best Concealer I've Used Best under eye concealer ever. I am 67 years old, have tried them all and I wouldn't go out without applying this concealer. It blends nicely with my foundation and has never caked. The sponge applicator is soft and makes application quick and easy. I will continue to use this product and hope, like many products I've used over the years, that it doesn't get discontinued." — Morty

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Available in 18 colors.

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reviewer wearing golden ombre eyeshadow and black eyeliner at 8:30 AMthe same reviewer at 6:30 PM with eyeshadow and eyeliner still in place

18. A skin-evening eyeshadow primer is perfect for those who want to improve their pink-to-orange ombré and cat-eye eyeliner. This clear, waterproof primer will keep your makeup in place, no matter what the day throws your way.

Promising review: "GREAT EYELINER AND EYEBROW PRIMER, NOT JUST FOR EYE SHADOW!!🖤 So I use this primer for my eyeliner AND eye brows. And it is a life changer!!! I work with jobs, and majority of the day I'm waitressing outside on the patio in the humidity, I needed something to keep my eyeliner in tact so I didn't look like a raccoon by the end of my shift. It literally kept my makeup looking like I just put it on allllll day no matter how bad I sweat in the heat!!! I used it only on my eyes first just to try and I was amazed. So the next day I tried it as a primer for my eyebrows too before I filled them in and it does the same for my eyebrows! I'm in love with this product. Hopefully my picture will prove it!!" — Molly

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Available in 5 colors.

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Model applying orange shimmer to eyelids Model applying silver shimmer to lips

19. A universal crayon you can use on your lips, cheeks, and eyes, which takes the thinking out of what makeup lewk to attempt. Congrats, you just saved yourself a heck of a lot of time!

Promising review: "Love it Love this! eyeshadow!! Goes on so smooth and looks amazing. It does start to crease and clump a little after about 10 or 12 hrs but I'm ok with that!!" — CrazyRN

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image of lower half of reviewer's face covered in red scars from shinglesimage of the same reviewer with no scars on their face

20. Reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks with this body oil full of natural oils. The skin-renewal formula will help get rid of acne scars, surgery scars, and so much more!

Promising review: "Bio-Oil is the BEST skin product on the market Bio-Oil is the BEST skin product on the market. I use it as a twice a day, morning and before i go to bed. Small lines have disappeared. My skin is very smooth and seems to glow. A doctor recommended this to one of my friends who told me about it. I have bought several bottles as gifts.. Be patient. It will take a few months for you to see notice the changes.Now I am using it on my arms and hands. I hope have the same result. I am 71 years old. No one paid me to write this." — Amazon Customer

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a perfect cat eyecat eye on a reviewer

21. A stamp eyeliner because the perfect cat-eye is possible without all that time-consuming trial and error. This smudge- and waterproof eyeliner will have you looking fierce all day long!

Promising review: "Absolutely in LOVE Okay, so I am as shakey as shakey gets when it comes to putting eyeliner on... But this is a miracle sent from above! It honestly is the most amazing eye makeup product I own atm. It is as easy as it sounds. Literally. I like that it is double ended as well! You have two pens, 1 for the left eye, and one for the right. The opposite end on both is just every day liquid liner pen. But honestly, it goes on soooo much smoother than any other liquid liner I've tried, or owned. I will use this every chance I get!! It also appears to be long lasting. I just came home, ripped open my box (yes a box for the eyeliner, just the eyeliner) and stamped away. Got it right on the first try!Mind you, the pictures I posted was literally right after I opened it. So it's not the best. But if I had taken my time and done my makeup it'd be a bit better lol." — .ˑheatherˑleighˑ.

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Available in 2 sizes, 0 s.

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Reviewer holding NYX eyelinerReviewer wearing NYX eyeliner

22. Nyx liquid eyeliner is waterproof and cruelty-free. Its ultra precise tip means you can get perfectly fluid and defined strokes. You can control how thick your lines are by changing how much pressure you put on the tip.

Promising review: "Dope... until the brush hairs bent Works like a charm. Kat Von D was my go to but won’t give her my money to spread anti-science rhetoric about vaccines. This NYX may work just as well if not better, and is less than half the price. Good job NYX.Update: after having this for sometime, the cap would catch part of the brush when I put it on and curl then outward... it made it extremely hard to apply the eyeliner with sporadic brush hairs sticking out in an opposite direction. Be very careful putting the cap on, it’s most likely my fault but it sucks." — Alex

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A model applying the balm to their inner thighModel applying it under their bra

23. A stick of anti-chafing balm is perfect for when you want to wear an easy-breezy mini dress but don't have time to scavenge for bike shorts. With this balm, you don't have to worry about your thighs rubbing together raw. Plus, it's made from breathable plant-based materials that won't clog your pores.

Promising review: "I’m a believer! I am a lifelong curvy lady whose thighs have rubbed together since the beginning of time, probably, so I’m no stranger to chafing. I heard about this product a long time ago, but for some reason I didn’t trust it - it wouldn’t work for me, somehow, and so I disregarded it. I wear cotton bike shorts under my dresses, and that helps a little, but there’s still bare parts of my skin that touch and I can’t wear them with denim shorts, rompers, etc.I continued to read good things, and as summer was fast approaching and we were set to have our first Very Hot weekend of the year, I ordered the smallest size and told myself I’d give it a shot. This morning I applied the balm to my inner thighs under a sundress and spent a day walking around in the heat and sunshine; it was hot, and I was sweating, but miraculously, my thighs felt fine!I applied the balm at around 11:30 am and as I write my review it’s almost 7:30 pm but my legs are going strong. Other parts of me have definitely reacted to being out and about but not my thighs - without this stuff, they would be pink and tender, but they feel soft and happy. I am absolutely impressed.Long story short, this stuff absolutely worked for me; I plan to buy a larger size when this smaller one runs out. Don’t be a doubter like I was!" — Gina

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Available in 5 styles.

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Reviewer's under-eye area before and after using L'Oreal concealer

24. A dual eye cream and concealer because no one has time to apply both. Made with hyaluronic acid, this magic formula will provide 24-hour hydration and help de-puff your eye area in about a week!

Promising review: "GREAT This is a great product. I have spent a fortune on concealers over the years and tried many different brands including IT, channel, lancomre, este lauder, clinic, and many drug store brands. This is priced very reasonably and works!. I am older so I have the additional problem of the product going into the creases as well as hiding dark circles and trying to match skin tones so you don't look like a raccoon. This is my new favorite. I would recommend you trying it." — jjs

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Reviewer image with greasy hair Reviewer image after using the dry shampoo, with much less greasy hair

25. This dry shampoo spray is scented with coconut, powder, lavender, and musk. It will instantly absorb oils and refresh your hair without water.

Promising review: "Miracle In A Bottle I got this for myself because as someone with chronic illness I can’t always wash my hair every day or every other day so if I have to go that third day I don’t want to look like a greasy person. This is a really great product and I was impressed after the first use. My only complaint is that the scent is really overpowering for someone with sensitivity issues.Now the MIRACLE is that today just for fun I tried it on my teen son’s hair. The poor kid has that hair that the day after you wash it it starts looking greasy and by the third day it is disgusting. So we sprayed this on his hair this morning, rubbed it in, brushed it, AND IT LOOKS NEWLY CLEANED!! Seriously! He and I just stood in the mirror with our mouths open looking at his hair. In fact, he’s talking to me now and all I can do is stare at this lovely head of hair of his.So yeah, this stuff is the real deal and I won’t doubt it again. If it can make a teen boy’s hair look fresh and clean then it can perform other miracles I’m sure. I don’t know whether to use it or worship it!" — MomOfHeathens

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reviewer's before photo of her natural edges and baby hairs after photo of the hair slicked back and laying down

26. A edge control gel that contains argan and castor oil can help to lay down flyaways and baby hairs that are more coarse and curly.

Promising review: "Holds all day!! Hand down! The best edge control I have ever used and I have used a lot of them. Stayed all day! No flakes and non greasy! And this one is not even the strongest on the line. Awesome I don’t have a perm in the pics above - all natural. Love this product!" — Seabea2013

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before and after images of a reviewer with a mighty patch on a pimple that then has pus drawn out of it

27. Hydrocolloid acne patches are great for when you feel a pimple coming on. Just wear one of these overnight and wake up to find that your acne gunk has been absorbed by the patch.

Promising review: "Adheres Much Better Than Nexcare. The most important thing to understand about hydrocolloid acne patches such as the Mighty Patch is that they are for use on mature acne blemishes that have "come to a head", so to speak. The patches are coated on one side with some mixture of pectin, carboxy-methylcellulose, and polymers that absorb fluid, plus an adhesive. Hydrocolloid pulls the fluid out of a wound, encasing it in a white gel. In the case of acne, the patches will pull the mixture of white cells, bacteria, dead skin, etc. that forms the white head of an infected pore. You have to wait until the pimple has come to the surface and you can see white. I recommend pricking the white head with a pin before applying the patch. I have experienced some patches that did not work because there were too many layers of skin over the infection. If you prick the white head, the goop inside will definitely have an escape route.The Mighty Patches come in a box of 36, which is three sheets of 12 patches. They are about 12mm in diameter. The patches are made of some type of plastic or rubber that is too thick and too slick to cover with makeup. You'll want to wear these overnight or around the house. Clean the area to remove oil, dirt, makeup, etc. that might interfere with the adhesive. Prick your whitehead. They apply the patch. Instructions recommend leaving it on for at least 6 hours. I find that 8-10 hours is good. If the blemish has flattened out when you remove the patch, you're probably done. If not, repeat the next evening. Hydrocolloid patches work well because they continue to pull the stuffings out of the blemish over a period of time. You could extract the white goop with a comedone extractor or fingernail. But, unless the infection is completely gone, the fluid will return. Continuing to pull the fluid out over time seems to solve this problem.I have used Nexcare Acne Covers, but I prefer the Mighty Patch brand. These 12mm patches are the same size as the large Nexcare patches. But you get 36 of them in a box, whereas a box of Nexcare Acne Covers contains 12 of the 12mm patches and 24 smaller 8mm patches. The small patches are useless and Nexcare's adhesive is poor, which exacerbates the problem. I've never been able to keep an 8mm patch on for even 5 minutes. Effectively, I paid for a box of 36 Nexcare patches and only got 12 patches. With Mighty Patch, all 36 patches are big enough and sticky enough to use, so I'm getting more for my money. Hydrocolloid patches are a must-have for anyone who gets inflamed, infected acne and Mighty Patch is designed well for the purpose. They are big enough to handle any blemish and the adhesive is strong enough to keep them on your face." —

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28. A face roller made with absorbent volcanic stone that soaks up excess oil, resulting in instant matte skin.

Promising review: "Oh my gawwwd First off, if you have extremely oily skin, this. is. it. I was so tired of getting blotting powder/wipes. It felt wasteful and always left residue on my face. I saw this on tiktok and NEEDED it. It was back ordered but then I got an email saying it was in stock and I was SO excited. Not only is it affordable, but it's washable which helps you save money and be less wasteful. The packaging wasn't over the top exciting, but it provided you all the info you needed. (It felt like the holy grail had been delivered to my front doorstep.) After my first use, I was in love. Now, it doesn't pickup everything but it does make it more matte and gives you a natural look. I am so excited this product exists and I already feel more confident." — Kelsey B.

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