Posted: 2022-06-10

23 Cool Products That'll Make You Scream From How Neat They Are

Totally cool, jaw-dropping products you need ASAP.

reviewer image of stick with extractions from skin on itreviewer holding facial blackhead remover stick

1. A blackhead scrub stick to exfoliate clogged pores and remove excess sebum. An easy way to incorporate this into your daily routine is to use it in the shower (especially when your pores are a bit more open from the steam)!

Promising review: "I’m in love with this product! My embarrassing photo speaks volumes as to how well this product works. I am 48. My pores have been giant blackhead pits since I was 12. At this point they seem to be stretched out or scars. I’m not completely sure. After using this cute little octopus twice, over 90% of my pores a clear. It is definitely a first.The first time I tried it was a learning experience. Without instructions I kinda just went for it. Using the applicator as a scrubbing tool. Couldn’t tell if it was salt or blackheads I was seeing. Felt like I was wasting product because my face was covered in a sheer, grey film with little white speck all over. Decided to let it set for 5 minutes and use my little hand held face scrubber. The battery operated one with a brush head that spins. It was doing a pretty good job. Then I went ahead and used my fingers. If you have pores like mine, you have rubbed your finger across your chin to roll the whiteheads out. Admit it.. Once I gently started working it in with my hands the whiteheads and a lot of the upper surface blackheads started rolling out of my pores. It was fantastic!! I have never found a product that has came close to removing so many, especially in ONE use. I’ve been searching for 36 years for a bottle or pore strip to come close. Nothing has.. After that I wash and moisturized my face. Tonight I noticed how much I had missed under my lip and on my nose. Skipping most of the extra steps from my first use, I literally applied a little, let it set for a few minutes and gently rolled out more guck than I thought was still in my pores. It definitely makes your face soft and yes it it scented. I’m okay with a small amount of scent if it works this well. Not like I’m going to use it every day. There were a few red patches from rubbing but the did not last very long.If you are like me with horribly deep, disgusting pores like me, I highly recommend trying this product. Be gentle with your skin. Don’t over do it. Wash your face and slash some cool water on afterwards to try closing your pores as much as you can. Will update with another photo in a few weeks." — Kimberly Kukovich

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reviewer photo of the countertop herb garden in bloom

2. The AeroGarden Harvest is a great way to build your own herb garden that you can use while cooking. Having fresh basil for a delicious caprese salad at dinner is amazing!

Promising review: "Worked just like they said it would I got this as a birthday present for my husband, the classic man who's impossible to buy for, and he was thrilled with it. He's a by-the-numbers kind of guy, and followed the directions carefully. As a result, all 6 of the herbs have germinated, and we are already using some of them (basil, thyme and dill) only 3 weeks later.One thing: the light is much brighter than I expected. The pictures show it as a pleasant glow, almost a night light. It's bright. The timer keeps it on for 15 hours a day, so hopefully there's a place in your house where it won't reflect off the TV screen or light up somebody's bedroom." — Mary B.

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Hello Kitty Water Dispenserwater dispenser on counter

3. A Hello Kitty water dispenser for fulfilling your H2O intake goals but in the most adorable way possible.

Promising review: "super cute! i love it 😼😼" — ivy 📉

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The vase on top of some lace fabricReviewer photo of the vase holding some dried flowers on a living room table

4. This ceramic vase is stunning and would make a great focal point for your coffee table.

Promising review: "Really Cool Nicer than I expected. It has a very nice finish and feels substantial. I'm very happy with it." — Scott

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hand holds bottle filled with frozen fruit same bottle now filled with smoothie

5. A portable personal blender that is perfect for anyone on the go who still wants their morning smoothie. It can also be used to blend baby food, as a protein shaker, and for smoothies (obviously).

Promising review: "Some issues but fantastic product Really love this product and the company behind it. They're all about consumer product knowledge and I admire that in a company.What you can expect:Fast shippingQuality productAn email within 24 hours (I got mine in that time frame) explaining how to prep the bottle for efficient usagePouring spoutIce trayUser manual (adds additional info p etom the email)Smoothie & juice recipe bookCharging cord but no blockWhat I liked:The box is sleek and well made, as is the bottle. The ice tray is made of flexible material similar to a jello mold, that is easy to remove ice from. BONUS PERK now you can make chewy ice at home * for non midwesterners chewy ice is what we call the ice you get at sonic*What I didn't like:The pour spout that you put on the cup is a letdown. Made of the same material used on the ice tray but thinner and flimsier. In addition, this was a let down because I got this for protein shakes and powder sticks like glue on it. Another issue I had was the lid crossthreading quite often.Overall view:Good product for those who wish to use this to make smoothies or shake up their protein shakes more thoroughly. I was concerned about the taste drinking directly from, essentially, a blender but it didn't effect the taste at all. Some general issues but nothing that would prevent me from buying 3 more in different colors!" — Momma_to_5

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Reviewer holding white plug with pastel mushrooms and leaves blooming out of it The mushrooms lit up in the dark

6. In case you're in the market for a new bathroom night-light, this plug-in color-shifting mushroom light is neither too overpowering nor ugly. It's simply perfect.

Promising review: "Cute accessory and it works fine It's a little cheap looking but super cute. I have it plugged into my bathroom outlet and it changes colors. I like how you can curve the pieces around to stick out wherever you want. It's bright enough where I can run to the bathroom during the night and not have to turn any lights on." — Krista B.

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cereal bowl candlereviewer image of cereal bowl candle

7. A cereal bowl candle that smells like all of those sugary cereals your mom told you would rot your teeth. Now your place can smell like Lucky Charms.

Promising review: "Best, most unique cereal candle out there with separate bag of pieces of cereal When my daughter put a cereal candle on her Christmas list, I quite literally had zero clue what she was talking about! I thought it was a standard jar candle that was scented like cereal. OF COURSE it was something she saw on Tik Tok! I will admit I started looking for one a little too close to Christmas. They were all very overpriced in my opinion. I couldn’t understand the obsession with a candle that looked like a bowl of cereal. Then I came across this one. It was a candle that looked like a bowl of milk with a spoon. The cereal pieces were actually individual wax melts that came in a separate bag that you pour out onto the candle. Ok, this seemed fun. A cereal candle that actually seemed worth the money and hype. It didn’t look like it would arrive in time, but I didn’t care. I would rather pay the price for this unique cereal candle than any of the other boring ones. Much to my surprise it arrived quickly. I was worried it wouldn’t look like the photos, but it was cuter in real life! I loved it! It came packaged in a nice protective box. The bowl of milk and spoon look REAL! And it came with TWO bags of cereal wax pieces…one cereal pieces and one marshmallow pieces to pour over the milk. It was perfect! My daughter absolutely loved it, and her siblings wanted one too! Her friends all want one too. I have yet to find anything comparable. All of the cereal candles seem overpriced to me, but if you’re going to spend the money and fulfill a wishlist item for your teenager OR you’re looking for that super unique gift, THIS is the one!" — corlyssa

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writer Mallory Mower using umbrellaperson holding umbrella

8. If you're feeling down about the number of rainy days, this goldfish umbrella will cheer you up!

Promising review: "So fun! Love this more than I expected. Good quality. I had initially hesitated to buy this only because I didn't like the fact that, based on the photos, I assumed I wouldn't see the fish from inside the umbrella. It looked like just plain white shapes. However, when there's light shining through, you can totally see all the color details from the inside. Like walking in a fishbowl!" — at home in nature

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reviewer image of box of bath bombsbath bomb fizzing in water

9. A box of foodie bath bombs to keep handy for self-care nights when you want a toasty bath to end your day.

Promising review: "Loved them! They smelled wonderful and changed the colors of the water quickly and nicely. One bathbomb would change the water intensely and the smells were very pleasing and not too strong and didn't have a chemical smell either. They didn't stain my tub or leave any residue and the kids and k loved them. The box they came I can be kept for other uses too! Great gift idea and packed well. Would recommend this to anyone and will get more for myself as well skim was so soft afterwards too. Great purchase" —

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a reviewer's photo of the privacy window film with colorful light streaming through a large window

10. You'll be thanking yourself for putting up some no-glue privacy window film when you see the rainbows that flood your space when the sun hits it just right.

Promising review: "Buy it just for the prisms! I can't tell you how surprised and delighted we were at the rainbow effect this film has. I bought it to make a window overlooking the street more private, and I thought I would appreciate seeing the rainbow colors on the window itself. But then when the light was shining on it at the right angle, it cast these beautiful rainbow colors on the wall. So I bought a second roll to put on one of our master bedroom windows that overlooks our neighbor's patio so I don't have to draw the curtains. In the morning now, the light comes in at just the right angle to pass through the rainbow prism and cast beautiful rainbow colors on the wall. And the bed. And the cat." — J. B.

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array of puffy stickers

11. Or these puffy stickers that both you and your kids will be tempted to stick all over everything (just not the walls, OK)?

Promising review: "A variety of colorful stickers, worth the price... Plenty of stickers in one package.There are about 20 pads with about 20-30 stickers each pad. Colorful and comes in a variety of designs : hearts, fruits, letters, butterflies, animals etc." — Zeee

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mirror in goldmirror being used as a trinket dish

12. This Victorian decorative mirror is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your gallery wall. I bought these mirrors and placed them in my living room, and they look absolutely stunning. You can also use them as lovely vanity trays for your favorite beauty products and jewelry.

Promising review: "Cute Cute little mirror for our mirror wall. I think the price should be lower considering it's cheap making but I like it." — Bek

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reviewer image of the mold reviewer image of a dino-shaped popsicle

13. A set of four dinosaur ice pop molds that can be filled with things like juices, yogurt, and soda! Anything you can freeze and would enjoy as an ice pop deserves to be popped into this mold and then into the freezer.

Promising review: "Great Activity for My 5 Yr Old! We had so much fun with this set! We whipped up a variety of flavors using strawberries, blueberries, bananas and yogurt. After blending, we poured our batch into the molds and let them freeze a couple of hours. The molds came out perfectly as was described in the details of the listing and further, I didn't have to fight to get the molds skins off! My kid was so pleased and bragged to her grandparents and cousins about it. I give this one a kid-approved thumbs up!" — Hallmosley

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gif of reviewer's fruit soft serve being mixed with spoonthe machine sitting on a counter top

14. A frozen fruit soft-serve maker so you can indulge in a tasty dessert that's fresh and soooo easy to make, you won't have to go to an ice cream shop ever again. It's so quick and effortless to use and can give frozen fruit the creamy texture of ice cream or sorbet.

Promising review: "Brilliant!! This deserves 50 stars! Oh my gosh why did it take me so long to find this amazing gadget! Ice cream lovers, fruit lovers, sorbet lovers - THIS IS THE BEST INVENTION! So easy, quick, delicious and magical!!" — Jackie

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a wooden spoon rests on the ravioli spoon rest

15. A large ravioli spoon rest for those times when pasta is your go-to meal and you need a place to prop up your spoon as you boil your rigatoni and heat up your marinara sauce.

Promising review: "All The Other Spoon Rests Were Ugly I needed a spoon rest, but couldn't find one that looked like something that would fit my kitchen. Then I saw this one. It doesn't really fit my kitchen either, but how could I not buy this cool spoon rest? Whenever someone first sees it on my stove, they think it's real ravioli, haha.Oh yeah, it's also functional. It gives utensils a nice rest and it hasn't burned nor melted." — Kesa

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BuzzFeed editor using the glowing, blue chopsticks to eat sushiTwo sets of glowing lightsaber chopsticks in blue and red

16. A pair of glowing light saber chopsticks so you can elevate your meal times from boring to outta this galaxy.

Promising review: "Soooo cool!! I bought these for my son for Christmas. He loved them. They are super cool. They changed to multiple colors. Not just red and blue. You need to be careful to not get the battery area wet though. It isn’t waterproof. Just wipe the sticks down with a dishcloth. Don’t submerge in water." — Molmah

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straw in coffee drinkstraws

17. Some heart-shaped straws for a pop of cuteness in your iced drink. Get the most out of these straws by giving them a hand-wash for reuse!

Promising review: "LOVE THEM! They are perfect for my 12oz Yetti cup and all other normal cups. I love how strong they are and according to one review they said slim like a coffee stirrer, that is NOT accurate. It’s a normal straw but made SUPER CUTE! I will now forever buy these. Plus what girl doesn’t like the soft pink which I have been looking for in this height FOREVER! 😊 Oh, and they come individually wrapped which is nice for storing purposes and germaphobes. 😁" — Thomas Ahrens

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reviewer holding mask containerreviewer with face mask on

18. A bubbling face mask that isn't emjust/em cute packaging. This fast-working face mask creates oodles and oodles of cleansing bubbles as it sits on the skin, detoxing and removing blackheads.

Promising review: "Every one needs this! I haven't laughed this hard in months! Face feels just as it does after any clay mask, but this was much more fun." — Kerrin McClain

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arizona iced tea and bubble tap airpods casesgif of reviewer closing airpods bubble tape case

19. A set of two nostalgic AirPods cases you'll have a tough time choosing which to use first. That bubble tape case is truly a sight to be seen.

Promising review: "Fits flawlessly. Very good quality So cute. So rubbery" — Ikh

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gif of reviewer using the watermelon slicerreviewer photo of the watermelon slicer resting on a bowl of watermelon cubes

20. A watermelon slicer that makes it easy to cut watermelon into perfectly cubed pieces! No more avoiding this delicious treat because cutting it with a knife is too daunting.

Promising review: "Exactly what I wanted! Works great! So much fun, and simple to use! Make sure to cut the ends off enough though, that makes all the difference." — Tori

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Lisa Frank stationary setreviewer image of Lisa Frank stationary set

21. A Lisa Frank stationery super pack is the perfect way to relive the glory days of pasting stickers all over your diary and Polaroid pictures. This set alone comes with over 2,200 stickers, so you can really let your creativity shine. 😍🌈

Promising review: "A boatload of stickers…😍😍 Unlike a lot of the other reviewers, I got exactly what was listed… I was a little disappointed..😂I was hoping to get a mystery set. But seriously, this set is an excellent buy. It has 12 sticker strips. 2 large sticker sheets with small stickers and a sticker book with 1200 stickers. The 1200 sticker book is basically the same one you can get at the Dollar Tree, doubled. The only annoying thing is that the sticker strips and the book came with huge dents. It doesn’t affect really the stickers, except that one strip has a major crease in it. They could have put these in a bigger box so that the sticker book did have to be rolled up. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get the folds out with some heavy books. The book contains 6 sheets of medium sized stickers and 4 sheets of small stickers. I was really surprised at the number of sheets that were in that tiny box. The set also came with a cute sticker activity booklet. The activity book has standard paper so the stickers will not be easily removed once they’re on. It also has 4 mini watercolor markers in 4 different colors. For about 16 bucks this is a great haul. A perfect gift for any 90’s Lisa Frank kid." —

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Reviewer's rug with an eye illustration is displayed on the floor

22. If your living space is looking too minimalistic for your liking, consider adding a small eye rug to add some color and pizazz to your floors.

Promising review: "Recommend 💕 Very Soft, Unique, Beautiful. I Love It. The Rug Is an Eye Catcher And Statement Piece For My Currently Still Under-Decorating Living Room. Very Boho Which Is What I Was looking For With Little Hints Of PINK." — BBreez

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pill lipstick setreviewer image of pill lipsticks

23. A miniature pill lipstick set that takes up very little room in your handbag. To be honest, I may just pop these cuties in a little jar and use them as a display piece. They are also said to have a very creamy formula.

Promising review: "Excellent value for price These mini lipstick capsules are just what I hoped they would be when I read the product description: a convenient assortment of itsy bitsy lipsticks in a variety of colors small enough to carry anywhere unobtrusively. I believe these are a very good value for the price if you want tiny lipsticks in lots of colors.Caveats:* quality is similar to a mid-level drug store lipstick* wear with lip liner (clear lipliner works with any color) to keep edges of lip from smudging* some of the colors probably won’t work for you* the listing says “matte” but that is not quite true, because this product has more shine than my other matte lipsticks (product photos present on this listing in April 2022 are accurate )" — sflynn.pdx

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