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Posted: 2019-12-21

10 Waffle Makers That'll Have You Excited To Eat Breakfast Every Morning

Stop ~waffling~ around and treat yourself. 🧇

Reviewer image of closed black waffle makerReviewer image of black waffle maker with waffle inside

1. A nonstick Black + Decker waffle maker capable of rotating 180 degrees to make sure all that delectable batter is distributed evenly for extra fluffy deliciousness in every bite.

Promising review: "Flipping over waffles... I never made so many waffles before lol.I've had many waffle makers in the past and always end up giving them away. Now that the price on "flips" have gone down and the non-stick surfaces are much more durable allowing for easier clean-up, the market for waffle makers looks much more inviting.The waffles cook evenly and if the directions (that few people know how to read) are PROPERLY FOLLOWED you will have no problems, unlike the people that rate this product one star (insert incredulous face).This device has been getting used regularly since August 2015, and so far there have been no issues. If would have been nice if they included an exacting measuring cup. You need about 3/4 of a cup of batter to fill the grill.There are some other good "flips" on the market that I haven't had the pleasure of trying, but so far this has given me no reason to do so." — Jared

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Reviewer image of the dinosaur-shaped waffles on a plateReviewer image of the black dinosaur waffle maker

2. A mini dinosaur waffle maker that is as good as dynamite and will inspire you to watch Jurassic Park again for the umpteenth time. Move over dino-shaped chicken nuggets, you have competition.

Promising review: "Dinotastic! I purchased the Dinosaur Mini Waffle Maker as a gift for our little Dino lover. It was, and continues to be, a huge hit. I wasn't sure what kind of quality I was going to get from this tiny waffle maker. I have tried other small appliances (panini maker, donut maker) from other brands with mixed results, but the price was right to give it a shot. So glad I did! The dino waffle maker couldn't be any easier to use and the cool little waffles make me a hero to our son (win:win). It's also really easy to clean up afterwards, which makes all the difference on how frequently I'm willing to use it. I liked it so much, I sent one to my best friend to use with her kiddos and she's had the same results. Great product!" — Organization Freak

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Reviewer image of heart-shaped wafflesReviewer image of pineapple waffles

3. A bestselling mini Dash waffle maker with over 167,000 5-star reviews available in traditional round shapes or hearts, pumpkins, pineapples, skulls, and more to make waking up in the morning a whole lot easier.

Promising review: "Surpassed my expectations! Definitely one of the best purchases I have made on amazon so far. Just as described, it is a mini waffle-maker. The “mini” part is no joke, the whole thing is small enough to lift in one hand. If you are feeding breakfast to a whole family of five or more then this may not be for you. However, because of its size, it works quicker than a normal sized one so even though you can only make one small waffle at a time, each waffle should be done in about a minute or two. The interior is also non-stick so it is really easy to clean which was a huge bonus for me. On top of that, it comes with a little instruction panphlet that tells you how to use and and also include recipes and recipe ideas! Personally, I love it, it’s what I wanted and more." — Cristal

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Reviewer image of black round waffle makerReviewer image of waffles and black and silver waffle maker

4. A stainless-steel "No-Mess" Breville waffle maker capable of making the ~super crispy and/or fluffy waffles of your dreams~ while its no-mess moat makes clean up easy breezy.

Promising review: "Traditional waffle maker I received this waffle maker today and made waffles for supper. Finally I have a wonderful traditional waffle maker! The waffles turned out great, just like the ones I grew up with. My old traditional waffle maker died after about 30 years. I had no idea it would be so hard to find a replacement. I bought the Chef's Choice Waffle Pro based on Cooks Illustrated/America's Test Kitchen review, but they should have said it makes really thin waffles. If you like really, really thin waffles that is the one to buy. If you want traditional waffles, not Belgium buy the Breville. The machine is very well made. I am very happy with my purchase." — MI Kate

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Reviewer image of waffle in black and silver waffle makerReviewer image of exterior of silver waffle maker

5. A Cuisinart double waffle maker that will create extra-deep pockets for butter and syrup.

Promising review: "Cook waffles like the pros My 40-year quest to find the perfect waffle maker ended when I purchased this double flip model. Over the decades I had bought and used a number of different non-flip models (Delonghi, Cuisinart, All-Clad). All suffered from the same problem of requiring more precise filling than I was capable of -- too much batter and it oozed out the sides and made a big mess, but too little and the waffles ended up with bald spots. Then I started paying attention to the waffle makers that hotels use for brunch. From Frankfurt to Burlington to Savannah, they all used flip-style waffle makers. So I hunted down and tried this model. It works great! The flip action distributes the batter evenly. No oozing, and no bald spots. And the thermometer/timer works very well -- I set it around 4 and when the beeper sounds I have perfectly golden brown waffles every time. The waffles release easily, and there's minimal cleanup. There's a similar flip model that makes just one waffle, but I strongly recommend this double flip, since it makes it super simple to produce a steady stream of waffles for hungry nieces and nephews. BTW, this model was sold under the Waring brand name until recently (hence the WAF model number). Conair owns Waring and Cuisinart, and as far as I can tell this Cuisinart is exactly the same as the Waring (we've been using the Waring for several years, and recently bought the Cuisinart-badged model for use at Grandma's house). Best. Waffle. Maker. Ever." —

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Reviewer image of the black and silver waffle makerReviewer image of the black waffle maker

6. What's better than a Krups Belgian waffle maker that whips up four waffles at one time and then has removable plates so you can (gently) toss them into the dishwasher? Tedious cleanup, who?

Promising review: "which I thought was a very good product. However the AllClad finally just was not ... This waffle iron replaces a 5+yr old AllClad, which I thought was a very good product. However the AllClad finally just was not performing and we were looking for a replacement. This Krups is GREAT!! It produces evenly baked, crispy waffles and is by far a better waffle iron than my old AllClad. We usually will have waffles once every couple of weeks, and we are only cooking for 2 people.We have found that the best bake comes from using the highest setting of "5" and using about 1/2 cup of batter per section. (Also, this is the first one we have had that "latches" down and since my husband likes to be the cook for these, we have to remember to latch it. Otherwise, just a bit less crispy and the top does not bake as well.)Cleanup is EASY with the removable plates. One of the things I most wanted in a new waffler, were removable plates--to ease the cleaning process. And this works.All of this and it only costs a fraction of what I paid for the AllClad. So far, we are very, very happy with the Krups and would highly recommend it." — C. Clark

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Two reviewer images of exterior of waffle maker and wafflesReviewer image of the inside of the black and silver waffle maker

7. A splurge-worthy Breville "Smart" waffle maker equipped with "Waffle IQ" technology to let you have total control with five different darkness settings.

Promising review: "Waffles and anything else you can think of! My wife has been curious about a waffle maker for the last year so I surprised her with this one for the holidays. She loves it. Not only is she making these delicious gluten-free Belgium’s, she’s making sandwiches, quesadillas, eggs, hash browns and pretty much anything you can think of.. our only downside is an easy way to clean as the irons can not be removed. *tip - use a tea kettle, heat up water and pour into trays, let sit a bit and then pour out and wipe." — Panda

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Reviewer image of waffle sticks and the waffle makerReviewer image of the waffle sticks

8. A mini Babycakes nonstick waffle stick maker will make your daily grab-and-go breakfast even easier.

Promising review: "WILL IT WAFFLE? YES! YES IT WILL! We do alot of waffle iron cooking, and you would be surprised what you can make in this. I have cooked grilled cheese sandwiches, scrambled eggs, sausage links, and of course, waffles in this, and its the perfect size for small servings. Just purchased another one to store for when this one kicks the bucket. Google "will it waffle" and find out just how handy this little guy can be!**FOLLOW UP**It's been a year now, and I've been using both of these nearly every day, and they are both going strong. I cook sausage and eggs in one, and waffles in the other. I bought a THIRD to put in storage as a backup. Can't even express how much I love these." — KachinaDesigns

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Reviewer image of silver waffle makerReviewer image of waffles

9. An All-Clad stainless-steel waffle maker offering six to seven browning settings to toast your waffles to perfection in no time flat.

Promising review: "The waffle maker is great. Makes awesome waffles The waffle maker is great. Makes awesome waffles. However, the handle was loose when I received the unit. I sent it back for repair and when I got the repaired item back, the handle was still loose. It had paperwork that said the handle was tightened, but it did not look like it had even been unpacked. I am disappointed that an item this expensive and from such a reputable company has such poor quality control and poor repair service." — Zuker

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Two reviewer images of the waffle maker open and shut

10. A Cuisinart classic round waffle maker that is easy to use, easy to clean, and can produce a 10/10 waffle every single time.

Promising review: "Love my waffle iron. There is a trick to getting it not to stick! 4 YEARS LATER AND IT STILL WORKS! I purchased this item about a year ago. I tried making a waffle, but it stuck so badly. Finally I got it all cleaned and decided to try other reviewers suggestions such as use pam spray before you pour your waffle mix and put oil in the waffle mix and it still didn't work.I never used the waffle iron again. The waffles stuck so bad that it was impossible to get it cleaned. I threw it away.Why did I give it five stars? Call me crazy, but I bought another one. I thought I would give it another try. It worked. It didn't stick at all. I Here is the trick to do when you first get this waffle iron. Like another reviewer said, I used the Pam spray before pouring the waffle batter and I also added vegetable oil to the waffle mix. On my first purchase I used the Pam and added oil to the waffle mix, but the waffles stuck. On my second purchase I did everything the same (used Pam and oil in the mixture), BUT I did something different. I put the waffle dial between 4 and 5. After I poured the waffle mix in, I waited for the green light to come on. Note: you get a green light when the waffle maker is ready for you to pour the mix in and once you do and close the lid it turns red and then will turn green again after awhile). So anyways, I poured my mixture in and waited until the green light came on. Do not peek to see if the waffle is ready. Once the green light comes on...DO NOT OPEN THE WAFFLE MAKER. Let it cook for a little while longer (I waited pretty long thinking that it is going to be burnt). Then open it up. You will have a thoroughly cooked (really crispy cooked waffle that does not look appetizing). The key is the first waffle is never to be eaten. First because it helps get the new smell, newly heated waffle iron out. Second, because you cooked the waffle so very long. But that is the key. By cooking it so long the first time is like seasoning the waffle iron. If you open it too early it will separate the waffle and it will stick. So be sure to make your first waffle the throw away waffle.On your second waffle, still use the Pam and put oil in the mixture. I put the dial between 3 and 4 and opened the waffle iron exactly when the light turned green. It came out wonderfully. My third waffle (on another day) I put oil in the mixture and didn't even bother using the Pam. It didn't stick at all and came out perfect.For those who are wondering what waffle mix I used thinking that would make a difference in if it sticks or not. I used the Krustez pancake mix. Though Krustez says to just add water. Make sure you put in oil. I used a good amount of oil the first three times because I was still nervous about it sticking. Now I use some oil.I hope this helps someone. Like I said, the first one I bought it stuck every time and I had to throw it away. The second one works great and I think it is because the first waffle was my throw away waffle and I made sure it was thoroughly cooked. Finally, I can have waffles again.If this review has helped you, please comment and let me know. Thanks.UPDATE: FROM READING THE COMMENTS TO MY PREVIOUS REVIEW IT SEEMS THERE IS A LITTLE CONFUSION ABOUT THE FIRST WAFFLE. I TOOK THE WAFFLE IRON OUT OF THE BOX AND I ONLY THREW AWAY THE VERY FIRST WAFFLE THE FIRST TIME I USED IT. EVERY OTHER WAFFLE AFTER THAT YOU EAT. WHEN YOU USE IT ON ANOTHER DAY, YOU DON'T HAVE TO THROW AWAY THE FIRST WAFFLE. YOU EAT THEM ALL. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE WAFFLE LOVERS....FOR THE LIFETIME OF THIS WAFFLE MAKER, ONLY ONE WAFFLE WAS SACRIFICED AND ALL THE OTHERS WERE EATEN. :)" — C. Moore

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