Posted: 2019-04-08

21 Useful Things For Your Car If You’re Planning On Spending A Lot Of Time On The Open Road This Summer

Road trip szn is back, bb.

a person demonstrating the pink car escape tool on a seatbelt

1. A keychain car escape tool you should keep handy in case of an emergency is something we hope you never have to use. But it's important to be prepared for anything.

Promising review: "Handy but Flimsy, Awesome for Civilians to Carry! I don't think this would work more then once but it could definitely save your or someone you might encounter's life. I am a first responder and know the value of keeping tools like this handy. Personally I have much better tools with me most of the time, but I am glad I got this to keep with me for emergencies when I'm not in my own car. I know it will work once and most people don't have access to real windows punches. This is as close as you can get to legally owning one and I'm not sure if even this is legal in all states. However I believe that everyone should have this or something similar on them at all times. You just never know when you might need it. I do believe the seat belt cutter would work more then once. Just not sure about how it will hold up in general. I would prefer a more sturdy construction but that probably would make it awkward for most civilians to carry. I was going to give 3 stars but instead I think 4 is in order especially if it means more civilians will carry such tools!" — Sgt. Scott

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A reviewer wearing the gray anti-nausea wristbandAnother angle of the wristband on the reviewer's wrist

2. An acupressure anti-nausea wristband that claims to ward off motion sickness and nausea, minus the drowsiness side effect found in most nausea medications.

Promising review: "Highly recommended for Vertigo I have bought this for the third time not because it is a great idea because I wear them 24 hours a day seven days a week I suffer from extreme vertigo and having these on I have no vertigo whatsoever they say not to wear them all the time but I say screw them if it works do it!" — C51

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The blind spot mirror attached to a rearview mirror showing more closely, how much room is next to the car door

3. If you're dreading having to parallel park, these blind spot mirrors will come in handy. You'll be able to park closer to the curb without having to worry about whether or not your car is close enough. That way, you can spend less timeparallel parking and more time doing whatever else you need to do.

Promising review: "Office/Cubicle Mirror This is one of the most worthy purchases I have ever made. It works perfectly as a "rearview mirror" while sitting at my desk at work not doing what I should be doing. If your boss or coworkers have a habit of ninja-ing behind you when you're trying to shop on amazon, google bears doing cool shi*, or looking at houses etc. you should invest in this so you can be ready to pull up a spreadsheet and make it look like you are really dedicated to work." — Timothy

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Available in 2 sizes, 4 colors.

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A reviewer's car window with the treatment on it on one side, and not on the other — the side with the treatment is clearer to see out of while it's raining outside

4. A rain glass treatment to help you see while driving in summer storms.

Promising review: "it works. read the directions. this stuff is great! and applications is easy. don’t listen to dumb people who didn’t read the directions. yes, the film is foggy. it’s supposed to be. just rub it off.during heavy rain, or highway speeds, this is perfect. water slides right off, and i never use my wipers. BUT for a light drizzle, at speeds roughly below 40mph, the tiny water drops wont slide off because there isn’t enough weight to them. that’s pretty much common sense though.even the longevity seems to be better than i expected. i’ve had this on for maybe 3 months now. it’s been through many car washes, occasional windshield wiper use, harsh sunlight and some rain. it just rained yesterday, and the results are still in effect.I bought this because my windshield had a strange film that made water stick and smudge, even with wipers, and it made driving fairly unsafe. this stuff completely fixed it, AND some. i’m very happy with this product." — Brian

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the windshield cover on a reviewer's car

5. A windshield cover will come in handy whenever you park your car for long periods of time in the heat. When it's time to hit the road again, your car won't feel like the inside of a boiling pot of water and your legs won't stick to the seats.

Promising review: "I LOVE THIS PRODUCT I was very skeptical at first about this product. I thought the price was low considering what the product claimed and the materials used. After one winter of Ice, lots of snow, and below zero temperatures, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!! I have highly recommended this product to several people and will continue to do so. The amazing thing to me about this product was its ability to with stand -20 degree temperatures with snow and ice. No cracking, tearing, or any problems with this windshield cover. I love this product so much I have purchased it for family members. This cover fits perfectly on my Chevy Blazer, Honda CR-V, Honda Civic, Etc. It fits SUV, Trucks, and Sedans. Oxgord has done an amazing job!! Thank you!!!" — SunnyFunny

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a person throwing a water bottle away in the garbage

6. You will want to keep a small trash can in your vehicle for easy disposal of wrappers and empty drink pouches.

Promising review: "Best car trash receptacle I've ever found I drive kids all over, including long Boy Scout trips. Car trash can be a real drag, as kids will drop wrappers (with leftover candy), kick bottles under the seats, and otherwise leave a mess. At the same time, whose car really has room for a garbage can? The seat-back ones are just in-your-face and ugly if you actually have adults in the back seat.This little can works really well. It's small enough and located well enough to be out of the way and look nice and professional even when you have colleagues or adults in your back seat, and functional even with a kid in the middle seat. Its attachment mechanism is simple but works quite well. The slotted deposit hole is a little bit awkward reaching back into from the driver's seat since it takes a bit of a "push" to shove things in, but is still functional and totally beats the usual routine of shoving things in the console until you can throw them out.The inner bag is quite heavy-duty and waterproof, so it's usable without liner bags and cleans up easily even if you get a gooey mess (though if gooey messes are your life the 2-gallon liner bags are a good addition). I use the side pockets to hold phone charging cables for back seat passengers that are plugged into the USB connectors behind the bin." — DrBobMichigan

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the car cache installed in a car a reviewer photo of their purse being supported by the car cache

7. A car cache that'll allow you to keep your purse next to you without it taking up arm rest space, falling into the backseat, or making whoever is in the passenger seat hold it for you. You can also use this to help prevent your fluffer in the back seat from trying to climb their way up front while you're driving.

Promising review: "Great product love it love it love it! This was the best purchase I have made for myself! It works extremely well exactly how the description described which is a rarity these days. It was very easy to install and just wonderful to have I cannot say enough about this product. I definitely recommend this to anyone. I believe men can benefit from this as well as women . I spend a lot of time in my car with my children running back-and-forth doing the mommy thing. This little gadget has made my life so much easier. Thank you so much Catherine for coming up with this wonderful idea. I took a few photos to show you. I actually have the pocket facing me so that way I can put my iPad in it and lay my pocketbook in front." — Amazon Customer

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the portable air compressorcompressor connected to a wire

8. A portable air compressor is ideal for when you're far from a gas station and need to quickly check or fill the pressure in your tires.

Promising review: "Great pump with an improvement. I've had one of these pumps for several months now and it has worked great so far. I keep it in my 4Runner for off-roading trips and I run 33" tires. I air down to something like 18-20 psi when driving sand or trails and use this pump to air back up to 36 psi. This pump does a good job and it's fairly quick. It ends up getting fairly hot by the time I'm done but it still gets it done in a reasonable amount of time. Takes me something like 15 minutes to air up all four tires.I am a firm believer in 2 is 1 and 1 is none so I bought a second pump as a backup in case I end up with a failure on a trail somewhere. The new pump came with a nice carry bag. I came up with a dewalt bag for the first one but this new carry bag is more compact and a good addition to the packaging.I have read a few reviews from people about these things being DOA and not finding out until they were in a bind and needed it. ALWAYS test a piece of equipment like this that you may need in an emergency when you first get it and put it through it's intended use to see if it's going to work and get things done. I air up my tires in my driveway with these when I get them to make sure everything is good to go and so far no problems." — D Haught

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a person using the cleaning gel to clean their car vent

9. A universal cleaning gel that's perfect for getting rid of crumbs, pet hairs, and dust when you're on the road - whether you're going solo or with loved ones. Messes happen, but this gel will at least make it fun and easy to handle them!

Promising review: "Works great I purchased this product to clean those little spaces in my car filled with random crumbs from my husband and dog hair and it works amazing. Picked up everything and didn’t leave a residue. The lemon scent was faint and didn’t over power the vehicle while I was cleaning it. But this definitely got in all the little knooks and crannies" — Kimberly

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the AAA kit and the various items that come in it

10. And last, but not least, a 42-piece AAA road kit to help you out when you have a problem on the road! It'll help you until you can get some professional help.

Promising review: "Shame on AAA! AAA should be ashamed of themselves to put their logo on this thing.24 of the 42 pieces are the first aid kit (bandaids))!One of the 42 pieces is a baggie (seriously?)I have attached a photo of the contents.I returned it immediately." — AS

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the holder mounted to a dashboard holding a smart phone

11. A car phone holder can help you use your phone's GPS while keeping your eyes on the road. Looking down at your phone's screen means you're not paying attention to the road, which is dangerous.

Promising review: "Supreme hold on the phone in the worst conditions The phone bracket - the part that matters, as it holds your $1,000 investment in place - is incredibly solid. No amount of vibration could shake it loose out of the bracket. (see video). The mount bar and sticky pad haven't been tried yet, but I'm far less worried about them. I'll update the review once I install the mount into the car with the included sticky pad and suction cup. At this point - 5+ stars; I've never had a mount this solid, with the capability to display the phone in portrait or landscape mode.The Car Mount:Simple to install, excellent design and easy to use. Very flexible, solid, sticks well to the provided pad. Easily adjustable height, reach, angle and orientation. Magnetic cord holder is kind of a gimic - just as easy to wrap the cable around the mount. Still very impressed with the whole package.Details:Made from solid, reinforced plastic. Not going to shear off during anything resembling normal use.Side grip bars do NOT touch any buttons, unlike most other mounts I've seen.Easy to release with a single squeeze.Easy to insert - just press and the wide side bars snap shut.Fits Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in a thick case.Does not cover any of the cameras. Yes, you can use this as a mount to video from your car." — Will England

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dual-port USB charger plugged in

12. If your phone is running out of battery and your speedometer is at 0, then a two-port USB charger will keep your phone at 100.

Promising review: "Not bad, not perfect. Great service. Looks built well, but it isn't flush in a late model explorer. It also wont fast charge galaxy equipment as noted.Update: The company stepped in and tried to help with the missing fast charge. They went beyond and above to try to resolve issue. Sadly, their resolution did not solve the lack of fast charging. They deserve 5 stars for service. I'll up the review from 3 to 4 stars due to this, but they should be clear galaxy phones will not fast charge with either of their car chargers. I will note, the charger quality is very good as far as the build and appearance go.If fast charge isn't important to you, this is very nice." — R&D

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a reviewer's dog sitting on the car seat cover in the passenger seatreviewer photo of the seat cover on their passenger seat

13. A front seat cover for your car that will keep your leather seats looking new, even if you have to bring your furry friend along for the ride.

Promising review: "GYM RAT loves this! I wanted a seat cover that was attractive, good enough for a pet (given my sweat after a workout), and a good fit. Found it!!! Photos of my Kia comes with an anchor which helps to keep it in place!" — Crazy String

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person vacuuming the floor of their car with the cordless vacuum

14. A cordless vacuum is perfect for quickly clearing away crumbs from the floor of your vehicle. Road trip snacks are essential for any summer road trip!

Promising review: "DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Find a better brand! A year ago when I first received this I would've given it a stellar review. Worked great for about 6 months, then the battery suddenly stopped holding charge for more than 1-2 minutes at a time. I've followed all instructions as far as properly charging and it doesn't make a difference. After the 6 months performance plummeted. Despite keeping up on maintenance (regular filter changes, cleaning product, charging according to manufacturer's instfuctions), the suction power dropped to half of what it was originally, would hardly even puck up clumps of loose pet hair and ligbt debris, crumbs, etc. At this point, 13 months after my purchase I'm ready to throw it in the trash and search for a new brand entirely. This week it decided to stop running after 10 seconds or less after switching power on (see video posted by another reviewer, same exact issue). Way too many poor reviews on recent B&D handheld, cordless vacs. I'm so disappointed as I did extensive research in the beginning and found this model to be rated better than many others of this brand. It proved to be a flop, and a complete waste of money. WILL NOT RECOMMEND this brand or model to friends or family anymore, and know several otbers personally who have run into same problems with this exact model. I'm not sure where all the positive reviews are coming from, but I hope these folks provide an honest update in 6-8 months time." — Matt1028

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the gap filler in a reviewer's car

15. A car seat gap filler that prevents things like your phone, spare change, and food remnants from slipping between the seats and staying there forever.

Promising review: "Seams split after a month. No response from customer service. I knew the product was overpriced, but thought it was a good solution. Unfortunately, the quality is extremely poor and emails to customer service go unanswered." — JB

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person checking their tire pressure with the gauge

16. A digital tire gauge is an easy way to check your tire pressure, especially if you're not familiar with car maintenance.

Promising review: "A must have tool. Period. Recently on a road trip I ran over a nail and I plugged it immediately but for some weird reason my TPMS wasn't lit and I then felt stupid for not having a tire gauge as there were no near by gas stations with air compressor to see how much of air I lost already. So I urge everyone to get one because you never know when you might need it.About the product; the reading is spot-on with 30 second auto off feature, build quality is good and there is light on both the display and at the nozzle which will surely help at night, It would have been great if there is a separate light switch as I don't feel the need for it during day time.It can gauge in 4 different metrics and remembers the previous setting.PSIBarkPakg/cm2It runs on battery and seems like replaceable by unscrewing two screws at the back. It takes 1 CR 2032 for the display and 3 LR44 for the gauge to function. This should easily last of years.One thing though, the PSI reading increments by .5 and this ain't a issue for me but it might concern others. I'm not pulling out a star for this as it does not affect me.Over all I'm very much satisfied with the purchase and I'll be using it every week to just monitor the tire pressure." — Prazy

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a tire's metal looking dullthe same tire's metal now looking shiny and new

17. Add some wheel cleaner to your cart for the sharpest ride on the highway!

Promising review: "Most effective wheel cleaner I have a BMW M3, which comes with particularly aggressive brake pads. The amount of brake dust this generates is unbelievable... it only takes a few days for the wheels to become totally black. I've tried dozens of cleaners. My weekly cleaner is actually P21S Wheel Gel, which costs a fraction of the Sonax. But for heavy accumulation or a "deep clean" nothing is better than the Sonax. It has a chemical to dissolve iron, similar to other products like Iron X. Since brake dust is primarily ionized ferrous material from disc wear sticking to the disc, the dissolution of the iron is important to get a totally-clean look. Expensive stuff, but does exactly what it is supposed to!" — Benjamin Pohl

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a stain on a reviewer's car seatthe same car seat now clear of the stain

18. Looking for an all-purpose car cleaner that'll make the inside of your car look as good as the day you got it? This car cleaner will make road trips more enjoyable with a fresh, new car feeling and make it easy to tackle messes when you get home!

Promising review: "Very amazing super cleaner ! Check out before and after ! This product is great ! All their products are great ! But this new product they have developed knocks it out of the ball park ! The pictures below are picture of a 2007 Nissan Titan truck I was detailing for a customer. The seats were disgusting and stained. I CAN ASSURE YOU ALL I USED WAS CAR GUYS SUPER CLEANER to clean the seats I simply sprayed super clean all over the seat until it was damp, I scrubbed with a detail brush, then vacuumed all of it up and dryer it with a microfiber. The results speak for themselves. This really is a SUPER CLEANER that is capable of cleaning mostly every interior surface and does an amazing job at it !" — Joseph L.

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on the left, a tire looking dirty, and on the right, the same tire, now looking shiny and clean

19. A tire shining kit that will have you looking and feeling like Danny Zuko once you're done using it. Just make sure the top of the car stays clean from the bottoms of your dirty shoes, too.

Promising review: "Love reading all the reviews on everything I buy Went on Amazon to buy some kind of tire shine. Love reading all the reviews on everything I buy. When I bought this I knew I wouldn't be disappointed cause of all the excellent reviews. This tire shine rocks. I did however, like everyone else does. Clean the rim after spraying tire shine on tires. I also used it for my trim and above the tires in the inner walls as shown in picture three. Worked great. After spraying let the tire dry. It will sling if you spray then drive." — slickcase

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a person waxing/polishing their car

20. And on a similar note, a waxer/polisher for restoring your vehicle's exterior to a condition even the dealership would be jealous of.

Promising review: "Best body massager on the planet for under $300 Best body massager on the planet for under $300. I get three years heavy commercial use using it on human bodies exclusively. I just bought my third. The two handles allow you to self massage every where but the middle of the back. I fixed that with a couple of straps. Every household should have one of these to restore circulation after a heavy workout or after using different muscles i.e. helping a friend move who lives up a set of stairs." — Born Free

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reviewer photo of Bluetooth transmitter set up in car

21. A Bluetooth transmitter that lets you make hands-free phone calls, listen to FM radio stations, or play music from your phone while charging it. Who's up for a summer road trip where we listen to Harry's House on repeat the whole time?!

Promising review: "Wish I Bought this a Long Time Ago I had seen these bluetooth type of devices before but never really thought about how MUCH MORE convenient it would be to be able not worry about cords and just enter my car...wait a couple of seconds...hear the device say "Paired" and be up and running with whatever I have going on my iPhone.I would suggest that you do an internet search for blank FM frequency/channels in your area because you'll need to find one in order to get the best audio quality. I experimented around to see if higher frequency channels did better, etc. but didn't find anything conclusive other than you need a really blank frequency.Also...remember that when you you head into other larger probably will have to change stations...and that's not fun if you didn't plan ahead...especially in a big city!Overall...I'm really glad I bought this and it works great!" — JT JOHNSON

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