Posted: 2022-04-21

25 Products For Anyone Who Plans To Head To The Beach Or Park A Lot This Summer

Packing and transporting everything will be so much easier when you have a foldable utility wagon to carry it all.

the printed picnic basketreviewer image of the blue printed picnic basket on the beach

1. An insulated picnic basket perfect for when you plan to enjoy a meal (or two) while you're there. This basket can not only hold a good amount of food (up to 65 pounds), but it also keeps everything cold so you don't have to eat warm fruit (blehh 🤢).

Promising review: "Good basket! I purchased this basket with the matching blanket and we are very happy: large, and keeps the drinks cold and sandwiches fresh. Happy with our purchase!" — Advertising I.

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Available in 8 colors.

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the drawstring backpack locked to a fence

2. A lockable drawstring backpack that is secure and can be worn while moving is perfect for keeping valuables safe. This backpack is made with slash-resistant fabric and handles, as well as a secure padlock, so you can rest easy knowing your belongings are secure.

Promising review: "with a scissors I arrived very excited because for a long time I saw the loctote products, I came to my house to do a test with a few simple scissors and what is my surprise, I could open it without any effort, it is exactly like a mochia and it breaks with the same ease. The videos show how they try to make a hole with a knife, but if you lever with something sharp, you will be able to break it easily" — Luis Flores

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Available in 2 sizes, 4 colors.

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Reviewer with the towel around their neck reviewer's dog with a towel draped over it as it lays outside

3. A cooling towel is a towel that you soak in cold water and then wring out. You can place it around your neck (or on top of your dog) to keep yourself (or your dog) cool. Once the towel starts to get warm, you can simply run it under water again and wring it out to keep yourself (or your dog) cool.

Promising review: "Consider skin test! Terrible rash!! My husband really enjoyed this towel until it broke him out terribly! I don’t know if we did something wrong by putting it directly on the skin but he is terribly uncomfortable right now. I feel terrible because this was a gift. There is no question it was the towel that broke him out. You can see by the photos the rash is exactly and only where he was wearing it. Consider doing a skin test maybe? Definitely consider that this may happen to you. I see we are not the only folks who experienced this same skin reaction." — Danielle Morrison

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reviewer image of the cooler backpack on grass with assorted food and drinks around itreviewer showing the inside of the cooler at the beach filled with water bottles

4. Or a smaller option made to carry up to 25 cans. It's leak-proof and has a thin outside pocket to hold any utensils or other small items you might need. And it's super easy to carry when you decide to move to higher ground after the tide starts to come in.

Promising review: "If you’re hesitant on purchasing, BUY IT! We LOVE this cooler bag. My fiancé was so impressed with its quality and size! It’s huge inside, it stored a huge pack of beer, wine bottles, and we had so much room for more. We joked we would need this for a zombie apocalypse. The quality of the bag is amazing as well and will hold up with years of use. The inside is water proof, perfect for spills or accidents, and it came with a bottle opener keychain which was such a handy touch. If anyone needs an insulated cooler bag, BUY THIS! You won’t regret! It even came early, perfect for our 4th of July party!" — Katy Jacobs

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reviewer image of a child holding the round snack containergif of reviewer pushing the center button of the snack container, showing how the lid moves to always have one space open

5. This is a spinning snack container that is perfect for anyone who has picky snackers in their home. This container lets you bring multiple snacks with you on the go, while only using one single container. Then your toddler can press the middle button until it opens on the snack they currently want.

Promising review: "Best snack dispenser on the market Seriously the best, most ingenious snack dispenser ever. It’s so simple and powerful. My girls love the power of choice, and pushing the button to make it spin! We actually got an extra to have when we play with our little best friend to avoid jealousy. I also love that it makes introducing new foods so easy. I just put a small portion in one section and they have the complete choice to try it or pass it. This snack spinner is so fun that they often surprise me with what they choose to eat first! Makes snacks on the go so simple, and pair it with a little sandwich and we have lunch, too! I can choose to offer variety or all sections full of the same thing, depending on the day! I feel empowered as a parent with this tool. Thank you GoBe! You guys are freaking geniuses." — Colton Bragg

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reviewer photo of a beach table in the sand with a sunset in the background

6. A folding table is great for the beach or park because it provides a clean, flat surface for your food. No more sand or dirt in your food! This will elevate your beach or park experience so much you may ask yourself why it took so long for you to purchase one.

Promising review: "Great for camping Ive used this little table on three separate occasions now. Once on an overnight kayak trip, camping in the woods for a week, and making dinner on a fishing trip.I originally bought it for the fifth edition of an overnight camping trip. Pulling off on the side of the river and setting up for the night, after four years of cooking on the ground, time for a table. This table packs up small enough to fit in my kayak, granted it's a predator, which holds a lot. It was sturdy enough to use a 12" inch lodge cast iron over a tiny little backpacking stove, against the advice of everyone watching, but it worked great. I didn't dump the whole thing over, much to the surprise of everyone that told me not to do what I was doing. So the table was a success on the overnight kayak trip. I was sold on its performance after one use, but reviews aren't based on one use!So the next time I used it, well actually I used it in my garage making amsteel loops for hammock camping, but that's a different story. Anyways I used it for a week camping in the woods. Great to have a table next to my chair for a week to set beverages, sour patch kids and whatever else needs a table under it. I was already sold on it, and I'm pretty sure more of these will be showing up on camping adventures in my friends' cars after this trip.The last time I used it was just a few days prior to writing this. I was out fishing searching around for new streams, it was late in the day and I was ready for dinner. Unfolded this bad boy, cooked up some chow on this thing, ate it, folded it up and was off. Super quick to set up, super quick to take down. Easy peasy.So that is my experience with it so far.The pros: packableLightweightSturdy-ishMedium is the perfect height for a camp chairStickers will stick to the surface. Hooray!Cons: it would in no way shape or form stand up to a drunk guy mistaking it for a seat, or falling onto it. This is where sturdy ish comes into play. I am hard on gear. Like destroying steel belted coolers in a few years hard. This table will take a little bit of a beating, but not a lot. But that's not what it was designed for. If you want that, get a real table, or dont fall on it drunk...I usually wait a long time to write a review. But I feel confident in giving this table five stars after only a few uses. It's a champ, and well worth the money. It's a total camping game changer, I dont know how I made it this far without one.If you're on the fence, it's worth it, do it.Edit: sixth round of the kayak camping trip, there were more of these tables this year.Edit 2: June 23th 2019. Had my table a little over a year, use it a ton, still love it.Edit 3: August 25th 2020. Still kicking. Still havent broken it yet.Edit 4: October 17 2021. This table lives in my truck now so I always have it with me. I may or may not have been referring to myself as the drunk guy who falls on things, and no I haven’t fallen on it and smashed it. It’s still kicking just as well as day one." — John B.

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Reviewer's photo of their dog laying on top of a red mat

7. Or a pressure-activated Coleman cooling pad your pup can relax on while outside, but you should keep it in the shade. You can also keep it at home for your pup to relax on when you get back. It's designed to keep them 5 to 10 degrees cooler and requires no refrigeration. How ~cool~ is that?!?

Promising review: "4 paws up from my cats My cats and I love it! I was able to leave home knowing they have a cooling area they can use. With no AC in my house, the heat this summer was unbearable. I like that it cools to the touch and no freezing is necessary. So far no rips on it and haven't seen any other damage from the cats.At first my cats were apprehensive but quickly learned how "cool" this is...heheOnly problem is that they don't like to share it." — OnesieCat

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Available in 7 colors.

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The repellentthe blue mosquito-repelling tower on a table outside

8. If you're sick of mosquitoes ruining your outdoor experiences, this 15-foot mosquito repellent is for you. You won't have to worry about getting bitten while you enjoy your time outside.

Promising review: "Christmas Miracle Anything that stops vampires is ten stars for me & this stops them.It doesn't smell. It doesn't make noise. It doesn't get hot.It just clears the mosquitos & only mosquitos.Comes with easy to set up instructions. Just a couple tips to offer.First, the butane cartridge doesn't click. Just kind of stays in after you push it.The base twists to turn on & off but you have to click to the start position to activate yet, the Start position is spring loaded so it bounces back to On. I thought it was broken, nope that's how it works.Second, you know it's On bc a light illuminates.It's not so much a light as an orange pinprick you have to look through window to see.You may want to know how you'll know when to change the pad, Trust Me~ You'll Know, but the pad turns from blue to white if you want to keep an eye on it..has about a 4 hour life per pad & you get 3.I am the person a mosquito will find from miles away even in my house. The only one they find in a room of people.I live in a tropical climate & never have a moment's peace in my garden.I've used sprays, foggers, candles, torches...the list goes on.This is the first time I've been able to sit on my patio in peace, even the cat was safe.Already ordered another for a friend & put the refills on Subscribe & Save." —

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reviewer lying face down on the blue lounge chair with their arms through the holes, reading a bookreviewer showing the face whole and how you can use you phone under it

9. A chaise lounge chair is worth the splurge because it is designed for comfort while lying on your stomach. You no longer have to awkwardly prop yourself up on your elbows to read your book or scroll through TikTok. Just stick your face and arms through the holes, and you'll be able to enjoy your activities with no problem.

Promising review: "Great Chair. No Problems. Highly Recommend. Used this chair about 10 times now to lay outside and have had zero problems. I was a little nervous to buy it since the negative reviews complained of parts not opening completely or the fabric tearing, but the price was awesome so I decided to risk it and am very glad I did! I've had no problems whatsoever with this chair. When I take it outside, I first open the chair legs completely, then open the foot section followed by the head section. When closing, I go in the opposite order, being careful not to pinch the metal rings that hold the strap as I close the legs. The fabric is double-stitched and strong. I bring it back inside after using it so that the harsh sun doesn't damage the fabric by making it brittle. The height when facing down is high enough to read a book comfortably, but I've only used it on a hard surface and can't comment on how much it might sink in beach sand. I really can't find anything negative about this chair. Works great, it's sturdy, comfortable, and great price. Highly recommend. Would buy again." — Online Customer

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reviewers standing around the round slammo game, hitting a ball

10. A Slammo game set for anyone who gets bored just sitting and relaxing in a chair and prefers some activities to make it through the day. The game is similar to volleyball but can get anyone involved. But be careful because the competition could get a little fierce once everyone gets into the game.

Promising review: "Great game. Be careful of summer heat! Will not endure. - Amazing Service Don't get me wrong. I love this game and it has become a favorite lawn-game with family and friends. However, it is susceptible to summer conditions! We packed this guy up in the car to bring to the beach and when we took it out, the plastic had melted and the frame warped into a warbly oval shape, rendering the whole thing useless. Its a shame that these things happen. We have a family reunion coming up and it would have been awesome to show our extended family this awesome game.EDIT: Changed to 5-Stars. With wonderful and understanding service, I have been shipped a new Slammo set within 1 day of issuing my complaint. You don't see that everywhere so thank you GoSports!" — Michael Neaton

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reviewer using the umbrella at the parkreviewer using the orange umbrella at the beach

11. And a canopy umbrella you can use with the chairs to complete your set-up. This umbrella is designed with side panels that come with ground stakes and tie-down cords, so you can keep it firmly in the ground, even on a windy day. You'll have a whole little oasis to escape the sun (and wind, and even rain!). Plus, it has little windows, so you can still let some natural light in.

Promising review: "~*~*~*SPORTBRELLA LIFE!!!!!!*~*~*~ ~*~*~*SPORTBRELLA LIFE!!!!!!*~*~*~...Is a TATTOO I would TOTALLY consider getting, if I was someone with a few more tats and could afford to break it up with a funnier tat here and there. THAT BEING SAID, the Sportbrella is a WAY OF LIFE. I swear, I have spent years dealing with rickety, garbage umbrellas, watching my own father struggle to keep a standard beach umbrella properly anchored in the ground, and he is a strong and tall guy!!! But everything changed the day, last year on the sands of Jacob Riis Beach in Queens, when I saw my dude Dave's set up. He was rockin the SPORTBRELLA XL and I was like, "dude, is that a tent? or an umbrella? or what the hell is going on here?? You got GREAT SHADE, VENTILATION, and MAXIMUM STABILITY!!! This is a miracle!!!!"I went home THAT DAY and bought my own! (Not XL though bc I'm not as tall as Dave so the regular size seemed fine for me.) Well let me tell you something, among friends and family, I am now KNOWN for my Sportbrella!! I beach with that baby nearly every weekend in New York and then I bring her down to the Delaware shore for our yearly family trip to Bethany Beach (s/o Bethany Beach, love that place man!!)Anyone here complaining about the wind and the Sportbrella not being anchored enough is just someone who needs to learn some basics about setting up an umbrella on the beach. Dude, you lick you finger and hold it up, there's your wind report. And for stakes, you TILT the stakes IN when you push them down to create resistance, come on man.The Sportbrella REGS edition is legit and can comfortably fit 3 adults underneath. That being said I love the XL too! Great if you have a bigger group or lots stuff you also want in the shade.My ONLY complaint is that they haven't made any sick patterns yet. Come on Sportbrella, give the people what they want!! Tie dye, Real Tree, regs camo, Hawaiian print, I don't know the possibilities are endless and a lot of the time I am at the beach I like to lie under my Sportbrella and dream about all the cool patterns it could have.<3 <3 <3 SPORTBRELLA 4 EVER" — Daphne I. Gardner

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reviewer holding the small speaker in pinkreviewer holding the cameo speaker

12. A JBL portable speaker that's both waterproof *and* dust-proof but still packs a punch when it comes to dropping beats. You can clip this on to a chair, backpack, or even a bike and listen to some jams without disrupting everyone in the near vicinity.

Promising review: "My new favorite sub-portable Update for battery life:I have not used it for more than 3-4 hours at a time so I can’t say anything about the 10 hour claimed battery life. What I can say it has lasted several 6-8 hour combined uses and the power light was still solid so it’s possible to last longer before charging. I also have only had the volume at 50% while listening.I own 2 Altec Lansing H2O ( for stereo sound), Clarion (FM, TF Card) and ION Clip. Even with the Clarion at 8W and stereo Altec Lansing, the JBL knocks rings around both in sound clarity, bass and volume. The ION Clip is more compact but definitely is no match for the JBL 4.The clip can double as a handle and the raised controls are easy to use. Pairing with my iPhone XR was quick and smooth and auto connects easily to my phone when powered on. I played a movie and there was no lag with the voices.The price could be at least $10 less but using an Amazon gift card reduced the cost. I purchased the black because the gray that I really wanted was $10 more. I decided to also purchase a silicone cover that has built-in “feet” that acts as a stand (see photo).Since I just received the speaker, I can’t review the battery life yet. If I can, i will edit the review.As for Bluetooth distance, it is better than expected. I tested it from 2 rooms away with several walls blocking the connection (approximately 60 feet away) and there was no hesitation with the connection. The music played smoothly.So far, I am happy the JBL 4 and hope the battery life will be equally as impressive.This will be my new travel and beach speaker for sure." — Godfadda

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reviewer showing the blue wagon filled with assorted chairs and things needed to bring to the beachreviewer showing how the wagon folds up small to fit in the trunk of a car

13. A utility wagon that can hold everything you need and folds up flat to fit in the trunk of your car. The wheels can handle most terrains, including sand and dirt.

Promising review: "Love this wagon Love this wagon. We have a rescued pitbull. He had been through many hurtful events . He struggles to walk long distance with the rest of our pack. He loves his wagon, and thinks while in his wagon he gets excited to be able to keep up with his brothers. Our pitbull is a therapy dog we take in his wagon." — Scott Spence

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reviewer holding the case with their phone in it next to the water

14. A waterproof pouch will keep your phone safe whenever you're near water. Plus, you can still use the touchscreen with it, which means you can take as many underwater pictures as you desire.

Promising review: "Waterproof for OVER A MONTH I lost my phone in the ocean over a month ago. A big wave knocked it from my grip and I thought it was lost forever. A diver found it in perfect condition, in 8 feet of water and a foot under the sand. Once it charged up, it was like nothing happened. If that doesn't convince you to buy this, I don't know what will! Highly recommend 👌" — Rachael

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Sportbrella attached to a beach chairreviewer using the umbrella clipped to a chair

15. Or a swiveling UPF 50 plus protection umbrella that has an adjustable clamp you can attach to a chair (or wagon) for a quick way to get some shade when there's not a cloud in the sky. Reviewers also say this is great to clip on a stroller to keep their baby in the shade at all times.

Promising review: "INDEED, A PRODUCT OF EXCELLENCE! The "SPORT-BRELLA VERSA-BRELLA 4-WAY SWIVELING SUN SPORT-BRELLA" are the top of the line, baby! ;-DSeriously, I'm elated to see a product which has EXCELLENT craftmanship. I ordered one (then, after fully inspecting it and putting it to the rigors of high winds AND hot sun and rain)...I re-ordered THREE more to gift to family & friends!You'll also love the way it adjust and the rich vibrant color seem like it has " lasting" power. The special shape of the "brella" separates it from all the "wanna-bees" on the market. This is a cleverly designed umbrella...the creator/designer must be very proud of him or herself.This one's a WINNER!This is my personal testimony of how much I like these "particular" umbrellas. By the way, they come in MORE beautiful colors, as well. It FOLDS down nicely and slides in the carrying tote very easily. It is very easy to mount it to anything that fit the adjustable slot. DON'T WORRY MOST CHAIRS, ETC. will fit it. The inventor took that factor into consideration, as well. The company also offers a warranty on the product...;if it breaks you get a BRAND NEW ONE, case closed!When companies make premium products...they usually STAND BEHIND that product because they know that it will function as they intended. YAY!I will attempt to UPDATE within a year or two to let you know how well these umbrellas held up. That's if Amazon will permit me do that.So far...VERY VERY GOOD!" — AlwaysUseWisdom

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Reviewer's blue and green striped beach chairs lined up on the sandReviewer uses same beach chairs and a blue tent to create a shady spot at a beach

16. A low-profile chair that will keep you close enough to the ground to feel the sand in your toes but also comfortable for more than five minutes. It has design features that really knock it out of the water, including a cup holder and a sleeve on the back to keep your towel from getting dirty.

Promising review: "Five Stars Very comfortable and good quality. Doesn't take up much space in my trunk, easy to carry. I live near the beach and already changed many different beach chairs, for now this one is the best. Highly recommend this product 👍" — Forès

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A BuzzFeed editor's arm with a bite on it, the editor holding the suction tool and an after photo of the swelling reduced on the editor's arm.

17. A bug bite suction tool is a genius tool that helps relieve any itchiness in as little as 30 seconds. It doesn't matter where or when you get bug bites, this tool will help take the suck out of the situation.

Promising review: "You need this! I am a magnet for bites of all kinds and carry topical and medicines with me at all times - so I figured this would be a good product to see if it really works. It arrived Monday and Tuesday morning I woke up with a bug bite on my arm... I used this little tool (3 x per the instructions) and documented with photos.- immediately after using, it stopped itching! And less than 24 hours later the bump / bite gone! There is a very faint red mark from using the thing but a small price to pay IMO. Bottom line: it’s awesome. I’m carrying it with me everywhere!" — Rebecca

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models lounging in two blue chairs at the beachmodel showing how the chair folds up and is easy to carry

18. Or a pair of lounger chairs if you're looking for a way to lay out more but still want to support your back. These chairs fold up flat, making them super easy to tote with you as you find the *perrrfect* spot.

Promising review: "Worth it Love that these fit so easily in the bottom of a suite case and that you get 2 of them! They work great except if you want to get up and the wind blows. If you are sun bathing they are awesome but if you go to get up make sure you have something on them so they don’t just flap around in the wind. Sturdy enough so you can lay back on them and they are super easy to clean! Also like that you can hold them over your shoulder" — Alexandra Chastain

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Model wearing red curlcap with their hair in a high ponytail Model wearing black version showing the back where there's an opening for their high ponytail

19. A satin-lined backless CurlCap , a must-have for anyone who wants a way to keep their skin protected from the sun while also keeping their hair off their neck. This hat was specifically designed to work for natural hair, as it has an open back and a scrunchie-like band that will comfortably sit on your head.

Promising review: "Great buy My daughter took These pictures and sent them to me because I was out of town when hat was delivered and she loved it! Wasn’t sure how it would look on me because I’ve been told my head is a lil big lol but once I got home I tried it on and it fits my big head As well.... Definitely would recommend" — Pretty Red

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tortoise-shell sunglasses with a bottle opener end of the sunglasses being used to open a longneck bottle of beer

20. A pair of sunglasses with a built-in bottle opener on the frame is one of the coolest features I've ever seen. You'll be everyone's favorite person when they realize the beer they brought is not, in fact, a twist off.

Promising review: "Nice glasses Nice glasses. Dark lenses. Fits nicely. Only have to be cautious when first putting them on, since the bottle opener can catch on ears. Haven’t tried the bottle opener yet though" — SW

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reviewer using the blanket on grassreviewer using the blanket at the beach

21. A sand-free beach blanket designed so that sand (or dirt) rolls right off it, so you can fully lay out and relax knowing you won't make a mess all the way home. Reviewers love this blanket because it's big enough for up to four adults to use, and it packs up small, making it super easy to transport.

Promising review: "Perfect Beach Accessory! We took our new beach blanket to the beach last night and I was amazed how big it was! I also thought if the ground was wet it would soak through the blanket but it didn't. Once I took it out I thought there is no way this big blanket will fit back in that tiny bag but in second it was all safely tucked back in the bag. The bag is attached to the blanket which is a great idea. There is also an attached zipper pouch which was a nice addition. We are very pleased with this blanket!" — Angela V.

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Reviewer image of a sparkly blue version of the insulator Reviewer holding up a blue insulated can cooler at the beach

22. Introducing the BruMate insulated can cooler - perfect for keeping your drink 20 times colder than a Koozie. This bad boy features a double-walled stainless-steel layer, meaning you can enjoy your drink even on the hottest days.

Promising review: "Favorite product - Perfect for gifts Like to keep your beer cold? Get this. Slow drinker but don't want to let your friends on to how slow you're drinking? Get this. Want your White Claw/Truly to stay as cold as it was when you took it out of your fridge? Get this. I kid you not this thing keeps drinks cold like that's its job (because it is). Once I got mine and saw how effective it was, I decided all of my cold beverage loving friends and family will be getting one also. It's a toss up between this and the Hopsulator Trio... But with most of my friends being Michelob Ultra and White Claw drinkers - this seems to be the perfect fit. So hard to find a can koozie that holds those slim cans! Love this product and definitely recommend!" — Brooke Stull

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reviewer image of the portable lock box in whitereviewer showing the inside of the lock box and how a wallet easily fits inside

23. Introducing the Beach Chair Lock Box — the perfect way to secure your belongings as you enjoy a day at the beach. This portable lock box fits around two beach chairs and is ideal for storing your wallet and phone while you go for a swim or take a dip in the ocean. With the Beach Chair Lock Box, you'll never have to worry about your belongings being stolen while you're enjoying the water.

Promising review: "Perfect Size, Easy To Carry, And Very Sturdy [UPDATE after 1.5 Years of Use at Bottom] I've had this in pink for several months now, carrying it everywhere I go, and it looks brand new. I dropped it on concrete one time while carrying groceries and it didn't even scratch it. It is 100% worth the money even though it's a bit expensive at $49. You get what you pay for and this is important to me so I paid for the best one I could find that I could carry. I use it to keep my medications safe and locked up. The dimensions are perfect for something like this. There's no lack of space, in my opinion, with this box. I carry it everywhere and I've only gotten compliments on how awesome it is. Nobody's ever asked "why are you carrying around a safe" they're more like "that's awesome where did you get that?" It's impossible to break into without a passcode or key, even an adult, unless someone stole it and smashed it. I expected it to be much easier to break into but we tried as a test and couldn't do it. So no child could ever get into it and an adult would likely have to use a hammer to break into it. That's how sturdy it is. It comes with 2 keys, if you lose both they will send you an extra one. However, it's easy to keep the extra key in a safe place to not lose both. I added a picture so you can see the size of it compared to a typical water bottle (a pint or .9 FL OZ). It's not too big and not too small. It's an attractive size and if you're buying this to keep medicine safe and away from kids I can say this is perfect for it. I will use it at the beach for my phone, wallet, and keys as well soon. They all fit easily in it.EDIT: So I originally reviewed this item on 1/1/2017. This is an update.4/22/2018 This case is still as new. I get A LOT of compliments on it and questions of where I bought it. There's not a scratch on it, not on the pink not on the lock, not on the keys, not anywhere. It looks brand new. Everything works perfectly. Have I dropped it? Oh yeah. On a variety of hard & soft surfaces. I just wanted to let anyone reading know, nearly a year later and a half later, it's as new. This was absolutely worth the money." — Dara

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reviewer image holding the clear bottle with teal spout so their dog can drink from it

24. A leakproof, portable dog water bottle with a spout that actually turns into a mini dish so you can keep your pup hydrated without having to bring *both* a water bottle and dog dish. Genius!

Promising review: "Great way to make your dog drink water! My dog just loves drinking from this. it's kind of fun for her I assume. You have a lock option and the coolest thing is that you can re-use the water left in the scope, it just goes back to the bottle when you hold the item upright and press the button." — Dor

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small white dog wearing the bandanalarge husky wearing the bandana

25. If you're worried about the temperature being too hot for your pup when you bring them with you, put a cooling collar into water, twist it out, and then put it in the fridge for 10 minutes. This will give your pup the full cooling effect!

Promising review: "Great product, stays cool, fits large dog. We live in Lake HAVASU where the temperature are well over 100 degrees much of the summer. This arrived yesterday and we soaked it in water as directed, we put it on Keizer today and took a 3 mile walk with him, he never tried to take it off and he continued to wear it for a couple of hours outside. When we removed it it was still very cool. Keizer weighs about 75 lbs and is 8 years old. We purchased the Large size. Perfect fit. Highly recommend." — Robin Wolf

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