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Expert Choice is committing to cutting through the noise to give you verified products. Each product is independently tested, reviewed, and outlined with the qualities that matter most. We simplify your purchase process by making you more informed. Our goal is to save time and eliminate the stress of shopping.

We're a team of product experts who are dedicated to helping you find what's right for your life. We work with total editorial independence, so our recommendations will always be impartial and trustworthy - no matter if it’s something everyday or one-of-a kind! We specialize in products featured on major marketplaces from Amazon, Wayfair, and much more. Explore our catalog and find products that make life easier.

Q. What is Expert Choice?

A. A platform that helps consumers make informed buying decisions. We serve to save time, money, and trips to the store.

Q. What products does Expert Choice focus on?

A. We review products from a variety of categories. We do not limit ourselves to one category, but rather all encompassing day-to-day essentials. We specialize in products selling on marketplaces. From Amazon, Wish, Wayfair, and much more.

Q. Do you purchase these products yourself?

A. Our reviewers follow their own independent assessment process. The purchase process is an integral part to evaluate the product. Our reviewers complete their assessment based on in person assessments. We use commentary provided by real customers.

Q. What criteria do you use to evaluate products?

A. How well the product achieves its intended purpose, advertising vs reality, life cycle, and overall customer service.

Q. Do you receive any commission or incentives to give products a positive rating?

A. In some cases, we do receive a commission. We make note of it to maintain transparency. However, we do not provide positive reviews in return. We will promote a product, but will always provide commentary from real buyers.

Q. Do you provide any discounts on products?

A. In some cases, yes.