Posted: 2019-08-22

21 Tech Products That'll Basically Become A Member Of Your Family

You'll definitely be including these in your next family photoshoot.

Levoit air purifier sitting on kitchen counterModel using Levoit smartphone app

1. A smart air purifier with settings you can completely control from your smartphone or other Alexa-enabled device. You can put it on a lower setting while you sleep by saying Alexa, turn down the air purifier while you curl up under the covers.

Promising review: "Hilarious update!!! Seems to work well! I’ve never used a purifier before so I don’t really know what else to expect, but it seems great. The Bluetooth function is also amazing! Not buggy at all and works perfectly. The only problem I have is I personally think it’s a bit loud not really a “white noise” on the lowest setting as stated in other reviews.UPDATE: I LOVE THIS PURCHASE!!!!! When it was in my living room I guess I couldn’t tell a huge difference since it was such a large space but I moved it into the bedroom where I thought the most amount of dust and fur was and it has helped more than I could have imagined. After washing our bedding it would usually be instantly covered in fur from our dog as well as our nightstands and curtains but ever since leaving it on for a few hours everyday there’s little to no fur built up anywhere!! Love love love this product and will buy more for different areas of the apartmentUPDATE: So.. my sister in law just sent me a viral video on Tik Tok of someone opening the bottom of this and the filter had never been taken out of the package. So naturally I walk over to mine, open the bottom, and when I tell you this is the first time in a while I’ve laughed out loud. THE SAME THING. the plastic packaging was still on my filter.. I HAVE USED THIS EVERYDAY FOR 6 MONTHS HAHAHA. And I really thought it was actually working. I’m laughing my butt off. I’m an idiot. Bye." — Sabre stringer

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A white smart plug in a wall electrical outlet

2. A Wi-Fi-connected smartplug is a must-have for anyone who wants to be able to control their lights with their phone or voice. You can also use it to set timers, which is a great way to automate your lighting.

Promising review: "Perfect for Alzheimer's Patients / Seniors Got this smart plug so I can remotely turn appliances/lights on and off in an Alzheimer's patient's home. I can remotely make sure things are off by simply turning them on/off in the Amazon Alexa app - super simple to use and really helps me out. Now I don't have to drive over there to make sure the lights are off, or the AC or TV are off, etc. Thank you!" — Rachel Wright

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Reviewer photo of coffee maker on kitchen counter next to an Alexa-enabled device

3. A coffee maker that connects to your Echo Dot so you can have Alexa as your live-in barista. She'll never spell your name wrong!

Promising review: "Brews a delicious pot of coffee and smart features function perfectly! (Please See Update.) I was very excited to try this coffeemaker out since I have had great results with this brand in the past. One of my wife's favorite movies of all time is "Smart House" so it is one of my life's goals to get her home as close to that one as possible, minus the movie results, lol.Right out of the box I was impressed with how well they secured everything. In fact, it is secured so well that you will want to take care using it for the first time as there are strips of tape on the front and back. Be especially mindful of the ones on the left and right of the coffee filter door as it could pose undue stress on it if the tape is not removed prior to opening.The coffee maker has an excellent low profile that is narrow as well. (7.5 inches across and 13.5 inches tall.) This does not take up a lot of your space yet still delivers a perfect 12 cup pot of coffee! One of the features that I love the most is how EVERYTHING can be done from the front! You can add water and the coffee grounds without having to slide the entire coffeemaker out from under the cabinets. Also, you don't have to worry about getting burned when you open either door while the pot is brewing or in operation in any way since there are no water sprays near these doors! Best of all, my reuseable coffee filter fits this model perfectly so no filters will have to be purchased.Adding water is easy now since the front flap opens up allowing you to add water from the left or the right side of the coffeemaker. This is great if you plan to use a sink sprayer to add water, just be mindful of the shallow reservoir opening and use low pressure. You can also add water with the carafe without spilling it all over the counter thanks to their wonderful design that did not drip ONE drop when adding water!As for the Alexa integration, this went perfectly without a single snag once I made one important change to my network. Despite it allowing you to manually input your network information if your SSID is hidden like mine is, you will have to UN-hide it while you set up the app. Once it connects and adds it to the Alexa control, you can re-hide your SSID.Also, to make setting up your coffeemaker easier, allow access to your camera on the cell phone so that you can just scan the convenient QR code on the back. This speeds up Alexa integration and makes it a lot easier for you.Once Alexa was set up, everything worked like a dream! The clock instantly is set to the correct time and she went right to work brewing me a pot of coffee on my command! (She even politely asked me "Did you mean coffeemaker?" when I incorrectly said "coffee pot.")Brewing a pot of coffee from the moment my command was acknowledged to full pot was exactly 11 minutes and 55 seconds using 3 full scoops of coffee from a typical coffee scoop. In a 62 degree (F) room, the coffee was 179 degrees (F). Best of all, the coffee strength was set to regular and throughout the entire brewing process, the coffee looked full-bodied and not weak at all so I could have interrupted the process and poured myself a good tasting full strength cup of coffee. Also, when brewing a second time I did interrupt it and am happy to report that only one drop continued out before the spring-loaded bottom closed it back.I am so excited about this wonderful coffeemaker. The coffee tastes amazing and is brewed at a good enough temperature to really bring out the excellent flavor in more expensive coffees as well as even conventional brands.I highly recommend this outstanding coffeemaker. It looks like they did a wonderful job thinking of everything with this and I like how they even leave the door open for more features in the future.P.S.Setting up the Alexa app is easy!-From Alexa app, tap the menu button on the top left and choose "Routines."-Then tap the plus sign on the top right to add a new routine.-From here you can name your routine, tell it when the routine should happen and add an action. For the "When" I chose "Schedule" and picked a certain time-you can even set a different routine for weekends and weekdays, particular days, if you plan to sleep in, etc.-Then you just "Add Action." Tap the plus and select "Smart Home", then "All Devices" then "Coffee Maker." You can set the Power as well as the Brew Strength from here.-That's it! You did it! Welcome to the future!(Make sure the "Ready to Brew" button is pushed before you go to sleep!)Technical info: The bottom says 950W. While brewing, it pulled a pretty constant 7.8 amps that only got close to 8 once or twice and around 962W.Hope this has helped you!Update 1/5/21:After faithfully serving us coffee for about a year, the display started getting glitchy and flickering. Soon after we no longer could see any of the display and it would not power on at all. The red light comes on when we manually press the power button but it doesn't do anything. Sadly it only lasted a year but it may be due to how sloppy I am with adding water.I used my kitchen sprayer to add the water before brewing and it is entirely possible that I got water where it wasn't supposed to be. At any rate we will now be looking for a different coffeemaker to try. This one served us very well until the end." —

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Smart diffuser next to smartphoneScreenshot of the diffuser's smartphone app

4. A remote-controlled essential oil diffuser and humidifier that lets you enjoy aromatherapy without having to get up off the couch.

Promising review: "Works with home WiFi I want to start by clarifying the unit I received does work with 5ghz WiFi. I saw someone gave it a 1star because they had to “reconfigure their home router” this is none sense although the instructions do say you have to be on the 2.4ghz. The unit is well built and the app is really simple to use, it does require you to register an account and use a valid email address, make sure you don’t use the password you normally use since the cloud service is probably in china somewhere and you don’t know who has access to the passwords. I ended up buying a hotel scent from amazon and my house smells amazing! You can have it turn on before you get home that way you don’t waste water. One other cool thing, it will tell you via the app when the water level is low." — William F.

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air fryer with recipe on phone next to it

5. A Wi-Fi-enabled air fryer that can be scheduled up to four hours in advance, so you know when your fried food will be ready.

Promising review: "SO EASY TO USE! I chose this particular air fryer over hundreds offered on Amazon. Features that were the most important to me were the number of presets (counting defrost) (12), the warranty (1 yr), Cosori accessories, and ease of use. It is easy to clean in the dishwasher, and the preset settings mean that I don't have to calculate time or temperature. But it's also easy to add time or subtract it if you need to. The night I received my air fryer, I made the most amazing steaks that were so tender and moist inside! Since then, I have made Cornish hens, BBQ ribs, blueberry muffins, tater tots, and many other dishes. The fryer is not heavy and it is not loud when in use. Do yourself a favor and buy this!" — cdiesing

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Gif of reviewer video showing robotic vacuum moving across the floorReviewer photo of inside of dust bin after using the robotic vacuum

6. A well-loved robotic vacuum over 36,000 Amazon reviewers have raved about. You can schedule cleaning times right from the included remote — and your guests will have no idea your new maid is actually a robot.

Promising review: "Great and Easy to Use! Background: I have a shedding dog, so I bought this in hopes that by running it every-day, it would pick up on some of the dog hair on the floor.What I like:-VERY easy to use.-easy to follow instructions-has a sticker on the bottom so if it ever stops and beeps, you can flip it over and it says exactly what the beeps mean (one beep means one thing, two beeps means another--which is SUPER helpful!).-color on top clearly shows what mode it is in (blue-ready to go, orange-needs to charge, red-problem to fix-such as emptying the tray).-very quiet. I can work on stuff with it in the room and it does not bother me at all (my dog also does not mind it).-works great on white carpet and easily transitions from my living room to dining room (which has a slight bump).-when its low on battery, it does not die where it is at, it just turns off the vacuum then finds the home doc and charges itself.-just works really well. I run it everyday and I am impressed by how much stuff it gets (especially when it goes under things such as the couch).-if it gets caught on a cord, it usually takes 5-10 seconds but then it stops the suctioning and moves away (releasing the cord or other item). However if you have a small cord you should put it up (and you should regardless, I just noticed it doing this a few times and thought it was neat, but I do try to pick up all cords).What could be improved:-nothing really in particular to this.-It does not work well on anything black, but this is true for all robot vacuums. It sometimes gets stuck when it goes on the black carpet we have with the black chairs (I suspect because it can not detect them), but this has not happened often. My dog has a black mat for her food and water and it always bumps into it and spills the water, but again, this would occur with any robot vacuum.-Also, make sure the doc is against a wall because otherwise it will move and never charge (self explanatory, but I did not do the first time and it kept trying to doc and was just pushing the doc around the floor).-Finally, you do have to dump out the vacuum particles almost every time you run it (if you do a full circle/battery cycle). It is really easy to dump and beeps when it needs to be emptied. Again, nothing really negative, just something to note.Overall, I really like this! It does a nice job cleaning up the dog hair and other things that get on my floor and saves me a lot of time not vacuuming daily. If you have a dog, I would watch them with this first before you use it. My dog was initially scared of it but sniffed it's "butt" and now they are cool and she does not mind it at all. Pleased with this product and would recommend! :)**UPDATE**On another note, Eufy has amazing customer service! I received an email from them addressing each of my "what could be improved" components with more information on the product. Very impressed." — CH

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Reviewer holding shower speaker hanging on shower handleReviewer's shower shelf with waterproof speaker placed on top

7. This waterproof speaker is perfect for bringing your shower concerts to the next level. With an impressive 12-hour battery life on a single charge, you can shout and cry your way through Olivia Rodrigo's Sour approximately 20 times before needing to recharge.

Promising review: "Small but loud! Of all the Bluetooth speakers I've tried in the past, this one has probably surprised me the most. It's not very large (perhaps only slightly larger than the palm of your hand), yet can get quite loud without compromising the sound quality. Basic speaker sounds (i.e when you turn it on, off, or if the battery is low) aren't too loud or annoying like the great majority of Bluetooth speakers I've owned. Battery life is about as advertised, however charging time takes a couple hours which can be irritating.One subtle but effective design quality I liked is that the logo isn't made too prominent, which is nice bc they look like your typical speakers without the annoying badge/logo everywhere. Would recommend, but take a second look at the dimensions before buying bc they are quite small." — Christina

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Trash can placed in corner with lid closedTrash can with automatic lid open

8. A trash can that opens with just a wave of your hand--because you shouldn't have to handle any more garbage this year.

Promising review: "Good purchase I have only had these cans over a month and they are great! They hold so much trash. I used to have to throw out the trash daily. These trash cans hold two days worth of trash. I purchased the stickers separately on Amazon." — linda vasquez

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Product shot of automatic pet feeder next to smart phoneCat eating from automatic pet feeder

9. An automatic pet feeder that allows you to schedule up to fifteen feedings per day. You can also record a greeting that plays with every meal, and I think that is incredibly cute.

Promising review: "Overall very satisfied—just one small issue Overall I am satisfied. You can set the manual feed button to serve 0 portions in the app, so you can disable that. My cats have not been able to break into the hopper (yet), so that’s good. However, when you move one around, a few kibbles pop out. One of my cats has figured this out and now spends a good amount of time every day trying to move it around. So that is definitely something to work on, but it’s not a major problem as it doesn’t seem they can really get that much food out and it’s a lot of work for them to do it.Edit: After owning for a while now, I did have a problem with 1/3 cats moving the units around. I came up with the solution pictured—all you need is a piece of plywood and a router. Trace the outline of the unit then route a small indent slightly wider than the outline.Another update: my cat has managed to break a tab off on the bowl, and now it does not stay in well. I am trying to get a replacement bowl from the company. Also, my plywood has not done a great job of keeping it in place—it worked for a while, but this devil cat quickly found a way to dislodge it. I have resorted to small gutter screws with plastic spacers to create small bumpers on either side. She has now defeated one of the bumpers so I am going to add more and see if it holds up." — A. Tremper

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IRobot robotic mop spraying cleaning solution on hardwood floor

10. A robotic mop is a great addition to any home because it eliminates the need for a bulky old-school bucket and mop. Plus, it does a better job of cleaning your floors than wet floor sweepers.

Promising review: "Amazing robot for cleaning light to medium stains on tiles I have had the Braava jet 240 for about 3 weeks now, and I just love it. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to keeping my kitchen and bathroom tiles clean. This thing is a game changer for me. If you just want to see some before/after pictures, see what I have added to this review. These pictures were taken where my trash can sits within the Kitchen. Judge me not :)The robot is very simple and small, and operation couldn't be easier. You fill the robots tank with some warm water, put on the cleaning pad of choice, pop in the battery and then let it loose in your desired location.The robot is not necessarily "super smart" in that it relies on running into objects to move around. But this actually works out quite well, and the robot does a really good job of sticking close to walls and edges. Corners can be a little tricky, see the screenshots I have added of a before/after picture. You will notice that one corner is still a bit dirty - well, the robot doesn't fully cover this corner for some reason. On the flip side, the dirt you see left is pretty much embedded into the tile. I had to get out a razor to scrap it off. And this leads me too...This robot is great for cleaning light to medium stains on your tiles/hardwood floors, as well as dusting. If you have deeply embedded stains, don't count on this robot getting them out.Words of warning: the robot recommends to not use a "cleaning solution" on stains you find on the tiles. What I mean is, you may be tempted to get out your 409 and spray a few deeper stains to help the robot clean them when it runs over them. This actually does work! BUT, you will get streaks if you are using the wet mop pads. These pads release a lot of their own chemicals while cleaning, so whatever you have added to the floor will get mixed with the robots own water, creating too much liquid for the pad to absorb. If you do get a lot of streaks, just pop on the dry cleaning pad and let the robot loose again!Charging time for the battery seems to be around 1-3 hours, depending on if you fully drained it previously." — Amazon Customer

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Smartphone wirelessly charging on top of alarm clock

11. An alarm clock with a wireless charging pad on top will remind you to charge your phone before you go to bed.

Promising review: "Love it!!!!! I love this clock. I even found it extremely nice that it it will turn off the display until a noise is made or a knock on the clock." — WeiserMom

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Model and child using their tablets The tablet's display screen with options for content

12. The Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet is perfect for even the most accident-prone child. Its sturdy case is perfect for small hands, and Amazon's Kids+ service will give you access to tons of kid-friendly apps and content — meaning you won't have to worry about what they're looking at.

Promising review: "Thumbs up! Great tablet! Has tons of educational games, videos & books. Easy set and runs smooth. My 3 year old loves it!" — Amazon Customer

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Reviewer's Echo Show 8 placed on table

13. If you're looking for a high-tech alarm clock, the Echo Show is a great option. It has a helpful screen that can display the weather, play videos, and even make video calls. Plus, it can do all the things an Echo Dot can do, like play music and control smart home devices.

Promising review: "Big camera upgrade from previous version, better video calls, faster, etc Key Upgrades from Show 8 (1st Gen, 2019) to Show 8 (2nd Gen, 2021):--NEW 13 MP CAMERA: Upgraded from 1MP in 1st Gen. MUCH better picture for video calls.--CAMERA AUTO FRAME: Camera follows you and centers you in the frame during video calls. The Show 8 itself does not move like the new Show 10 does, but the camera can still follow you and zoom in, in about a 120 degree arc in front of the Show 8.--NEW PROCESSOR: MediaTek MT 8183 octo-core processor, upgraded from MT 8163 in 1st Gen. This results in a faster, more responsive touch screen. Slight difference, but noticeable.--ADAPTIVE COLOR: Adjusts the color and white balance of the screen to the lighting in the room. This results in clearer, brighter looking images, even though the screen hardware is the same.--MOTION SENSOR: Camera detects motion activity, and can now trigger Routines. ie turning lights on when sensor detects a person in the room.--REMOTE VIEWING: Use the Alexa app on your phone to remotely view the camera of the Show 8, so you can check on your home while you're away. There is a big notice displayed on the Show 8 screen that says it is being remotely viewed.Downgrades:-No 3.5 mil Audio Jack: Removed the ability to plug in external speakers through a 3.5 mil audio port, the port on the back of the Gen 1 (2019) version is no longer there in Gen 2 (2021)(Also note – Same white power cord still ships with all versions, no matter what color Show you order)There are also a few new software features that will be available on this Show 8 (2021) AND the older Show 8 (2019), such as friends and family being able to upload images to your home screen, and in-call animations and AR effects. I have not tested these features yet, but they should work on both Show 8 versions.My opinions:-Should you upgrade from Show 8 (1st Gen, 2019)? : The new camera is a pretty huge difference in quality. If you make quite a few video calls, then this new Show 8 is probably worth the upgrade. The other useful improvement for me has been the motion detection launching Routines. This allows me to have my smart lights turn on when I enter the room. I'm sure there are plenty of other useful Routines that can be triggered by motion detection, and I will be trying out a few others. If you don't care about video calls, remote viewing, or motion sensors, then you should probably stick with the old Show 8 (1st Gen, 2019), because everything else is just about the same. Sure the processor is slightly faster, but it is not a big deal at all, and not worth buying a new Show 8 just for that.-Which size Show to Choose? : I have all three sizes, and I prefer this Show 8 over the Show 5 and Show 10. The Show 5 screen is just too small for video calls, and more suited for something like an alarm clock by your bed. The Show 10 is great, but the main advantages with the Show 10 are better speakers, and a physically rotating 10 inch screen. The camera is now the same in the 8 and 10, and so is the screen resolution. The Show 10 costs over $100 more than the Show 8 right now, and I think for many people that might not be worth the price difference." —

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Smartphone with accompanying app in front of smart lampReviewer photo showing smart lamp with the blue light setting

14. A smart lamp that allows you to change the lighting to match your mood with a simple touch of your phone. So, if you're watching a horror movie, you can have some red lighting, or if you're waking up in the morning, you can have some warm yellow light.

Promising review: "Perfect lamp for me I needed a new table lamp in my bedroom as the regular old one I had was killing my head. I have a neurological disorder and chronic migraine so light really bugs me. I use blackout curtains, and salt lamps and the tv for light, but sometimes I need more light. What I was looking for was a tall older: it had to emit a soft glow, not just a harsh light from a bulb. It had to be adjustable brightness, and if I could adjust the color, that would be nice too because I prefer a more yellow light. And I really wanted to be able to put it up on a high shelf but still be able to control it easily. This lamp totally fits the bill. I love that it is Alexa compatible, and I love that I can control it from my phone. The color variations are great. I usually just use it on about 50% brightness and yellowish, but I have used it on pink or purple when my nieces come visit because they like that. It has like a zillion colors. I also have it programmed to turn on every morning because it’s so much nicer to wake up that way instead of an obnoxious alarm." — R. Spencer

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Reviewer's Echo Dot placed on table

15. An Amazon Echo Dot is an Alexa-enabled device that can act as your own personal assistant. You can put it in your bedroom to easily set an alarm and listen to Spotify, or place one in your kitchen to set a timer during your next baking session.

Promising review: "So far so good! I have a few Dots around the house. One decided to have an attitude and she had to be replaced. Problem with voice recognition. I still pay the bills around here so she is not here any more!! HaHa!! I replaced her with the new Echo Dot 4th Gen in Blue. How pretty! It matches my home furnishings. Love the ball design. Very different but really kool. Sound is beautiful. I love playing music and the tone is great. I'll update if I run into a problem but so far I'm really pleased with this new design, color and sound. Highly recommend." — Shesinstpete33710

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Model touching screen on Revolution toaster

16. A touchscreen toaster to replace the old one you've had in the kitchen for a while. It heats up much faster than a traditional unit and has a touchscreen that lets you choose your preferred level of crispiness.

Promising review: "Toaster The product electronically works great, But it’s a toaster and it doesn’t have a deep enough slot for Ryebread so only 95 % of the bread gets toasted. I can’t believe they didn’t test it with different types of bread before releasing a toaster like this???" — Jeff

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A gif of a digital alarm clock with large white wheels on either side rolling off of a side table

17. Introducing the OR! A runaway alarm clock for anybody who hits snooze approximately 1,000 times before actually getting out of bed. This little gadget will roll away from you as soon as it starts beeping, so it's basically the closest you'll ever get to having an eject button on your mattress.

Promising review: "Great clock that gets me out of bed in the morning. I’ve had trouble getting out of bed and getting my day started ever since I hit puberty (15 years ago). This thing actually gets me out of bed!!! I’m a mechanical engineer, and looking at this thing, I can tell you: dropping it 3ft off an end table every day is only going to decrease the life of it, drastically. Unless you have a pillow under it I just don’t see it making it more than 2 years before part of the wheel breaks letting it fall like that.It’s made of plastic and just isn’t made to take a beating like that for an extended time. I set the alarm, and set it on the floor overnight in a different spot each day, and I’ve had incredible luck with it. The clock runs and seems to always find somwhere to hide. Also, the sound of R2-D2 at climax is certainly a sound that gets me out of bed in a rush. The plastic/price is just a trade off. If they went with steel axels and bearings it may last a bit longer, the clock would cost a lot more. Take care of your investment and your new mornings and just set it on the floor each night." — Amazon Customer

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Amazon Basics microwave on kitchen counter

18. A voice-controlled microwave so you can shout, "Alexa, microwave for two minutes" and truly feel like you're living in the future.

Promising review: "Good Small Microwave This is a good small microwave for someone in an apartment." — Robert McMurrer

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Reviewer's phone placed on wireless charger

19. A 3-in-1 wireless charger to help you get rid of all those pesky charging cords that always get tangled under your nightstand. Now you can just set your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods on the charger and know that your devices will be fully charged by the time you wake up.

Promising review: "Does not charge iPhone 12 Pro Max **Updated** **UPDATE**I'm downgrading this to one star because of the harassment by this company. Since leaving my original review, I've received daily emails asking me to change my review in exchange for some sort of compensation. This is a shady practice and Amazon needs to put a stop to it.This product looks fantastic and I was excited to get it set up. It charged my AirPods and Apple Watch just fine. However, it would not charge my iPhone 12 Pro Max. For that reason it has to go back." — Jason R.

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the alarm clock on a reviewer's nightstand

20. This digital alarm clock is famous on TikTok for its rotating display and many features. It has two USB ports for charging devices and the screen doubles as a mirror when the display is off. It also tells time, of course.

Promising review: "I wanted to love this...but At first I loved it. I was able to set it up without a problem and it looked great but then our power went out and trying to set the time for the second time was impossible. I literally spent a whole hour trying to set it up on three different occasions. I didn’t throw the manual out for this specific reason but it still did not help. If I could return I would but like all things too good to be true, they usually stop working right after the return date has passed." — Emily S.

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Reviewer photo of digital picture frame on table with calendar feature displayedReviewer photo of digital picture frame on table

21. A digital picture frame is a great way to display a slideshow of all your favorite memories. It's also a great excuse to take an excessive amount of photos every time you leave the house!

Promising review: "Nice Frame , fast shipping Fast shipping, I got my order in 2 days.Many accessories include a 4-foot adapter cable, a remote control, a metal stand, and a manual. In addition, the box left a deep impression on me, it is as beautiful as my iPhone X package. I have been using it for a few weeks and it works very well for me.Here are few highlights to share, hope this will help you.First, there is a screen protector on the surface of the photo frame. I think this will protect the photo frame from any scratches during the shippingSecond, a 32GB, Class 10 SD card from SanDisk. works great.Third, after connecting the adapter, inserting the SD card photo frame will work in a few seconds. if you set the time. The photo frame can be used as an alarm clock as well. Also, if you start playing my photo and have photo distorted problem, just set your photo back to original size, the problem will be solve. I will continue to update my comments, maybe I can find more new things." — Syl

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