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Posted: 2019-01-22

17 Sex Toys Just Because It's A Hot Gxrl Summer (Again)

Summer days, drifting away, but oh *oh* those summer nights...will leave your legs trembling.

Pink and purple striped summer fling dildoDildo next to banana for comparison

1. The Summer Fling dildo by Blush is a curvy, handcrafted toy that is perfect for your collection. It is one of the heftier Avant dildos with a 7-inch insertable length (8 inches total!) and 1.75 inches wide with a 5.75 inch girth at its max point.

Promising review: "Fake product, serial number doesn't match. Toy arrived looking fine, checked the serial number and it's a fake. Buyer beware." — Lauren

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Model holding red vibrator to display tongue-like detail

2. this summer... 😏 A palm-sized vibrator boasting a tongue with nine vibrations and nine licking motions, meaning it can l-l-l-lick you from your head to your toes, but no really. Ice cream won't be the only thing licked

Promising review: "Bought cause my boyfriend sucks at this Loved it! I like a strong vibration and even the first setting was too powerful, which is the lowest one lol. The tongue is soft, def feels like the real thing to me. Bad reviews saying it’s too rough are probably because they have sensitive lady bits. I don’t. You can add lube but I don’t need to. My boyfriend is garbage at giving head and I was sick of it LOL. Good luck to him getting any now when I can just use this 😂" — Khadijah Gay

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Available in 4 colors.

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Hand holding pink and gold vibratorHand holding vibrator from different angle to display texture and buttons

3. A textured silicone vibrator with 12 vibrating modes and a realistic-inspired design, so you can finally give your favorite spots the attention (and stimulation) they deserve.

Promising review: "WoW am I ever impressed by this product! I never thought it would be so AWESOME! I am shocked at how this product absolutely blew my mind from the very first moment I turned it on, and I am not one to exaggerate. I am on medication that renders me a difficult soul to enter into said bliss - and let me just share with you that I went to nirvana like I haven't in quite a while - it took me a minute to figure out all those dang variations and all - but when I did - man I was there for a while! - and goodness, now it's like a split second! -- I mean who wants to do that? I don't -- hey it's soft, smooth as I have ever felt like velvet really - ergonomically correct - it just fits -- you know? it's really great - quiet as a mouse my upstairs lady knows nothing!! I love it -- stays charged a while !! Hey, I am exploring new things all by myself -- NO DRAMA!!! it will be fun when I do decide to share!! He'd better not be insecure -- cause I'm not going to be worried about his ego at all -- he'd soon get over it!! It's 2019 for goodness sake! Let's all have fun! hey, don't just look at it. GET IT it's WILD AND SO WORTH IT!! I'm telling you, you deserve this girl!!! get him now!! The sooner it comes in the happer you will be -- I promise!!" — Miss G.

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Reviewer holding suction vibrator next to box

4. The Satisfyer Pro 2 submersible has over 31,000 5-star ratings from viewers because it provides nondirect clitoral stimulation and 11 pulsating suction intensities.

Promising review: "I cried because it’s changed my life. Ok. Real talk. I NEVER write reviews. But it was reviews I read that led me to purchase this mystical device and now I feel like I have to share to encourage others. I have always had an incredibly difficult time reaching completion. Sometimes it can take my hours with high tech vibes and even then no guarantees. In top of what is already a difficult thing for me I’m also on some meds that kill sex drive. My partner and I are on year 5 of our relationship and it’s always been a source of frustration and guilt that my participation is done solely for him as I can count on one hand the amount of time... in 5 years...that I have reached completion together. I had tried so many different things and was at the end of my emotional rope thinking I’m going to be participating in sex I don’t enjoy (through no fault of his skill or effort) for the rest of my life. Fast forward to this device. I honestly didn’t know what to think when I inboxed it. Probably the first time I have ever read instructions on a sex toy. But I swear to all that is holy I finished two, TWO, back to back O’s in under 20 minutes. Which for me is a GD miracle. Then went on to a 3rd while participating in the deed through some creative positioning. I think I might still be a little lightheaded. I cried and then decided to write this review. For any woman who is out there suffering and has tried it all please buy this. I know it’s changed my life in one night and saved my marriage from the slow death of intimacy." — Samantha Cole

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Pink triple-stimulating rabbit vibrator on pink scarf

5. How long can you last with this silky silicone 3-in-1 rabbit vibrator that offers simultaneous stimulation with a G-spot vibrator, classic bunny ears, and graduated anal beads?

Promising review: "THE ALL IN ONE PACKAGE. TWO THUMBS UP! Listen up gents, and gals. This fancy all in one toy makes quick work of getting the Mrs. primed and ready. This arrived Thursday. Quick shipping, good packaging. Gave it a good charge utilizing the included magnetic charging cord and then waited for the Mrs. to get home from work. Very simple to use. Hold the power button, as shown in video and the unit Powers up starting the main portion. Click the other buttons to run through the various tempos and speeds. Very powerful. Good strong vibration. The unit itself may appear overwhelming at first. Kinda alot going on. But trust me, give it a try!! She will love it. Guys, don't be ashamed to get one for the honey. The more satisfied she is the better it's all going to be. This unit is very soft as many of this company's other products. Customer service appears to be very quick and helpful if issues may arise. Two thumbs up for this handy little unit. Works amazing!" — Seth Filiatrault

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Reviewer holding black beaded anal vibratorVibrator in box next to removable bullet

6. A vibrating anal plug with graduated beads and 16 vibration modes lets you feel every little thing as you explore the rear.

Promising review: "Beginners size Starts really small then goes slightly larger. Definitely for beginners. I was thinking the balls were going to bigger but length is good. And OMG all those speeds! Loved it!" — JD

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Blue bullet vibrator next to condomReviewer holding vibrator in hand

7. An adorable (and waterproof) bullet vibrator with 10 settings and a discreet design, in case you like to take your ~O~ with you when you travel.

Promising review: "BAM! $20 MAKE YA HOLLER! Aahhh... Ive got two... The battery isnt the best. So get 2 instead of 1. Definitely worth the $20! Makes long car rides tolerable and rainy nights unforgettable! Seriously... Haha" — Miss.anthropist

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reviewer holding black and gold cock ringreviewer displaying textured side of cock ring

8. A cock ring equipped with a textured vibrating pad to stimulate the clit or balls - it's whatever pleasure you pick. Seriously, up the ante this summer by giving yourself a magical, vibrating dick.

Promising review: "I ended up having an amazing orgasm on level four This arrived in the mail yesterday. I got it charged up right away. After lubing up my husband and putting on the ring I mounted him. Started on the lowest setting and started feeling the excitement right away. I ended up having an amazing orgasm on level four. I find that clitoral stimulation mind blowing. After he fell asleep I had to use the vibrator again to fall asleep. This little toy is a bit of heaven!" — MsLing

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Reviewer holding red rose dual-stimulating vibrator in bathtubRed rose vibrator with bulb on one end

9. A dual stimulation rose vibrator known affectionately as the Soul Snatcher by TikTok users. The egg lets you get a little internal action, while its nine-speed tongue petal can stimulate your clit, nipples, and soul (according to users).

Promising review: "Omgg I’ve felt this I thought people were exaggerating but I truly haven’t felt this good since I started having sex, it made me realize how incompetent men are! Like I never knew i could feel soooo goood, it open doors for to think outside the box with my sex life. This toy is the truth!! I- idk how to explain how good I feel because I love sex but I haven’t found someone who did me how this toy did me, chileeee I could shed tear!!!!!!!!" — Mirabelawalite

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Model wearing vibrator pendant necklace

10. This stainless-steel bullet vibrator is splashproof and has four vibration modes. It can also be worn as a necklace, making it the perfect accessory for that plunging V-neck swimsuit you just bought (or have been eyeing). Just make sure you take it off before an actual dip, since it's splashproof, not waterproof!

Promising review: "What an AWESOME Accessory! This thing is beautiful, a girlfriend of ours was wearing one out to a club and we asked her what it was, she showed the Mrs and the Mrs's eyes lighted up like a Christmas tree- it is that stylish and sexy.I immediately ordered one and it came Dec 23rd, I gave it to the Mrs on Christmas eve and she was so excited to try it out. We ended up using it first thing in the Morning Christmas day and had an amazing time with it. It is small enough that it can be added easily to oral, while powerful enough to do the job.Great product, looks and works awesome, and when she wears it out- it is so erotic and sexy!" — Robert D

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Infographic of all six Spinner modelsgif of model demonstrating how to use spinner

11. A reusable Tenga Spinner masturbator , which comes in an assortment of styles, each with its own unique internal texture that spins around your shaft as you stroke for a lifelike squeeze.

Promising review: "Really, very good I am surprised at the low price for such a powerful delivery. I am a connoisseur of these types of solo-sexual enhancements and this is one of the best I have ever used. I have bought other similar sleeves for up to 4 times this price and this is as good or better than anything else I have used. My only complaint is that it is difficult to edge with it since it produces such pleasure that it's difficult to hold back from the ultimate sensation of going over the edge. I can safely and heartily guarantee this Tenga wonder." — timothy a warner

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Model sticking fingers into transparent masturbatorModel holding masturbator to display front and full length

12. A transparent masturbator boasting a tight, convex, textured interior that allows you to watch your progress as you twist, stroke, and finish.

Promising review: "Amazing masturbator toy It looks so realistic and just like it was described and shown, I love all the textures inside!!At the same time use with lubricants,Makes it feel more like the real thing.The toy is very easy to clean out because the bottom of the toy has a hole where you can easily run water through the top and rinse out anything else that may be in there." — Alberto

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Model holding hot pink miniature wand vibrator

13. A powerful miniature wand vibrator created with supple silicone for a soft-touch feel and 20 functions to take you right to that blissful, blurry edge.

Promising review: "Sanded off my june bug Let me start off by saying WOW! Don’t let this bad boy fool you, though it is small in nature it packs the strength of a power drill. Shocked, terrified, impressed. These are the emotions I went through when test driving this pleasure stick. I didn’t fully understand the strength adjustment and went full force right off the bat, and let me tell you, I almost sanded off my June bug. Have you ever been in the car, strolling down the highway, and hit the rumble strip and feel a little something something in your nether regions? Imagine that but multiple it by 100. I was shocked, my lady bits were shocked, but my roommates didn’t hear a thing. Let’s just say this isn’t your grandmas vibrator!" — Amazon Customer

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Pink snail-shaped vibrator

14. A snail-shaped vibrator boasting a unique shape, that tbh, I'm not sure exactly how it works, but I know it's designed for simultaneous constant clitoral contact and internal stimulation to take you to the edge real quick.

Promising review: "Wife loves it Has a lot of setting options. With levels of intensity and vibration variations. Puts stimulation in two areas at once with just the right amount of pressure.Not really a negative or complaint but an observation is the length makes it better for someone else to help with using it. The person receiving the stimulation doesn’t have to reach in possible uncomfortable positions.The ball end makes it very easy to hold onto" — Ben

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pink vibrator next to white wireless remote

15. A remote-controlled couples' vibrator specially made for dual-stimulation and wearability, so you and your S.O. can spice things up in your intimacy with the simple touch of a button.

Promising review: "My wife orgasmed sooo hard!!!! Trust me, buy this This product is amazing I bought it for my wife to spice up our sex life and I read tons of reviews on this Tracy’s Dog brand. Well.... it blew her mind, we were able to use it together I was able to penetrate her at the same time and the vibration felt amazing on me when I was inside thrusting at the same time, we both so turned on. My wife loved it so much, I mean she had such an intense orgasm like she’s never had before and when you see your wife make that face of total pleasure when she orgasms it’s unexplainable and it’s such a turn on and I even came harder as well, she absolutely loves this product so guys girls men women whoever’s looking at this just do it and you will not regret it whatsoever you will be so happy you would spend the money on this product. I would have paid $300 for this product as much pleasure as it gives both of us. The spice is back in our sex life. We really needed this excitement." — Juan Fabian Rodriguez

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Hitachi Magic Wand OriginalHitachi Magic Wand RechargeableHitachi Magic Wand Mini

16. The OG Magic Wand that's been delivering *relief* to loyal users for decades with two rumbly speeds and a simple single switch.

Promising review: "Magic wand exploded Omg I absolutely love my magic wand until it just exploded while I was using it. It made a loud pop sounds and I saw a big spark through my blankets. It even burnt my sheet. 😭Please send me a new one that doesn’t want to kill my tulip!" — Julie Mancuso

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Blue prostate massager in waterModels holding black prostate massager and wireless remote

17. This remote-controlled prostate vibrator has dual motors and six powerful vibrations to simultaneously stimulate the perineum and prostate (or G-spot) for maximum sensation.

Promising review: "Painful! and HUGE waste of money Product not well designed for normal anatomy. Could not use without oddly angled product causing lots of pain.Cover on remote difficult to remove and did not stay on after replacing.Save your money. Save yourself pain. Buy something else." — Pho

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Available in 2 colors.

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