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Posted: 2021-11-28

24 Products For Anyone Who Plans On Barbecuing Pretty Much Every Night This Summer

I'll just be over here waiting for my invitation to your cookout 👀

gif of someone using the tongs to flip pieces of chicken on a grill

1. And, a set of tongs your fingers will thank you for while you're flipping chicken on the grill. The longer pair will ensure the food gets charred (rather than your hand), while the shorter ones are great for serving salads and sides.

Promising review: "Just right Just got this week. Used today with dutch oven outdoors as intended. Long tongs for moving hot coals shorter pair for working with food in cast iron pan and oven. They work great. Good quality. Fast shipping. Good sizes." — Kit KatG3

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reviewer photo of the grill basket filled with meat on a charcoal grill

2. A stainless-steel grilling basket for anyone who wants to flip their food in one fell swoop without risk of precious morsels slipping in between the grates. It's also perfect for bringing on camping trips!

Promising review: "Rugged, good for smaller items This grill basket has been a welcome addition to my grill accessories. The spacing of the stainless wires are close enough to keep relatively small items from slipping through. Because the top and bottom are a fixed distance apart, small items are not held in place. However the item includes dividers that separate portions of the basket, making it a bit easier than to have things just slide around from side to side and cook unevenly. The handle attaches easily and can be removed which is also helpful." — ACAT

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reviewer photo of cut up vegetables being cooked in the grill pan, next to a few ears of corn on a grill

3. And, a grill basket with high sides to prevent your chopped veggies from flying everywhere.

Promising review: "A great way to cook healthy I'm still gearing into using this but it's a great piece! Definitely pre-heat the pan before adding your veges/meat but don't spray the pan after it's been pre-heated on the grill. Non-stick sprays are a bit flammable spraying on top of the grill (my dumb). I was surprised at how little oil was needed to cook my vegetables and I had no sticking problems at all with this pan. It cleaned up nicely but it did darken a bit after the first use. This held more than I thought and if you're using it to cook veges as an add-on to your grilled meat, I estimate that you can easily get enough in this pan to feed 6 as a side dish.July 2019 - This pan has been such a hit with all the dinner guests that I ordered a second one because our numbers often exceed 10 for a meal. The patina does darken but I don't consider this to be a problem. I also don't find it necessary to spray the pan as there is no sticking when using olive oil/vegetable oil when roasting vegetables. The vegetables roasted in this pan always get more compliments than the rest of the meal. Go figure :)" —

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reviewer photo of the grill press on top of bacon that's cooking on a griddle

4. A Lodge cast-iron grill press evenly sears food without the need to stand over it and press down with a spatula. You can also heat it up ahead of time and cook meat on both sides at once, which speeds up cooking time!

Promising review: "Purchased for one specific use and it works as I hoped. This flat-bottomed press is advertised as a way to keep bacon from curling, among other uses. As some reviewers noted, the size of this press is too small to cover strips of bacon, so I'm not sure it is the best use of it. However, I purchased it for one specific use: to press and grill Cuban sandwiches. While I have a nice panini press which is used a lot, it has elevated grill sections so doesn't press the whole sandwich down as is preferred when pressing a Cuban sandwich...all of the bread should be pressed down and grilled until it is crunchy. I had been using a couple of heavy sauce pans placed on top of the sandwich placed in a skillet, but it was too unsteady. This item takes care of that issue. It sits perfectly on top and makes it easy to press down while heating. This may be the only thing I use it for, but since I love Cuban sandwiches and eat them often, it will be used often.Some reviewers experienced problems attaching the handle onto the press, many citing screws that either did not attach easily or protruded too far from the bottom. I did not have those issues; the handle attached easily enough, and no protrusion of the screw heads. It seems sturdy enough, not wobbly at all. Other reviewers cited rust. It is too soon for any rust to have developed, having only used this twice, but I will keep it wiped off so as to minimize this problem. So far, this press works just as I had hoped. And unlike some buyers reported, the handle did not get too hot to hold at all, didn't even need a pot holder. I'm glad I bought it." — Dennis Hawley

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Available in 6 styles.

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gif of someone cleaning a grill grate with the stonephoto of someone using the stone to clean a grill grate, showing how the area that the stone has been used on looks much cleaner than the rest

5. Try out the Scrubbin' Stone grill cleaner to get rid of any stuck-on residue on your grates. It's eco-friendly, doesn't produce any bad smells, and is made from recycled glass. You won't have to use as much force as you would with a regular sponge.

Promising review: "Does NOT have grooves as shown in picture This is nothing revolutionary - just a plain old pumice stone. I purchased because the picture showed grooves in the stone which would make it much easier to use for cleaning a grill. But the stone I received does NOT have the grooves shown in the picture." — Lisa Cook

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a buzzfeed editor holding a bottle of truff saucethe truff sauce on pizza

6. While we're on the topic of condiments, a bottle of truffle-infused hot sauce can class up your wings. It comes in two spice levels depending on how much heat your mouth can handle, and the addition of agave nectar gives it a welcome bit of sweetness.

Promising review: "Truffle and sriracha had a baby Purchased this because it was Oprah’s favorite things. As a truffle and sriracha lover, this is what you get when truffle and sriracha had a baby but 10x better. I highly recommend because it helps my food taste better for my boring diets." — Linzyn87

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overhead shot of the red tray holding raw meats and vegetables and the black tray holding cooked ones next to some small seasoning bowls

7. A set of red and black prep trays to prevent cross-contamination and confusion: Use the red one for raw meats and vegetables, and the black one for cooked food. They're made of shatter-resistant melamine, and are dishwasher safe!

Promising review: "Excellent product. Great gift for Father's Day! These trays are sturdy and easy to clean. They stack well and are dishwasher safe. Prior to having these, we were using paper or plastic plates for grilling. These are awesome - red for raw and black for cooked. They are a good size and have plenty of room for everything we are grilling (family of 5). We can fit skewers on them and they don't hang over the edge. I plan on buying them as gifts for all the grill lovers in my family.The price keeps fluctuating. I paid $22 and when I went to reorder, the price was at $29.99. A few days later, it dropped again." — nicola9126

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the fire pit with a fire goingthe fire pit not lit

8. Or! A stainless-steel fire pit for anyone simply looking to roast hot dogs while sitting around and telling ghost stories. Low maintenance, fun, what more could you ask for?

Promising review: "expensive but great First off this firepit is great! Second I realize that it is certainly a luxury item to buy a 350 dollar firepit. For those of you that have that kind of expendable income read on. I decided I wanted to upgrade from my circle hole in the ground firepit this fall. I like having a fire but my girls complain about the smoke (and really only like fires for the smores portion). I like to sit and watch a fire - its relaxing and its a nice social activity with friends and family. Anyway I bought this firepit and haven't looked back. Its a great size, big enough to hold a decent junk of wood but still small enough you can move it around the yard or even take it on a trip if needed. One of the reasons I bought this one vs the Solo stove that is comparable (and a bit cheaper) was the size. The build quality seems very solid. The only issue I had was the legs of the unit need to be bolted in and the holes didn't line up well in that the top sits on the 3 little bolts vs actually sitting on the legs for weight. we will see how long that lasts but even unbolted its just two pieces.The burning quality is really reason why one would buy one of these engineered firepits. What I mean by engineered is it has holes engineered for a very hot thus efficient burn. It does seem to burn wood extra hot and definitely less smoke. Tiki has a wood pellet subscription service that they offer where you can buy individual bags of wood pellets (infused with lighter fluid) for a 30-40min burn. The pit comes with one bag and I was really impressed by the ease of use and quality of the fire; very hot and tall fire and really no smoke with these pellets. I love a good fire but I can't seem to justify a wood pellet subscription (although people spend more than 8 dollars for 40min of entertainment all the time). So I have taken to finding wood pellets at a local hardware store. These are pellets for wood burning stoves, not the smoking pellets for smokers. These work great other than they are a little tricky to get started (and refilled) but the fire from these pellets are really great. no smoke, high burn and of course smores or as my girls call them- marshmallow sandwiches.So in review I love this firepit. It seems like if you keep it clean (i clean the ash out usually the next day after its completely cooled) and use the cover to keep it from getting wet it will last a long time. We have already had some great fire nights and will look forward to many more.Update: a yr after purchase the bottom of the pit (the part you can see) rusted out. Basically it rusted enough that it broke the weld holding that piece up. I contacted tiki-sent them pics and they quickly replaced it under warranty. Just finished one year with replacement and it seems to be doing fine. 🤞It does have some superficial rust. I put the cover on the thing but sometimes it rains before you can put the cover on (have to let it cool down). Still loving the fire pit though overall." — Matthew P.

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reviewer photo of meat and corn being cooked on the grillreviewer photo of the stainless steel grill on a deck

9. If you're looking for a great gas grill that will get your BBQ on the table in no time, this is the one for you. It heats up quickly, and the four-burner design is perfect if you're cooking for a crowd.

Promising review: "Cooks well, materials slightly less than optimal. The Charbroil model I ordered, which is apparently an Amazon exclusive, perfectly fit my needs on paper. I was upgrading(?) from an old Ducane 3 burner that had just basically rusted out, and couldn't be salvaged.When I first received the grill, it arrived in a large box, which was partially open.I put it on my hand truck, wheeled it to the backyard, and unfortunately had to wait a few days before digging in to build it.Upon unboxing the product, I didn't notice anything wrong, and was excited to get started on the project.After opening the manual, and getting to step 1, I realized the one of the MAJOR pieces (the left support frame) had been bent during shipping, and there was no possible way to continue assembly. Very disappointing. I called Charbroil, and left a message for their customer service (of course, it was after hours) and expected more frustration to come.Surprisingly to me, they called the next day, and we worked out to register the product, and send me a replacement part.Great - more waiting. It arrived 3 business days later, and was the correct part.I finally got some time to assemble this thing and I have 2 first impressions versus the Ducane it is replacing:The firebox and shelves are WAY more flimsy, using a thinner gauge steel by a fairly wide variance. To the point where I would say that the shelves, if they were holding your utensils, probably couldn't handle much more weight. The instructions say "do not use more than 10lbs on this shelf" so, your mileage may vary. I am used to some pretty sturdy shelves, so this was disappointing.The firebox, I finally discovered, is also bent. Probably from shipping. In fact, the torsion on the stainless steel is preventing the grill from closing flush with the base.Is that driving me nuts? Yes...yes it is.Does Charbroil need to improve its packing to prevent this? Yes it does.Would I pay a little more for a unit that had some better designed shelves? Probably.The saving grace is that it heats up well, the grate is excellent so far, and food cooks evenly.So, I give it an overall 4 stars. It feels like for the money spent, I am getting decent value. If this is all your budget can handle, go for it.Again, i would have liked the components to be slightly sturdier, but at the price point, I like it. Just dont love it.Good luck." — Eric S

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reviewer basting meat that's cooking on the smoker in saucereviewer photo of the black smoker on an outdoor patio with smoke coming out of it

10. A Weber charcoal smoker is an easy to use smoker that will make you feel like a professional pitmaster once you try your first fall-off-the-bone ribs and tender, low and slow cooked brisket.

Promising review: "14 is pretty small. I switched to the 18 once I saw it. I’d go with the 18” at a minimum. I relied on a couple reviews that said 18” was more than they needed. This unit is pretty darn small. If you only do port butts, fine, but no way you can do a full pork belly or spatchcock turkey or big rib rack on the 14. I did not even take this unit out of box. I could tell the grates were too small for pretty much anything I want to cook. I’m sure it works great but it’s pretty limited due to the size. Draw a 14” circle on a piece of paper and if you first reaction is “that’s too small”, like me, get the 18 or 22." — B W

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reviewer photo of steaks cooking on the grill matreviewer photo of pieces of meat in a sticky sauce cooking on the grill mat

11. A super handy grill mat will make your life so much easier by making clean-up a breeze — especially when you're using those sticky molasses-based sauces.

Promising review: "Best for its price I was first skeptical about this product for its price, but its the best investment i have made. 2 weeks ago i cleaned out my grill, got all the gunk out. I have been thinking about getting a grill mat just to see how it worked. Today, i grilled korean short ribs, and the marinade calls for brown sugar, it would stick to my grill and char and hard to clean. This time, everything slid off the mat, easy to clean, and a plus i dont have to clean my grill. From the picture, any grease or juices from what you are gilling wont go through the mat. It also keeps it there to help your meat moist and almost fry on itself. I love it. And this pack comes in 6 and i used 2 for my grill and can reuse these 2 and have 4 left for extras when these either burn or whatever. I recommend this product." — karol polido

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gif of someone wearing the gloves and taking a whole chicken off of a lit grill

12. If you're looking for a contactless way to grab things off the grill, these grilling gloves are a must-have. They're heat-resistant up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can even use them in boiling water!

Promising review: "Great Buy! Inexpensive glove that blocks heat of chargrill, flat top and fryers. Have also used with a very caustic carbon remover and they held up great. I usually pay more for one single glove from a different supplier than this pair and they look identical. Highly recommend. We use these in a full service restaurant kitchen. Photo after several months of use, just after cleaning out hot fryers." — Kscott

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Available in 3 sizes.

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gif of reviewer wearing the headlamp and turning the light on and offdifferent reviewer wearing the lit headlamp

13. A headlamp is really useful for grilling enthusiasts because it helps them see anything they might have dropped on the ground, where they're walking in the dark, and any signs of a BBQ-seeking Bigfoot.

Promising review: "Small but mighty This is a very impressive headlamp. I have owned many, and in my experience the more powerful the headlamp, the larger it tends to be. In fact, I use one particular headlamp regularly to walk my dogs every night, which has a powerful lamp but a heavy battery pack on the back of the headband with 2 large 18650 batteries. I have not wanted to sacrifice brightness for size in the past because it was more important to me to have functionality over comfort. That is until now...This Energizer headlamp is both lightweight and bright. I hardly feel it on my head, thanks largely to only requiring 3 AAA batteries. The 7 light modes are plentiful, ranging from a nighttime red light to a focused beam to a more dispersed light. The fact that you can dim each light mode from bright to dim simply by holding onto the button is amazing technology for something this affordable. I am confident it is time to "retire" my other bright but heavy and uncomfortable headlamps for this one!" — Alex B.

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close up of the sauce covered basting mop spreading sauce on a ribmodel's hand holding the basting mop, which is in a bowl of sauce, to show how long the handle is

14. A long-handled basting mop so you can apply sauces and marinades to your food while it cooks without burning yourself. -These mop heads can hold more sauce than silicone ones, so you won't have to go back and dip as often.

Promising review: "ANOTHER GREAT AMAZON PURCHASE I was very pleasantly surprised by just how perfect this basting mop is. Nicely constructed with a long and sturdy wood handle. The cotton mop head is generously sized and best of all it comes with an extra mop head. To clean the mop you have a couple of choices. You can soak the mop head in a warm water and bleach solution or you can put the mop head in your dishwasher. I know there are other methods to clean the mop but the two I listed are the way I clean mine. Shipping was prompt and the price was really right." — Ed

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Available in 2 colors.

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reviewer wearing the brown apron

15. A canvas cross-back apron with plenty of pockets so you can store your meat thermometer, tongs, and any other grilling essentials you'll want out in the backyard with you. Plus, it'll help keep your clothes from getting all greased up!

Promising review: "quality material This thing is well made with quality material. It's more of a shop apron than a chef apron, but that is exactly what I wanted. The only problem is it's a little difficult getting the hook clips on the straps thru the holes in the apron as the hook clips do not open wide enough to make it easy, but it's not impossible to do so and once they're in, they're very secure and don't need to come out unless you want to wash the apron - you could wash it with the straps in place though." — Marvin T. Farquhar Jr.

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reviewer photo of the spicy and original seasoningsreviewer photo of a spatchcocked chicken that's been coated in the seasoning

16. A fan favorite savory seasoning that'll spice up your life — I mean, food. This unassuming yet flavor-packed blend of garlic, onion, cayenne, parsley, and citrus has over 8,000 5-star reviews, and can be used on any veggies or protein you'd like!

Promising review: "Son Recommended... My son, who is 21 and living on his own after buying a 5-acre farm, typically texts to ask questions about money management, dropping by for a visit, and progress pix on his hobbies. Then he text: OMG! Try This! Amazon to the rescue.... Two days later I'm dusting everything from eggs, to grilled chicken, to a simple baked potato. Great stuff. Son recommended." — Kindle Customer

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reviewer photo of the lights attached to the lid of a grill that's cooking pieces of meat

17. If you love nighttime barbecue action, you need a set of flexible grill lights in your cart, stat! The magnetic bases attach to any metal part of your grill, so no installation is required.

Promising review: "Great value...exactly what we needed We had a larger LED grill light in the past that was a "clamp" attached one. It was tough to position and was always in the way when you opened/shut the grill cover. These little beauties are exactly what we needed. They are small, magnetic, and feel sturdy. With the magnets, we can affix one on each side of the grill and it gives us all of the light we need. Well worth the purchase price." — N. Wolf

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reviewer photo of the mesh food cover protecting a tart

18. Some mesh food covers will protect all of the cooked food while you finish up at the grill. I mean, if you're going to go through the trouble of making tons of barbecue, the last thing you want is ants making a buffet out of it.

Promising review: "Flies got in!! It was cute and easy to use like little umbrellas but it isn’t very sturdy. And the most important part is that the flies can go under and get inside. Out of 10 flies, 3 can get in, so i guess it was an ok product. Would not buy again or recommend" — ctmt

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reviewer photo of the black grill on a raised patioreviewer cooking chicken on the grill

19. The Weber grill is compact and will become your go-to appliance. You can cook meats, veggies, and seafood on it without subjecting yourself to a stifling kitchen. It will make your patio your new favorite place to be. The neighbors will start inviting themselves over because of the wonderful aromas.

Promising review: "This basic Weber Kettle with a few tweaks is all that's needed for great BBQ. Almost bought the $199 model because I wanted the grate with hinged openings, then I saw that I could have it as an accessory for $25. I already had a $12 Doyzant Temp Gauge installed on my old Aussie Meat Burner so I transferred it to the Weber. The fancy ash catcher seemed to me like windshield wipers on headlights, nice to have but unnecessary.It took a little fiddling to get the legs oriented to the bottom shelf but with the unit upside down on the patio table assembly was quick and straightforward. Oh, and do have the axle up against something solid to tap on the wheels.It's now been 2 months and much delicious smoked meat later. I've learned that, despite many You Tube Rangers advice, the bottom vent is best kept fully open and the top vent used to regulate the heat, just as Weber instructs. Also that the amount of briquets is as important as the vents in heat regulation. Fuel + Oxygen = Heat.Approximately 70 Kingsford Briquets arranged around about 40% of the circumference will burn at a steady 250 to 275 degrees for up to 6 hours. Even though I love to see Snakes here in Pisgah Forest, how they're arranged or where lit is inconsequential; I just push them up against the sides and light off one end. It takes awhile, about the right amount of time to season the meat for the temp to get right with the top vent fully open, then after about an hours cooking the vent needs closed a bit as the heat will rise to 300 degrees or more.The temp is more sensitive to small increments of ventage than one might first imagine and the temperature change takes awhile which can result in a whipsaw that will have you, as it did me at first, jumping up and down, fussing with the vent.You will notice that I have 3 of those 99 cent hand clamps on the lid as there was leakage of smoke and therefore heat from around the lid. Also, I fashioned a better vent handle from a 2"x 2" piece of hardwood. The stock flange gets hot and after a few cooks doesn't offer enough leverage to move the vent easily against grease build-up. You Tube would have you spend $25 for a big red handle but a table saw blade kerf is the exact right size to fit a piece of wood over the flange and a 10 cent bolt and nut secures it.Sometimes it's necessary to regulate the bottom vent so with a Sharpie I marked an index on the ash catcher to line up with a leg, then 1/4, 1/2, and fully open marks. It's a breeze to brush the ash onto the catcher disc and carefully remove it to empty turning one clamp. An unused briquet rubbed against the kettle edges easily cleans off grease build up without harming the enamel.Less than $150 buys a Grill/Smoker that produces meat friends with 5 figure set-ups are impressed with and here in North Carolina, that's saying something." — The BBQ Cheapskate

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ribs on a grill that are covered in the bbq saucebottle of barbecue sauce

20. A bottle (or seven) of Lillie's of Charleston mustard barbecue sauce is perfect for those who don't have time to whip up a topping for their ribs from scratch. -This sauce gets a tangy kick from the mustard and sweetness from honey and molasses, and nobody will be able to tell that you didn't spend hours making it.

Promising review: "It's A Party In My Mouth!!! I finally got to try this out...I tossed a few boneless chicken thighs in a ziplock baggie and poured almost half the bottle in. Then I let it sit for two days.Upon taking it out and getting it ready to bake (425° for 22 minutes) I thought that it smelled really strongly of mustard, and I was prepared for it to taste that way too.Instead, this chicken is melt in your mouth tender with real bbq flavor, and is so good I just want to keep eating (but I forced myself to stop, because leftovers!)Really and truly great flavor, and I can't wait to try it on other things too!!!" — Raichael

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reviewer photo of meat cooking on a grill next to a smoker boxreviewer gif of the smoker box smoking on a grill

21. If you're short on patio space, a cast-iron smoker box is a great option to infuse flavor into your meats and seafood. You can simply throw it on your gas, charcoal, or electric grill.

Promising review: "This is my 2nd one My 1st one lasted over 10 years. The reviewer that said to season this with oil is correct. when you get it new, coat it in cooking oil or bacon grease, beef or pork grease, put it on your grill and cook it at 500 for 15-20 minutes. Its just like a cast iron pot or pan and this will help keep it from rusting and should last for years. I let my wood chips soak in water for a 1/2 hr before use, drain the water and put them in this little smoke box at 450, when the chips get smoking i start cooking, this give meats, and vegetables an nice light smoke flavor and the smell from the grill is absolutely fantastic. Hope this helps." — Tim

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reviewer photo of the spatula next to two smash burgers cooking on a griddle

22. Look out Shake Shack, this wide offset spatula will have you flipping and smashing burgers like a pro!

Promising review: "Perfect Smash Burger We needed a heavy duty spatula to try our hand at smashburgers and this worked perfectly!" — Karma

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reviewer photo of a cooked pizza on the pizza stone on a grill

23. A Cuisinart pizza grilling set that'll give your dinner routine some variety when you're on your fifth night of pulled pork in a row. The ceramic pizza stone can go right on the grill for cooking up personal-sized pizzas. They'll be so tasty, you'll be like, delivery who?

Promising review: "2 outta 3 ain't bad! I am almost 60 and just started baking my own pizza and making my own sourdough pizza dough. I have been baking the pizza 8n a normal electric oven using a 12 inch Lodge cast iron skillet. The skillet does a wonderful job. The crust comes out nicely browned on the top and bottom.I received my stone, peel and cutter today. They were packaged very well and the stone was in pristine condition, as were the peel and cutter. I started by lightly oiling the stone with olive oil and baking it at 350 for an hour. Once that was done and the pores were open, I brushed on a layer of grapeseed oil and let it cook with the fan on at 400 degrees for another hour. IT DID SMOKE...But the oven fan took care of it easily. I let it cool and put it away. I plan to try it out in the oven first next weekend, then may take it out to the grille...or grille isn't the greatest!My impression of the stone is this;It is a quality made stone that will do what I ask of it. It pre-heats quickly, but not at the expense of durability in the thickness of the stone. Use it with cornmeal to help with sticking until it is fully seasoned.My impression of the peel is this;It is also made of quality materials and well engineered and suited to the task it is made for. I expect that it will last a long time, and things that may go wrong after awhile, I can probably fix. I love the way it folds to fit in a smaller space. Well done!My impression of the cutting wheel is this;Cuisinart makes a very good pizza cutter, as does KitchenAid. They are quality and well priced. THIS wheel cutter for pizza would Never make it through a well baked sourdough crust without bending the attachment of the handle to the wheel. It is a cheap add-on, and if Cuisnart left it out and kept the price the same, I would still have been happy with my purchase.I will find a way to re-purpose the cutter, or toss it." — Perry McCullough

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Available in 6 colors, 3 styles.

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reviewer photo of colorful vegetable pieces arranged on the skewers and cooking over a grillreviewer photo of pieces of meat on the skewers being cooked over a fire

24. A set of metal skewers that'll have you wondering why you ever bothered with wooden skewers. Not only will these save you money, their flat design will keep your food from moving around when you flip them.

Promising review: "Good Value I have been very pleased, and like these much better than the bamboo spikes. I always wind up with a spike under a fingernail when I use the bamboo, but never this these. We use them on a grill over an open campfire. We use long tongs to turn them on the fire and then to remove them and place them on a serving tray/plate. Once they cool for just a minute or two, you can handle the circular ends without fear. Food slides easily on and off without needing spray or even oil. If you use soft veggies (like mushrooms) or fruit (we always use pineapple) be sure to keep the pieces large to avoid breakage. I like the longer skewers for convenience but having a couple of shorter ones is helpful.Cleanup is easy, also. They are discolored from the fire, but I'm fine with that. Food doesn't stick and comes off with a wipe of a soapy cloth in a camp sink. Once dry, they store easily in the storage sack. They even have small plastic tips to prevent getting stabbed when reaching for them in storage, but I have found that the tips are too much hassle. The storage sack works just fine, because the tips of the metal skewers are not sharp enough for injury in my opinion. Just sharp enough to easily get your food loaded." — sjpedspt

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