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Posted: 2020-04-17

26 Quick-Fix Products For Anyone Who Is Bored With Their Kitchen

It's time to give your kitchen the TLC it deserves.

Before and after of reviewer's crusted stovetop looking shiny and clean thanks to the cleaner

1. You know those mystery stains on your ceramic cooktop? This nonscratch cooktop cleaning kit comes with everything you need to take your stove from always vaguely greasy to ~glowing~.

Promising review: "Amazing results.. your stove will look brand new!! I just moved into my new home and my stove top was clean but you could tell it had been used as you see in the pictures. I used the Weiman cleaner and it did nothing for the stuck on burnt food around each burner. Also the stainless steel part of my stove had splotches of discoloration as well as you can see in the photos. Some people I have read said they had a hard time getting the cleaner off. I had no issues at all. I didn’t use the razor that came with the kit because I didn’t want to scratch my stove up per the other reviews. I put drops of cleaner directly on the stains, working one section at a time, maybe a dime size at most, I used the scrubber to spread the cleaner around and really scrubbed in all directions back and forth for about 5 mins. You can actually see the cleaner turning from white to like a brown color from removing all the burnt gunk on the stove top. I then used a dry paper towel and wiped the cleaner off and I could see the difference immediately. Any spots that weren’t totally clean I went back over a second time and it came off. My advice is not to let the cleaner sit on the stain thinking it needs to soak in, if it drys it will be like taking wax off a car. The scrubber does the work for you. After cleaning the entire stove top I then used a wet sponge to clean any residue and the results are in the pictures. On a whim I decided to try the cleaner on the stainless portion of my stove as well because I could not get those stains off with any cleaner I tried. I removed the dial caps and put the cleaner directly on the scrubber pad and scrubbed the stainless steel back and forth in sections and wiped off with a paper towel as well. I was amazed it got all the stains off and it left the stainless steel shiny like it had been polished. I then used it on my stainless steel refrigerator and dishwasher. Everything in my kitchen now looks factory new. Buy this product today and you will not be disappointed. I’m actually telling all my family and friends that I will come to their house and clean their stove top for them because this product is that amazing!!!" — Roselyn Barrett

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Three-tiered hanging basket displayed in a kitchen holding three different types of fruit in each basket

2. Some hanging produce baskets can stylishly display fresh fruits and veggies while saving precious countertop space.

Promising review: "Exactly what I wanted Very sturdy, holds a lot of vegetables/fruit and I love the copper color! Exactly what I wanted. The bottom basket holds a whole 5lb bag of potatoes." — Elizabeth J Pleyte

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a stove with the shelf along the top and spices sitting on it

3. A magnetic stove shelf that is slim can hold all the oils and spices you need within reach and clear up counter space for other items.

Promising review: "Beware of Magnet Locations This is a good shelf but...After putting it in place, the oven controls would not operate properly. Since we didn't use the oven for the first several days after installation, we never realized the shelf had caused a problem. Even after the first baked casserole did not cook properly, we didn't make the connection. We chalked that up to my male culinary skills on a new recipe.A few days later, the wife, with better culinary skills, on a regular recipe informed me that the oven was malfunctioning. After some troubleshooting, we figured out that the magnets were messing with the electronic controls.To solve the problem, we moved the magnets to the outside edge of the range backsplash control unit. See arrows on photo.I find it hard to believe this issue hasn't popped up before, and appropriate warning given." — geo

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a reviewer photo of the outlet shelf installed with a digital clock screen sitting on top

4. An outlet shelf that you can use to charge your phone or keep a speaker plugged in without taking up counter space or worrying about your devices getting wet and dirty from cooking.

Promising review: "Wish it worked Ah nuts I won’t be able to use this where I had intended. Make sure to look at your outlet before ordering. However this is a cool gadget so I’ll probably keep it and look for another place I could use it." — FamilyFirst

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Reviewer photo of their dirty oven interior with lots of baked-on food bits The same reviewer's oven showing the now clean interior

5. A fume-free oven cleaner to make your oven look like new by cutting through tough, baked-on grease and stubborn stains without making your home smell like a vat of chemicals.

Promising review: "(Easy Off + Nasty Oven) + (Beer + John Mayer) = Grease Smackdown! I'm a little embarrassed to write this review; it's been ~6 years since my last oven cleaning... After seeing the results, I couldn't help but spread the word.Sure, it took some beer, a little John Mayer, and a lot of elbo grease, but I got the job done, thanks to this handy little product.It did require two treatments; however, given the circumstances, this product accomplished quite a feat in just an hour. The attached pictures speak for themselves." — William Fredericks

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a reviewer photo of the different sized containers filled with dry goods on a shelf

6. Organize your pantry with this 15-piece set of airtight dry food containers to keep your food fresher for longer. You've let one too many boxes of cereal go stale — it's time to break the cycle.

Promising review: "I should have read the description better. Not what I expected I envisioned the more rigid, clear plastic when I placed my order & was thrilled with the cheap price. When it arrived, I realized it is the more pliable, somewhat opaque plastic (similar to Tupperware). I had also envisioned larger containers, but they were half the size I had thought they were. I did not unpack it, but it looked like the lids would be airtight. It is probably a quality product, it just wasn't what I was wanting. I returned it." — SWOklahoma

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a reviewer photo of three rows of six round spice jars mounted on a wall

7. A set of magnetic spice jars with stick-on labels is a great way to save storage space and organize your refrigerator.

Promising review: "Work great, holds a significant amount of a spice in each one We bought two sets and they work great. We used them with this label set: We were surprised at how much each canister holds. They hold more than most upright spice jars." — Micheal and Samantha

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a reviewer photo of an open fridge organized with the clean bins

8. A set of grocery organizers that will take your fridge situation from being overwhelming to being organized in a flash. No more tumbling condiment bottles with these around.

Promising review: "Diary of an organizational freak In my never ending quest to outdo myself with organization I purchased this set and boy oh boy am I happy I did! My husband can laugh at me all he wants at my "a place for everything and everything in it's place" but even he admits being able to group like items together with these containers makes it easier for him to find what he's looking for when he opens the fridge. I use only clear containers and these are sturdy and well made, easy to clean and a welcome addition to my kitchen." — goodsoutherngirl

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a reviewer photo of an olive oil dispenser with two spouts and an inner chamber shaped like grapes filled with balsamic vinegara reviewer photo of an olive oil dispenser with two spouts and an internal chamber for balsamic vinegar

9. Do you hate the way plastic oil bottles from the grocery store look on your countertops? This glass oil and vinegar bottle is a sleek storage solution that has a chamber for balsamic vinegar, too. Plus, it's a great conversation starter.

Promising review: "Fun piece for dinner parties I could not love this more!I bought something similar as a gift while in Italy and have been on the look out for one for myself ever since. Arrived packaged very well, and intact (I always worry about that ordering glass pieces). Just as cute as it is pictured. I use mine for oil and vinegar, it makes for a great table piece when serving appetizers.I don' think the corks are actual cork material, more of a pliable plastic looking cork, which I think will last longer than actual cork. I have had this piece a few months now and I adore it, I have it out on my counter all the time. The glass isn't super thin, which gives it more of a durable feel when using.I have it saved on my wish list as an idea for future gifts for friends, a fun, affordable, unique gift." — Sandra Roelke

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reviewer before-and-after photo showing their stainless steel sink looking brand new after using stainless steel cleaner

10. A stainless steel cleaner that is plant-based and will get rid of (and prevent) the streaks, smudges, and grubby fingerprints that are keeping your appliances from living up to the stainless in stainless steel.

Promising review: "Great product! Works very well. A little bit goes a long way. The picture is worth a 1000 words." — Shades49

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Reviewer image of black knives stored upside down in a clear case

11. This 17-piece stainless-steel knife set comes in a sleek acrylic display case. It includes a sharpener, peeler, and kitchen scissors, and can handle all your chopping, slicing, and dicing needs.

Promising review: "Fantastic Stainless Steel Black Knife Set with Clear Block! First of all, I didn't realize that I was ordering "2" with my one order, especially for the excellent price point. I had originally bought this for my son's college apartment. I am SO glad that it was a set of "2"!! So far I am loving them. I have been wanting to replace my old set of knives and have been putting it off. I am very pleased with this knife set. The clear display block and the way it is displayed gives an elegance to the set." — Deb

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a reviewer photo of the paper towel holder mounted horizontally under a cabinet a reviewer photo of the paper towel holder mounted vertically on the side of a cabinet

12. A self-adhesive paper towel roll holder because you want easy access to your paper towels without sacrificing any more precious counter space. Now you can have it all with tool-free installation to boot.

Promising review: "Super easy install and it stays on firmly! My wife asked me to order this paper towel holder and it is amazing. We decided to attach the holder on the bottom of our kitchen cabinet and it was such an easy install that it took about 3 mins. We decided to just use the adhesive tape and it works perfectly fine. Love this product and it's a great addition to our new home!" — Jeff

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a reviewer photo of the open trash can showing the main compartment, compost bin and bottom drawer for recyclables

13. A 3-in-1 trash can that doesn't just hold trash but has a spot for compost and recycling, too, while maintaining a sleek low-profile.

Promising review: "Super Great Product! I have used the Joseph Joseph intelligent been for 10 weeks now and I am thrilled with it. It is so easy to manipulate. I love that I can have recycling and garbage in the same bin but separate. It is atttractive but unobtrusive. I could not be happier. It’s been a while since I’ve had so much satisfaction from a basic kitchen item. This is such a well done product! Highly recommend it." — Camagal

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Reviewer's picture of the rolled-out drying rack on their sinkSame reviewer's picture of the rolled-up drying rack to save space

14. A multipurpose drying rack that can be rolled up, so you can dry your dishes without losing any counter space. It can also be used as a prep board, flat colander, and trivet.

Promising review: "Great Concept-Poorly made Used the rack for less than a week and part of the plastic split apart and revealed a rusty metal bar. The concept of a rack that rolls up and sits on top of the sink is great, but it's not made to withstand long term use apparently." — Amazon Customer

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a reviewer photo of faded wood on the left, and the same patch of wooden looking darker and shinier

15. This wood polish will revive tired cabinets, floors, and furniture with a mix of carnauba wax and beeswax. The wax will protect the wood while hiding dings and scratches.

Promising review: "Saved the Day! I ordered this with a little bit of excitement and a whole lot of skepticism. The beautiful wood on our cabinets below our kitchen sink was showing a lot of wear and looked really off compared to the rest of the kitchen. I’d finally had enough and was planning on looking into what would be a costly update this summer, but along came this bottle of magic. Instantly my cabinets were transformed. Will it last? Who knows? I don’t care, I’ll keep buying bottles of this rather than professionally fixing the cabinets which would probably eventually wear down again anyways. I will say it doesn’t work on everything. I tried it on a table to no avail, but since it worked for the item I bought it for I’m giving it 5 stars. If you’re on the fence it’s definitely worth a try, may not work on everything but better to find this inexpensive little bottle works than pay much more to fix or replace something." — Stephen Stonebraker

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Someone using the pen which has a precision tipReviewer's photo which shows half their tiled floor with dirty grout and half with fresh white grout after using the pen

16. A grout paint pen that dries quickly can help you cover up years of dingy staining in your tile cracks without spending a lot of time scrubbing. It's like an adult coloring book - fill in the lines and enjoy your ~artistic~ sensibilities.

Promising review: "Easy to use! I read the reviews on this product and none stated how well the application or the outcome was. SO here is my review from start to finish. Received the pen in normal fast Amazon shipping time (3 days). Unpackaged to find no leaks or any mess that has been reported. Read the simple instructions and got to it. My project was bath tub tile walls that were grouted by a less than professional. Seemingly they TRIED to use the same color grout..... So I needed a solution. The current grout was a mix of white, something close to white and terra cota. I was hoping this would cover the terra cota and it did (more on this in a bit) I got the paint flowing to the tip, this took a few pumps but it started. I started the application process and it was easy! The little bit that flowed over onto the tile was easily wiped away with a damp cloth. The paint adheres well to the grout. The darker colored terra cota was able to be covered albeit in two coats (this was about less than a 1/4 of the job) This large size pen was able to tackle the entire job even with double coats of the aforementioned. But it was just enough as I has to stretch it out a bit to finalize some of the edges.IMO the results were great for what this product is and saved me $$$$ in not having to re-grout / re-tile the bath tub walls.Now for the other stuff: Drips... this product drips ONLY if you over pump the tip for the paint to flow. Like a paint brush the tip can only handle so much paint at a time. Clean up was SIMPLE. Damp cloth on the tile and even on the tub wiped away with 0 problem.Project is not yet done: I will be sealing the tile and grout. If the paint reacts with the sealer I will post an edit. Otherwise if you do not plan to seal GET THIS PRODUCT!" — Amazon Customer

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a reviewer photo of the magnetic knife bar mounted on a tile backsplash

17. A magnetic knife strip is a great way to organize your cooking tools and clear out some drawer space. It also makes your kitchen look like a 5-star restaurant!

Promising review: "Clearing my counters Love it. I mounted it on the under side of my cabinet and the knife bar and knives are out of view." — SG

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The organizer holding a sponge, dish soap, and hand soap

18. A flexible kitchen sink tray is perfect if you're sick of having to tidy up around the sink before starting to do the dishes. This silicone tray keeps wet sponges from sitting on the counter and is made of easy-to-clean silicone so you don't have to worry about icky mold and mildew.

Promising review: "Like it even better than I thought I would! Was exactly what I needed! I got tired of having to constantly move the soaps to wipe underneath them to avoid having standing water on my counters. This keeps my counters dry, stops the soap dispensers from sliding & is easy to clean!" — Christina

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a reviewer photo of the bamboo tiered corner shelves sitting on a kitchen counter with canisters and mugs on it

19. Some three-tier corner shelves with utensil hooks so you can make your counter space work a litter harder for you by adding extra surface area to organize small appliances, display-worthy mugs, and spices.

Promising review: "Cleaned up a cluttered counter. This was easy to assemble and had very clear instructions. We have a small counter and I have been searching for something to extend it. When I found this I was very excited. Now my husband can have some space to get ready in the morning!" — K Crawford

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a reviewer photo of the black kitchen cart with a wooden top a reviewer photo of the stowed cart folded up

20. A rolling kitchen island cart with a butcher block top because it's got ample room for food prep and spare kitchen gadgets (hello, air fryer), but can also be folded up and tucked away when it's no longer needed.

Promising review: "Great useful cart My wife and I live full time in our RV. Due to limited counter space we were looking for something to use as a food prep area like a small chef island. This fit the need perfectly. The height is very comfortable to work on, the work top size is adequate. The shelves are handy for storing food processors and blenders when not in use. We also like the way it conveniently folds up for storage during travel. It is very well built and very sturdy. I would highly recommend it for anyone with a small kitchen needing additional work space. Great for RVs, apartments etc." — M. Caron

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A sponge resting in the dispenser caddy that's filled with dish soap

21. Or a soap-dispensing sponge caddy that can hold both your dish soap and sponge if you're tired of them having to compete for limited by-the-sink space.

Promising review: "Awesome soap dispenser! So happy with this soap dispenser! So easy to use and it hilds a lot of soap! Lol" — Jen Smith

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Reviewer with plastic wrap, tinfoil, and similar boxes inside organizer Different reviewer using organizer for five cutting boards

22. A cabinet door organizer is the perfect way to store cutting boards, keeping them organized, on hand, and out of sight.

Promising review: "Versatile - Great for cutting boards Fastened it to the side of our cupboards above a counter to store large cutting boards. Fits perfectly and sturdy." — tao_observer

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a reviewer photo of a recessed light labeled

23. An adjustable recessed light converter kit so you can install pendant lamps.

Promising review: "Great Product - But be patient! I bought this to convert a stair well can light to install a hanging globe. The instructions were excellent and all the parts needed for a safe, sturdy conversion were included in the kit.I have to say that, at no fault of this product, the step to screw in the support through the can light sheet metal is brutal. It literally took as long to get the 2 screws into the metal can as it did for me to drill through granite on an earlier project - no hyperbole or exaggeration. I actually used a metal punching awl to dent the metal in my can light enough to get the screw to grab the metal at all. before doing that, the screw simply spun on the metal surface. Perhaps my cans are using particularly dense sheet metal, but this effort - especially over your head on a scaffolding - is not a quick drilling of a screw, so be patient!Aside from, or perhaps because of the above, I think this is plenty sturdy to use in lieu of a traditional full metal junction box replacement for just about any light fixture lighter than a ceiling fan. The included plastic ring helps cover any drywall blemish at the edge of a 6-inch can to make the installation more professional looking. I kept that ring white, but it looks like it would be easily painted to match whatever you were trying to complete in the job.I would buy this again to convert other can lights, but will be prepared to drill a small pilot hole first!" — Lee

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a reviewer photo of a gray kitchen countertop labeled a reviewer photo of the same countertop covered in the marble adhesive paper labeled

24. A peel-and-stick faux marble adhesive paper for giving your countertops an expensive-looking update on the cheap that doesn't just look great, but is stain- and water-resistant too.

Promising review: "So awesome!!! Installation tips here! :) I purchased this for the sit to stand desk that I recently got to dress it up a bit and couldn't be happier with how it turned out!The contact paper is thick and great quality. It does not easily tear and easy to install! Adhesion is amazing! Easy peel yet, would stick again with no problem! Glossy finish and seemless look!INSTALLATION TIPS:PLAN BEFORE YOU STICK. Cut your materials and lay it how you want it first and give enough room for edges.CLEAN YOUR AREA. Wipe with a cleaner or whatever you wanna use but wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth so you don't have small particles laying around as this will leave bubbles.START IN THE BACK! So you can get a feel for how to install it. How you want your corners folded etc.STAY CALM & BE PATIENT. Things can get overwhelming easily specially if youre working on a bigger space. Keep things neat and apply small sections only to avoid wrinkles or bubbles.ROLL IT! Roll the piece that you're going to use the other way so you'll have better control while applying. Roll carefully so you dont create creases and folds. This will appear on your desk and hard to smooth out.PEEL IT. Peel small sections only! I peel abt 2 inches at a time. I carefully apply the adhesive part on the corner of my desk allowing extra inchb to be folded underneath.WIPE IT. Use microfiber cloth to wipe as you apply. Wipe with pressure but carefully. I wipe as I go meaning I've got pressure on my left hand while wiping on up and down motion to smooth out any bubbles while peeling the back paper with my right hand.ROLL IT AGAIN. Roll back paper (the one on your right hand) as you go so you have less clutter.CUT IT. Cut a small piece to patch the corners of your desk. This will conceal all the folds you have there.See pics for visuals. Hope this helps! :)" — NotSoChillMom

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a reviewer photo of the point where the stove meets the countertop with a red arrow pointing at the gap and text reading a reviewer of the same stove with a gap filler installed and text reading

25. If you're the type of person who can't stand the sight of crumbs on your stovetop, these stove gap fillers are for you. Made of silicone, they fit snugly in the space between your stove and counter, trapping existing crumbs and preventing new ones from falling through. So go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief—your days of worrying about crumbs in your kitchen are officially over.

Promising review: "THESE THINGS ARE AWESOME!!! I ordered these silicone gap covers to keep debris from falling in between our kitchen appliances and the counters. The thing that sold me was when I read a review on here that stated that they were able to use it for the gap between the stove and fridge. I have the same setup in my apartment. Countertop on one side of the stove and fridge on the other. The silicone sticks very well to the fridge, stove and counter. It doesn’t move around very easily, which is a good thing. Just make sure you place it with the wider side of the strip towards the counter as shown in the picture." — Kevin B.

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Available in 3 sizes, 3 colors.

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a reviewer photo of shelves with lights installed underneath over a coffee bar a reviewer photo of the light

26. A stick-anywhere motion sensor light bar for getting that custom, under-cabinet lighting. No awkward interactions with an electrician needed.

Promising review: "Useful kit Super easy to install and it works as expected. There are 3 lights in this set. I only use 1 and the other 2 are for backup and replace the current one when it charges. There isn't any adapter included but you can use any usb adapter to charge this thing. It is super useful for my situation because i don't use this closet enough to actually drill holes and run the electrical cable through the wall. This will work for me for a long time. Great kit!" —

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