Posted: 2021-03-09

23 Products That’ll Help You Beat The Heat In Every Way This Summer

This summer, we're saying goodbye to melty makeup, painful sunburns, and sweaty sleepless nights.

a reviewer wearing the sleeveless crop top in white with black workout leggings a reviewer wearing the top in khaki green with white jeans

1. What about a versatile racerback crop top for those super hot days when skipping the bra altogether makes more sense? This wear-everywhere top is soft, breathable, and supportive enough to work out in, but the sleek silhouette is also totally going-out-approved.

Promising review: "Must have! Must have! So cute and comfy! It’s almost swimsuit material but quite as snug. You don’t need a bra underneath. If I was somewhere cold I would just slide swimsuit pads in it and it was perfect" — PaigeB

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a reviewer wearing the pink fan around their neck a reviewer photo of the black double-sided fan

2. If you've ever wished you could take your air conditioner with you on the go, this portable, hands-free fan is for you! It can be adjusted any which way you need, lights up, and recharges via USB for hours of relief.

Promising review: "Keeping me cool everywhere I go This item works great anywhere you go. With many different color changing modes, it also has 3 fan speed modes, low, medium, and high. I absolutely love it! It’s very light weight which makes it easier when traveling. The motor in the fan is very quite. You hardly know it’s on. Totally hands free and easy operation." — Briley akina

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a reviewer wearing the primer and foundation a reviewer holding a small tub of the primer

3. A budget-friendly putty primer for blurring pores, smoothing wrinkles, and getting that virtually airbrushed look all 👏 day 👏 long 👏 (even when you sweat). Plus, this primer is mixed with squalane, which offers a whole host of hydrating skin benefits.

Promising review: "No problems leona iman fb & nsta Very nice dod what it said" — darius yancey

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a reviewer photo of a hand holding a carafe of cold brew coffeea reviewer photo of a glass of iced coffee

4. Is your daily coffee routine leaving you feeling jaded? Trade in your expensive coffee shop habit for a cold brew maker that you can use at home. This quart-size maker has an airtight seal, so you can rest assured that your coffee will be fresh each morning. Plus, you'll save money by making your own cold brew.

Promising review: "Yeassss!!! #coldbrewlife This Takeya cold brew coffee jug is wonderful! I know a lot of people use Mason jars, however, I wanted something easier to grab from the fridge and more lightweight (and cheaper!). I have used Takeya products before and have been impressed with their durability as well as the easiness of cleaning them. This cold brew jug has only 4 pieces; the jug, the handle, the lid, and the coffee filter. The coffee filter has an extremely fine mesh and it has not let through even the finest of coffee grounds. It is really easy to clean! The filter, after filling it with your favorite coffee (I find non-flavored coffee to taste best during the cold brew process) then screws into the lid. After you have filled up the jug about 85% of the way with filter water, you place the filter (already attached to the lid) into the water filled jug and screw it on! The coffee will have a great flavor within 8 hours, however, it is most potent by 24hrs and stays fresh up to 72hrs in my opinion. Remember, you are brewing a coffee concentrate as about 1 cup of grounds are used to brew. Mix with 2 parts water or you will... well, be like me that didn't read the directions and was up until 3am with a caffeine high, lol. Overall, I am really pleased with this purchase!If you found this review and pictures helpful in making a decision regarding purchasing this item, please let me know below :)" —

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a reviewer photo of an adult lounging in the pool a reviewer sitting in the inflated pool

5. An inflatable pool that is spacious so that taking a dip to cool off no longer has to be a special occasion. Now, every day can be a pool day!

Promising review: "~ Nice Size Pool. Perfect for Staying Cool Over the Summer Months. Sturdy & Well-Made. ~ This is a very nice family size Inflatable Swimming Pool. It will be perfect for the grandkids to play in over the summer months. It's easy to fill with our leaf blower, which fits perfectly in the little circles, and makes a quick job of it. It's very nice to have the three separate air chambers, a wonderful feature, each with their own section and plug, making the pool more sturdy and easier to repair, if necessary. There is a nice pluggable drain hole so you don't have to try to flip the pool over, which is a helpful feature, especially if it's just me taking it down. This pool feels strong and well-made with a lot of thought put into the details. I also appreciate very much that it comes with several patches. So happy to have this, as we could not find pools locally at all at the end of last year. Recommended." —

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The black device on a table with sorbet in a bowl under it A close up of a reviewer's yellow and red sorbet

6. A Yonanas fruit soft-serve maker is perfect for creating a creamy, summer-ready treat out of any frozen fruit in minutes. This easy-to-clean machine is great for vegans and anyone else with a dietary restriction that prevents them from being able to eat ice cream.

Promising review: "Brilliant!! This deserves 50 stars! Oh my gosh why did it take me so long to find this amazing gadget! Ice cream lovers, fruit lovers, sorbet lovers - THIS IS THE BEST INVENTION! So easy, quick, delicious and magical!!" — Jackie

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before and after showing the body wash totally cleared up the reviewer's arm bumps and breakouts

7. A CeraVe salicylic acid body wash that is fragrance-free so that after a long day of sweat clogging your pores, you can treat your body to a gentle chemical exfoliant. This will remove dead skin cells and banish bumps for overall smoother skin.

Promising review: " " —

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a reviewer holding a hat with the liner applied on the inside

8. If you're tired of washing sweat stains out of your go-to cap every time it's over 75 degrees outside, then these hat and helmet sweat liners are for you.

Promising review: "So awesome that we're on our third package! Used first package for 2 horseback riding helmets. Daughter came home raving about it so husband put it on his golf hat. There goes 3 pack. While he was golfing with family, he raved about them and I had to forward the link and order another pack for more of his hats. That pack was passed to my dad instead. There goes the 2nd 3 pack. I have been asked repeatedly by my husband if I've ordered more and so a 6 pack has just arrived.I'm told (I don't wear hats) they make your hat and helmet fit nicer as there is some cushion in the sweat liner. They make your hat look nicer because there's no sweat stains. They function exactly as they promise - no more sweat running into your eyes." — FLMom

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a reviewer photo of a fan sitting on a table on a backyard deck

9. A high-velocity rechargeable outdoor fan if you spend most of your outside time wishing you could retreat back to the AC. Reviewers say this fan is super quiet, charges quickly, and cools shockingly well for its compact size.

Promising review: "Amazing rechargeable camping fan. This rechargeable fan is awesome for bringing to the field and austere conditions. It charges very quickly from AC power. On the low setting the battery last 24 hours and on the high setting the battery last 8 to 10 hours. It also has USB ports for you to charge your other devices from. This fan was money well spent!!!" — Shannon M. Lewis

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a reviewer photo of someone using The Bug Bite thing on their leg on the left, a large irritated bug bite labeled

10. A handy bite suction tool because the heat would be a lot easier to deal with if you weren't itching endlessly. Thankfully, this gadgets sucks out bug venom left behind under the skin to help reduce itchiness and swelling so things can get healed up a lot sooner.

Promising review: "You need this! I am a magnet for bites of all kinds and carry topical and medicines with me at all times - so I figured this would be a good product to see if it really works. It arrived Monday and Tuesday morning I woke up with a bug bite on my arm... I used this little tool (3 x per the instructions) and documented with photos.- immediately after using, it stopped itching! And less than 24 hours later the bump / bite gone! There is a very faint red mark from using the thing but a small price to pay IMO. Bottom line: it’s awesome. I’m carrying it with me everywhere!" — Rebecca

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to the left: a badly burnt back of a reviewer, to the right: the same back healed and tan

11. Burt's Bees After Sun Soother can help if your skin is looking sunburned. Apply this hydrating formula to enjoy relief from pain and itching.

Promising review: "Great for Daily Use This past summer, my husband took me tubing down the Rio Salado for four hours in the Arizona summer sun. I slathered on sunscreen before and applied it again religiously every thirty minutes or so, but there is no SPF strong enough to protect the kind of white that glows in the dark.I tried a dozen other remedies while I was recovering from the burn. I didn't make it to this cream until I had started to shed bits and pieces of me everywhere. That was in June; my legs are still two toned (white and red).I still have the same tube of cream that I bought five months ago, and I use it every day on my hands and face just as my regular moisturizer. It leaves my skin feeling moist but not heavy. I like it.There is a sharp, unfamiliar aroma to the cream, but it doesn't mean that it has gone bad or anything. I think it's probably just all of the goodness coming together, so don't be alarmed when you squirt some out of the tube and notice an unexpected but not necessarily unpleasant aroma." — Brian

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a model laying on the satin pillowcase

12. This satin pillowcase is not only cool to the touch, but it also helps to reduce frizz, breakage, and maintain healthy skin and hair hydration while you sleep!

Promising review: "The Kitsch satin pillowcase is so soft and comfy! I love the cool and soft satin against my skin and hair. Besides being so comfortable to sleep on, this satin pillowcase also helps tame frizz and reduce hair breakage while sleeping. In addition to the satin pillowcase, Kitsch is a woman-owned company that offers more hair accessory and wellness brand products, including scrunchies, shower caps and hair towels." — Leslie Doan

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A model rubbing balm on their heel

13. A roll-on blister-preventing balm because your busy lifestyle can't afford to be slowed down by limping through painful, sweat-induced friction.

Promising review: "Saved my feet in less-than-perfect-fit shoes! I thought this stuff was a bunch of BS, I was like pssh what a waste of $8 ON AMAZON FOR THIS LITTLE THING. Well, I put it on today on spots where my flats rub off the skin. My feet survived an entire day, INTACT! Highly recommend. This product made wearing shoes that rub on your ankles/backs of your feet doable!!!!" — Jamie

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reviewer photo of a green mister outside by someone sunbathingreviewer photo of a blue mister attachment wrapped around a pole

14. A flexible adjustable mister to help you keep cool whether you've got a full gardening itinerary planned or just want to lay out in the sun without overheating immediately.

Promising review: "Awesome mister!!! This little mister is absolutely perfect for laying out in the sun. I always find myself out for a half hour and then I'm absolutely dying from the heat. Found this for $15 and was the absolute best investment for my summer. No leaks or anything and came packaged nicely. Cant speak for longevity yet but will update if it doesn't last. Honestly the only downside is you can't chose the color you want which I dont care that much but it would have been nice. Overall would most certainly recommend!!!" — Lola

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before and after showing the mascara made their light lashes visible and lengthenedReviewer showing off their fluffy, full-looking lashes

15. gluten-free and cruelty-free lengthening mascara that won't let you down. With sweat-proof staying power, this mascara is different from all the others that never live up to their promises. According to the 175,000+ 5-star ratings on Amazon, this mascara is definitely worth trying!

Promising review: "AMAZING VOLUME! My lashes are so fair and thin that its hard for me to find mascara that will give me such great volume. This mascara is so good! It was easy and was a flawless result for an affordable price. 100% would reccommend" — Emily Creek

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aa reviewer photo of the water bottle with a button on the front and a blue spout-bowl hybrid a reviewer photo of someone using the bowl bottle to give water to a dog out on a walk

16. A dog water bottle that doesn't leak, for keeping your active puppo hydrated on the go. The one-button locking mechanism allows you to release water into the trough, while excess water flows back in, so nothing is wasted or spills in your bag.

Promising review: "AWESOME FOR TRAVEL!!! My pup is pretty picky when it comes to what she will drink from and when she will drink. When on the go we would put water in one of those colapsable bowls but ended up with having to find somewhere/something to do with the extra water afterwords. I even tried those different special bottles (the one where you squeeze and the water comes up and into a little bowl at the top) which was great but it leaked and I still had leftover water I had to deal with. And those ones where you flip it over just made a huge mess!This is the solution to all of that! It is leak-proof! I can throw it in my bag and know that if it tips over its not going to leak all over. The lock feature keeps it from accidentally getting pushed (and in turn leaking). The bowl is a good size for her (she is a small terrier mixed breed) but if your dog is bigger this would probably be too small. It holds about as much as a smaller size baby bottle which is a good amount for my pup but if you have a bigger dog or if you are going on a longer trip just know you'll have to refill it.Most importantly, the leftover water goes back into the container when she is done drinking! So when we are in the car or when we are traveling by plane we can put the water back in the cup without having to find a sink to pour it into.Highly recommend!!!" — Jennifer

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a reviewer photo of a bed with purple bed sheets a reviewer photo of a bed with white bedsheets

17. Bamboo bed sheets that are breathable and luxurious soft, cool to the touch, and wick away moisture are perfect for hot sleepers who are tired of tossing and turning.

Promising review: "These sheets are awesome!! Suffering from severe insomnia, we are trying to change everything that we possibly can about my sleeping environment. I bought these after hearing the benefits of bamboo related products. This sheet set (includes 1 full, 1 flat, 2 pillow cases) has to be one of the softest sets I've ever slept on. The fabric has a slick, silky feel to it. It stays quite cool and doesn't make you sweaty. I've slept rather well on these and don't even notice that they are underneath me. These sheets are great. I would love to have a few more sets." — Justin and Amanda Lanphere

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two reviewer's wearing sun hats and a blue towels around their neck

18. A PVA cooling towel is perfect for quick and easy heat relief on the go! Simply soak the towel in water and it will become cold, with longer lasting cooling power the more water you use.

Promising review: "Consider skin test! Terrible rash!! My husband really enjoyed this towel until it broke him out terribly! I don’t know if we did something wrong by putting it directly on the skin but he is terribly uncomfortable right now. I feel terrible because this was a gift. There is no question it was the towel that broke him out. You can see by the photos the rash is exactly and only where he was wearing it. Consider doing a skin test maybe? Definitely consider that this may happen to you. I see we are not the only folks who experienced this same skin reaction." — Danielle Morrison

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Comparison of reviewer's makeup, half of which looks good thanks to the setting spray and half of which has rubbed off without the spray

19. A fast-drying, matte finishing spray that keeps your makeup in place and maintains the matte look you walked out of the house with, all day long.

Promising review: "Love It and I will be ordering again. At first I didn't see this product working but then I applied it before my foundation instead of after and it works AMAZING. I have oily skin so I really need help haha! but I also have super sensitive skin and I wanted something that was gentle and had good ingredients and I think I found it. I will definitely be ordering again. The picture is 4 hours after I applied my makeup. ( there are NO filters or any editing done with the picture) With this product my makeup lasts 12 hours easily where it only used to last about 10 before and I feel like it helps it to look smoother as well." — Melanie P.

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a pair of reviewer's feet wearing the sandals a reviewer holding the sandal

20. These slip-on cork sandals because life feels a little easier with a reliable pair of comfy-cute shoes around to cradle your feet when it's absolutely too hot for sneakers, but you still have a lot of walking to do.

Promising review: "Comfortable, Good Fit Right Out of the Box I !will admit, I was very leery buying these sandals. After all, the Birkenstock Betula's I had been wearing for 15 years more than proved their comfort, reliability, and durability. But I didn't have $100 for a new pair of Birkies, so I finally decided to order these to see if I would like them. I DO LIKE THEM! I had a tiny issue breaking them in, but that's to be expected with a brand new pair of sandals, especially given I was walking a lot in them right out of the proverbial gate--it was just a very minor rub on the top of my foot. I have very sensitive skin, so maybe this won't be an issue for most. Anyway, I've been wearing these sandals everywhere I go for a couple of weeks, and I find them to be comfortable, even a bit cushy! I realize these sandals most likely won't last 15 years, but I am extremely happy with this purchase!" — Marcie

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Personis wearing a white top and black biker shortsa reviewer mirror selfie of someone wearing a sports bra and the biker shorts

21. A pair of high-waisted biker shorts that have over 50,000 5-star ratings on Amazon so you can lounge, exercise, wear under dresses, or just wear them alone with your favorite top for a casual everyday look that won't leave you sweating bullets.

Promising review: "Ultramarathoner approved. These shorts are going to be part of my Summer 2018 anthem. I wore them for the first time during a 10K race (took a chance) and they served me well. The high waist keeps my tummy in place. The 8" inseam is a comfortable length on my thighs - not too short or long. The legs didn't ride up either. The pockets were perfect for my big phone - a Samsung J7. Not once did my phone pop out. Perfect thickness of fabric - passed the squat test (not see-through when squatting). Several of my runner friends were interested in them for themselves. I immediately bought another pair in navy. I imagine I'll purchase a few more pairs as I train for my marathon.Update: I will officially be wearing these shorts for the Chicago Marathon. I've worn them all summer and they have held up every step of the way." — Kenny

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a profile view of a reviewer wearing the lace thigh band a reviewer wearing a lace band on each thigh

22. A pair of anti-chafe thigh bands to wear with your favorite hot weather dress! Enjoy your dress without painful chafing and irritation!

Promising review: "Use the size chart, worth the buy! Received my package a few days earlier than expected. Packaging was nice, nothing messed up. I purchased the solid beige bandalettes. I used the size chart and ordered size C. I'm 5'3 200 lb and they fit perfectly. So far I have just tried them on under a pair of shorts and they are comfortable, breatheable enough and I like the rubber lining strip that holds them in place. I experimented with the placement and went higher on the inside of my thigh and a little lower on the outside, not uncomfortable at all. No weird swoosh noise when they rub together. I would suggest hand washing to preserve the rubber no slip strips. I have HORRIBLE chub rub that often leaves me swollen and raw from sweating or fabric rubbing so these seem so far to be a life saver! Will update my review once I've worn them out and about on a hot day 😄Edit: It’s now July 2019 and I’ve gotten 2 full years of use and just now in the past few days is the rubber strip coming off. I’m disappointed but I will definitely be ordering another pair!" — Becky

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on the left, a reviewer's shiny forehead labeled

23. A volcanic stone face roller that soaks up excess face oil, even if you have makeup on! Unlike blotting papers, this roller can be washed and reused, reducing waste and saving you $$$.

Promising review: "Oh my gawwwd First off, if you have extremely oily skin, this. is. it. I was so tired of getting blotting powder/wipes. It felt wasteful and always left residue on my face. I saw this on tiktok and NEEDED it. It was back ordered but then I got an email saying it was in stock and I was SO excited. Not only is it affordable, but it's washable which helps you save money and be less wasteful. The packaging wasn't over the top exciting, but it provided you all the info you needed. (It felt like the holy grail had been delivered to my front doorstep.) After my first use, I was in love. Now, it doesn't pickup everything but it does make it more matte and gives you a natural look. I am so excited this product exists and I already feel more confident." — Kelsey B.

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