Posted: 2019-12-25

17 Products Parents Say They're "Obsessed" With

If you're feeling the stress of parenting, we bet one of these products will make your life just a bit easier. Don't take it from us, take it from the glowing reviews.

reviewer image of the screen attached to the dashboard of their car with a view of the carseat

1. A backseat car video monitor gives you peace of mind knowing they're safe in the back of the car (especially if they're in a rear-facing car seat).

Promising review: "Easy to install and it's better than the baby mirror! It's give you more visibility on what the baby is doing without keep checking on the back mirror all the time while driving. It is easy to install as well. I think the camera is wide angle as I can see every corner of my car as well if the angle was right. I wish there's an SD card option that you can record as well as this is part of the memory of baby growing up." — Jo M

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Reviewer's photo of their child eating in the high chair with the words Reviewer's photo of the high chair folded up

2. If you're limited on space, the Graco Slim Snacker high chair is a great option. It's compact and can be easily stored away when not in use.

Promising review: "Love love love! Absolutely love this highchair! I'm a first time mom, and being new to this I wasn't sure what to look for when it came to buying a highchair. Naturally, I thought "just buy something cheap." Boy was I wrong! I originally purchased the Evenflo Symmetry highchair which was TERRIBLE! The part that goes between the legs was shaped like a T. Therefore making it hard to fit a wiggly baby in there. So after some research, I ended up buying this one as a replacement. And I am in LOVE!I read another review that said the cover doesn't come off for easy cleaning, and after looking closely it does come off! It has some elastic bands that hold it onto the highchair itself, but on those bands there are little hooks that can come off for easy cleaning. (See picture)Pros:- Decent price- Has a basket underneath to hold bibs- Folds up really nicely for easy storage- Reclines!! (My favorite feature!)- Is gender neutralCons- None :)I would reccomend this highchair to anyone." — Sarcher

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Two pack-n-play mattress sheets in owl and whale printsreviewer's photo of the gray and teal elephant print sheet on their pack-n-play mattress

3. A two-pack of super soft and stretchy sheets to ensure your little one gets a comfortable night's sleep on a bed with sheets that won't bunch up.

Promising review: "Worth Every Dollar I like the fact that it fits perfect in the pack and play. My son finds it comfortable which makes a parent happy!! Great purchase!!" — Konnor

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reviewer's photo of the white pottyreviewer's gif showing how the toilet works

4. The Summer Infant potty training toilet is perfect for preparing your child for the transition to the big people's toilet. It has realistic flushing sounds and is super easy to clean.

Promising review: "The perfect boy potty! This is perfect!!! Initially we got a potty that made a lot of noise and lit up and it was too distracting for our son. He just wanted to play with it and not do his business on it. Also, other potties do not have a boy shield that is high enough and that is totally neccisary with a boy. Very happy with this! He is going to be really mad at me for this picture someday 😳." — TheMommyLook

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reviewer holding the cup in nautical blue printreviewer demonstrating that the cup is leak proof

5. A Contigo spill-proof tumbler so you won't have to worry about your child spilling juice all over the backseat of your car. This bottle is actually leak-proof; they could probably toss it across the room and it would still keep all the contents inside.

Promising review: "Great cup until mold in the lid I bought this because of the stainless design, my child prefers using a straw, and the 12 oz. capacity versus other toddler cups that hold less and you constantly have to refill. It was a great cup when we first used it. It keeps the liquids cold longer than others we've tried, and has little to no leakage. It is somewhat difficult to get the drink "started" each time you refill and replace the lid, but that is easily dealt with by giving it a quick sip before giving it to your child. You can easily keep the straw pieces clean with the two-parts to the straw and regular use of a pipe/straw cleaner. I was excited that this cup seemed to be the answer to the many attempts at finding something that doesn't leak, is easy for a toddler (20 month old) to use, holds more than a couple ounces, and is something that can be kept clean and free of mold in all it's parts.After only a few weeks of use, the lid's vent section had mold on it, and it is impossible to get anything into that area to clean it. Because of the difficulty in finding and keeping a cup that won't mold, I've been meticulous about cleaning and allowing the parts to dry to hopefully avoid mold growth. However, the vent is ruined, the lid unusable, and we have yet another cup that either takes up space or gets thrown in the trash." — Aaron R

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Reviewer spinning the container to reveal the snacks in each compartmentThe circular six compartment spinner with food inside of it

6. A snack spinner with five compartments is a fun way to keep snacks organized and contained. I'll take some goldfish with a side of strawberries, please.

Promising review: "Best snack dispenser on the market Seriously the best, most ingenious snack dispenser ever. It’s so simple and powerful. My girls love the power of choice, and pushing the button to make it spin! We actually got an extra to have when we play with our little best friend to avoid jealousy. I also love that it makes introducing new foods so easy. I just put a small portion in one section and they have the complete choice to try it or pass it. This snack spinner is so fun that they often surprise me with what they choose to eat first! Makes snacks on the go so simple, and pair it with a little sandwich and we have lunch, too! I can choose to offer variety or all sections full of the same thing, depending on the day! I feel empowered as a parent with this tool. Thank you GoBe! You guys are freaking geniuses." — Colton Bragg

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gif of reviewer using mop and spinner reviewer image of mop

7. The following is a mop cleaning system that eliminates the need for crying over spilled milk. This mop and bucket combo allows you to mop, rinse, and wring out excess water all in a few seconds. There is no need to drag a sopping wet mop across the floor. This system also works with just plain old water and doesn't require harsh cleaners.

Promising review: "OCD Approved! Okay, so ever since finding this mop on Amazon, I've been excited to try it. In a market of sub-par household cleaning devices, this thing ROCKS! I love this mop so much, I mopped my whole house twice in a row. This mop picks up everything off the floor. Even pebbles that can be left on the floor in corners and pet hair. This mop picks up everything! The wringer is PERFECT. I do a two step process where I first start by getting the floor sopping wet, then I go back through with the mop as dry as I can get it. My floors are completely dry in about 5 minutes. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Please buy this mop!" — Dillon B.

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reviewer image of the cacti brush set in the white containerreviewer image of the brush set out of the container, showing the different types of brushes

8. A cacti-themed bottle cleaning brush set because your sponge just isn't getting the job done when it comes time to clean that pile of baby bottles. This comes with a variety of different brushes so you can get every nook and cranny.

Promising review: "this brush set works well and looks fine in the window behind the sink. I bought this brush set for my wife to clean her 1 quart milk bottles. this brush set is from Europe, France or somewhere like that. I feel the need to warn my fellow American men who might buy these for his wife. the nipple brush is a cruel and harmful tool for the American nipple. evidently the European folks have extremely resilient nipples. don't try it even if you are the brave sort of guy. and we won't even go there about the straw cleaning brush! just don't do it men. you can use this product to clean baby bottles or something." — Barbara

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The ergonomic shaped brush in turquoiseReviewer's after photo of smooth hair from using the brush

9. A detangling brush can save you from the screams of your tiny tot during hairbrush time post bath or shower. I was this kid, and my mom would've been saved by my ear-hurting screams if she had this when I was little instead of a comb.

Promising review: "This brush does work even for a person who can't do hair like me So I have a testimony.. Royalty is the most tender headed kid in the world. She would cry before u even touch her head.. professionals gave up on doing her hair. I got frustrated because I can't do hair to save my life.. but I found a detangling brush on amazon. I thought it wouldn't work for black people kinky / thicke hair but I tried so many other things so why not try this one. And boy I tell you I was able to comb through royalty's whole head without her shedding one tear. Right!! Even Royalty couldn't believe she didn't cry.. I recommend everyone who have a child or even for your hair to buy Crave naturals detangling brush.. it works it works it works wonders. Thank you Lord for leading me to this life saving brush." — TaReese Womack

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reviewer's photo of the stroller fan attached to a car seatreviewer's photo of the black fan attached to a stroller

10. A stroller fan is a handheld device that can be placed on a baby stroller, car seat, or high chair to keep the baby cool.

Promising review: "Works well for Florida high temps We live in Florida and realized how badly we needed a fan for our newborn. We use it pretty much on a daily basis. We put it on her car seat and on her stroller when we go on walks. I’ve even propped it up on our desk when I’m working and holding our daughter. The three speeds are great: low usually offers just enough of a cool down and high is very impressive because it’s fast and quiet. The lights we didn’t really need but has been a nice feature to have. Our daughter hates going in her car seat and this helps to distract her sometimes. Plus, since we live in Florida we have to wait to go on walks until later in the day and the light lets us be seen easier. Overall, it’s a great and I’d definitely recommend!" — EmLe

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red salsa all over carpeted stairsthe same stairs now stain and salsa free

11. A bottle of Folex carpet stain remover is perfect for when your kids make a total mess. Juice stains, paint, and any other stain they could possibly cause, won't stand a chance against this effective cleaner.

Promising review: "LOVE!!!!!! So, instead of asking for recommendations, I want to give one.I skimmed an article about amazing cleaning products, and was drawn to this carpet stain remover. Sounded great, especially for the cost. So I got it and tried it on an old doggie pee stain I cannot remove. Well it worked, and it was so fast and easy to use. Spray, rub in with fingers or a scrub brush, wipe up with a dry cloth. Poof - stain is gone! I told my husband, I don't even care if the stain comes back, I'll do that once a week - worth it!STAIN CAME BACK. So a few weeks later, the stain came back, I repeated the process but with more saturation, and more scrubbing. I know it's gross, but I smelled the rag to see if it smelled like dog pee - IT DID. So although I've tried 10 ways to get the stain up, this product actually gets 4 month old, repeatedly cleaned, dog pee stains out of carpets. Just wanted to share because I am in love!!!If the stain comes back, it's needs more spraying, scrubbing, and wiping. That's all." — Michelle Wisk

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reviewer's photo of their child eating oatmeal from the blue silicone bowlA gif showing a toddler eating from the bowl

12. This Ezpz Happy Bowl has a built-in placemat to help reduce spillage and stress during meal time. It's dishwasher- and microwave-safe!

Promising review: "We use these for the cats! Our cats have ... We use these for the cats! Our cats have dry food available 24/7 and were constantly pushing the dishes around as they ate, so we'd end up kicking/tripping over them and sending dry food flying everywhere. They also get canned food in the morning, in a different spot, and those dishes kept ending up under the edge of the counters so they couldn't get to all the food.We now have two of these with dry food in them 24/7 and we plop the smaller canned food dishes right on top of the dry food in the morning! They're able to eat all the canned food, then we pick those dishes up and they're back to grazing!They should make a line for pets with paw prints and bones on them. ;)" — Diana Solomon

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reviewer image of the bottle with pink lid and clear capreviewer holding the bottle with green lid and clear cap

13. A cult-favorite Comotomo baby bottle that is leakproof and makes transitioning your little one from breastfeeding to bottle feeding more effortless. The shape of the bottle is designed to mimic breastfeeding, and the anti-colic vents allow for smooth milk flow, so you can worry less about gas and spit-up.

Promising review: "Leaks!!! I absolutely love these bottles I just got another set of two! But the holes on the side leak! I gave my baby his bottle and he had milk all over from the bottle leaking!" — Caitlin

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reviewer's video showing their child self feeding with the spoonreviewer's photo showing their child using the spoon to eat oatmeal from a bowl with the words

14. A set of starter spoons that are perfectly designed with a textured surface to latch onto soft foods. You can worry less about their pureed peas slipping and sliding all over the spoon. This will make it easier for them to start learning to feed themselves!

Promising review: "Perfect for independent babies! My sweet girl is just attempting purees and she would shut down when I'd try and put a spoon in her mouth. Now I just dip this in the puree, hand it over and she does her own thing. Allows her to feel a sense of control over her eating as well as working on her fine motor skills. I love it and have bought them for a few of my friends who are expecting." — Mama Jo

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reviewer image of the maze plated filled with different kinds of foods

15. A sectioned dinner tray for a board game-like way to convince them that meal time is meant for...eating. No more trying to bribe them with the whole take five more bites and THEN you can have desserttactic.

Promising review: "WORTH. EVERY. PENNY! Okay... judge all you want... I'm clearly not above bribery, or making "dinner fun"... but I got my boy to eat all his onions and green peppers!! A whole deconstructed fajita. He's eaten fish, Brussel sprouts, asparagus, salad and anything I fill on the plate. He eats it in order of the game path too. 😂Ever since I got this plate, I have gotten him to eat everything!! Even the "no! I hate deez things" get eaten.Whoever invented this "game plate", the "hidden prize box" at the end was BRILLIANT! Having the prize within reach, but not knowing what it is, changes out of the "no dessert if you don't eat" rhythm.I accidentally ordered this, thinking it was a two pack, and probably wouldn't have paid what I did for one without knowing the awesomeness and dinnertime ease it would create.WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.The first time, he asked for another filled plate ONLY if he got another prize 😂, finished that, and asked for a third! He calls everyone in to see the "reveal". It really is "the little things". Haha#PickyEaterDefeater#JoysOfBoysI just posted this same *review* with pics to my FB, and had to add the link because all of my friends needed it!" — BeckyBookah

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person using brush to clean baby bottle at sink

16. Or a Dr. Brown's bottle brush to thoroughly sanitize your plethora of baby bottles. The shape is designed to clean bottle nipples with ease and it comes with a storage clip so you can keep it near the sink at all times.

Promising review: "READ B4 U BUY OXO OR ANY ALL BRISTLE, NO FOAM TOP BOTTLE CLEANER BRUSH!!!!! This is my 2nd one. I contemplated buying an all bristle one like OXO without the foam top as it starts to break apart after 3/4 mos. then I spoke to a few people luckily. THE FOAM IS NECESSARY!! Here's why!! Plz read ... when you pull the brush up thru top top clean upper part of bottle or pull it out when done the foam acts as a splash guard from water & soap going everywhere, splashing dishes, appliances, etc. My friend demonstrated this awful design flaw on an all bristle no foam brush for me. Worth just replacing every 2 to 4 mos. Maybe you will get longer use as I am pretty OCD about greasy bottle insides lol. If u choose another look for one that has a microfiber or soft top material or perhaps look specifically for NO SPLASH BACK features. Ps. Best bottles ever too!! Make sure rubber ring is securely sealed or will leak. Reviewers are wrong, rings don't leak unless u thread wrong with is like impossible w/out knowing ... It's consumer misuse ... press edges of rubber ring to seal and you have yourself best anti colic weapon on market for the $$." — The Machinist

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The forehead thermometer in whiteReviewer taking temperature of their child

17. A sleek touchless forehead thermometer that is easier to use than a classic thermometer. This works on adults too!

Promising review: "Use it properly and it's awesome! I mainly purchased this for the middle of the night. My littles tend to spike their fevers at night and they always feel like they are 500 degrees. I wanted a way to take their temp without disturbing them. This is PERFECT for that. No beeping, no bright lights, easy to hold and use. That being said, the people complaining about inaccuracy aren't using it in the proper spot. I tested this by measuring different areas of the forehead and they are not all the same temp with or without a fever. You need to aim it at the center of the forehead about a fingers width away and you'll be all set!" — Jenni B

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